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My guardian angel (One shot)

Title: My guardian angel
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating: PG-13
Genre: au, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Jin meets this stranger, who is crying when he sees him, but he doesn't know why he acts like this towards him.
Note 2: Written for the welcome challenge in ryoxjin 

He saw him disappearing in the dark and some small tears appeared in his eyes when he realized that he wouldn’t see him anymore.

It’s the day I lost you…

Ryo sat on the bench in the park and looked around. It was a warm spring day and he enjoyed the first warm hours outside. He was new in town and till now he hadn’t many friends here, so mostly he went out alone.

“Sorry, can I sit next to you? There is no other bench around here”, a strange guy smiled at him. Ryo just nodded and winced when he looked into the other one’s face.

“I am sorry, do we know each other?”, Ryo asked and knitted his eyebrows.

“No, I think we don’t. Are you new here?”, the guy asked and saw Ryo nodding at him. “I am Jin”, he added.

“Ryo, I am Ryo, and yes I moved here some weeks ago”, he said and smiled at the other one.

“Oh, where are you from?”

“I moved from Osaka here”, Ryo answered and smiled slightly.


Ryo didn’t answer immediately, the horrible pictures popped up in his mind again.

It was a cold night when he walked out of the bar. He could already smell the snow in the air and he longed for a warm bed and a hot cup of tea. Right before he reached his home he saw a stranger standing in the dark, looking at him.

Ryo winced again and looked at the guy next to him – who was mysteriously gone. He looked around in the area, but he didn’t saw him anywhere. Some tears appeared in his eyes and he stood up to search for the other one, but he couldn’t find him anywhere.

The figure in the corner of the street looked at him and smiled friendly. “Kaito”, Ryo smiled and ran up to him, hugging him tightly. He saw the other one grinning at him and placing a small kiss on his lips. “Shrimp”, he said in his low and deep voice.

Ryo‘s heart beat faster, but he couldn’t see this strange guy anywhere. His breathe was fast and he searched in every corner of the park, but the other one was gone.

It was always the same procedure they had. Ryo came home late at night and Kaito was waiting for him, following him to his apartment. No one except Ryo knew about Kaito’s existence, and actually no one would see him, except Ryo. Kaito was Ryo’s guardian angel, and so he was only visible if no one was around. Actually even Ryo shouldn’t be able to see him, because those angels normally had to work invisibly for everyone, especially for their fosterlings.

But Kaito wasn’t able to resist against his own feelings towards the other one. From the first second Ryo saw his guardian he fell in love with him, and he knew he’d never let him go again. Their relationship got deeper and deeper and even though it wasn’t allowed it somehow got accepted.

But on the day Ryo nearly died, Kaito made the mistake and broke the rules.

Ryo lost the control over his car and hit the beam barrier. Before the car fell down the cliff Kaito used his power to push him out of the car.

Ryo woke up on the street, it was already late at night, and he looked around. He saw Kaito standing in the middle of the untraveled street, some tears in his eyes.

“Kaito…”, Ryo said and stood up to walk to the other one.

“Ryo, it’s time to go…”, he answered.

“What?”, Ryo didn’t understand what the other one wanted to tell him.

“I broke the rules. I am not allowed to save your life like I did. I used my power to save you, even though your time had come.”, he answered and smiled sadly. “And now I have to go instead of you. Promise me to live your life and use every chance you get”, he said and Ryo saw him disappearing in the dark.

Tears were running down his face and Ryo screamed out the other one’s name for various times. Not only that he lost his guardian angel in this moment, he lost the most precious person and the love of his life. He knew they broke nearly every rule because of their relationship, but Ryo was happy with him, and he didn’t want to miss him a single minute a day.

And now Kaito was gone. He gave his life for Ryo, and Ryo felt lonely, like he would have lost his life too. He didn’t want to live without the other one, he needed his guardian angel.

Months passed by and Ryo felt worse with every new day. He didn’t hear anything from Kaito, and soon he recognized that the other one was really gone, and he wouldn’t return to him.

He decided to move from his old place to start new, because Kaito’s last words were still resounding in his ears – “live your life and use every chance you get”.

Ryo shook his head and closed his eyes. “Kaito…”, he whispered and rubbed above his head. “I found you again…”, he added. He saw the picture of this strange guy popping up in his mind, and he couldn’t believe that Kaito came back to him, at least he thought it was his guardian angel who returned.

“Hey, Shrimp”, Ryo winced and turned around.

“What did you say?”, he said slowly and looked at the strange guy, who smiled brightly at him.

“I want to know if you are searching something, because you run up and down in the park.”, he stepped closer and pulled his hands out of his pockets.

“Why are you calling me like this?”, Ryo wanted to know and felt a heat rising up in him. The only person who ever used the word “Shrimp” for him was Kaito, who was apparently standing in front of him.

“I don’t know…I thought the name fits you”, Jin answered softly.

“You look like him…”, Ryo said and shook his head.

“Like who?”, Jin knitted his eyebrows and stared at the other one. Normally he wasn’t the one who spoke to strangers like this, but he felt attracted to this boy, and he exactly knew why.

“Like my…someone I knew quite well”, Ryo stuttered and sat down on the bench behind him.

“And he always called you shrimp?”, Jin asked further.

“Yes…and he looked exactly like you do”, Ryo looked up at the other one and felt a stinging pain in his chest when he saw Jin’s trustful and warm eyes resting on him. They were exactly like Kaito’s. It was him who sat next to Ryo in this moment.

Ryo couldn’t hold it back anymore, he bit on his lips and felt the tears coming up in him. He jumped up and left the park without looking back. He knew it wasn’t his angel, who returned to him. Jin was a stranger, and it was a coincidence that he met him here, but his outlook, his voice, his behavior and his words were exactly like Kaito’s were.

Ryo sat down in the corridor of his apartment and cried all the pain out when he suddenly heard a knocking on the door. He sobbed and stood up to take a look who visited him.

“Sorry, I followed you, and now I heard you crying in there. Did I do something wrong?”, Jin asked softly.

“No, no, of course not…we don’t know each other, how could you do something wrong?”, Ryo answered friendly and wiped away some drained tears. “Come in”, he added and let Jin walking into his living room.

Jin sat down on the couch and looked down on his feet. “Ano…it’s not that we know each other, but you also look like someone I know”, Jin started and saw Ryo’s astonished expression.

“You know me too?”, he wondered.

“No, I think not exactly you…but I also lost someone some time ago, and you look like he did”, Jin said and closed his eyes shortly, suppressing the knot in his throat.

Ryo couldn’t believe what the other one told him there. “You lost someone?”, Ryo asked and next to Jin.

“Yes, he was like my…I don’t know how to say, because it sounds so weird…but he was my guardian angel”, Jin said sadly.

“That can’t be…”, Ryo whispered and rubbed his forehead.

“Well, it can…but I understand that you don’t believe me”, Jin smiled slightly.

“No, no, I had the same experience”, Ryo answered and saw Jin knitting his eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”, Jin’s heart made some jumps when he heard the other one’s words. He couldn’t believe that a second person had the same experience like he had.

“I lost my angel some time ago, he saved my life and died for me”, Ryo looked on the floor, his thoughts were spinning around.

“He died for you?”, Jin asked softly and sighed “Mine too”, he added and saw Ryo looking at him in utter surprise.

“How?”, Ryo nearly whispered.

“He saved my life after a car accident and disappeared after it”, Jin explained and rubbed above his eyes, which got a little bit teary.

“That’s not possible…”, Ryo had his mouth wide open and stared at Jin.

“Don’t tell me it was the same with you?”, Jin asked the other one, who only nodded shortly. “And I look like him and you like mine…”, Jin reasoned.

“It seems so”, Ryo replied.

“It’s a wonder that we met each other”, Jin said without looking at the other one.

“Fate…”, Ryo whispered and smiled slightly when looked out of the window and saw a small sparkling on the sky. It was like a sign from heaven he got in this moment and turned around to face the other one.

Jin smiled at him and softly touched his face, running his fingers above his lips before he bent down to place a short kiss on the other one’s lips.

“But you kiss better than he did”, Jin smiled some minutes later. “You are crying?”, he added and wiped away some tears of Ryo’s face.

“Sorry, I am just happy to have him back, no, wait…I am glad that I found you, that’s what I wanted to say”, Ryo answered and leaned against Jin’s chest.

Even though they didn’t know each other they felt familiar with each other from the first second. It was like both of them got back their guardian angel.

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