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Stop being a tease and give it a try (One shot)

Stop being a tease and give it a try (One shot)

Stop being a tease and give it a try (One shot) 
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Yokoyama You
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Jin visits the coffee shop with his friends and meets the shy and calm waiter Yoko there. Is not that easy to talk to a shy boy, but teasing is always helpful, that's what Jin thinks.
Note 2: Requested by giuggiu  in my request post HERE

„Hey Yokoyama-san! Two coffees and two chocolate cookies, please“, Ryo said and smiled at the waiter in front of him. He was with his friends in his favorite coffee shop to learn for their final exams in a few weeks. Ryo knew all the staff which was working there, but today he hoped to meet Yoko, because today Ryo was with Jin there. And he knew that Jin could fell for a guy like Yoko was. Even though Jin wasn’t shy like the waiter, but maybe he needed someone like he was.

“Something else?”, Yoko asked gently and Jin recognized that he was still standing in front of Yoko, staring absent-minded at him. “No, thanks…I was just thinking about the physic phenomena I have to know for the exam”, Jin smiled and tried to find a reason for his action.

“No problem at all”, Yoko smiled at him and blushed deeply. He knew Ryo quite well, because he often came here, but he never saw Jin before and he was wondering about the strange feeling in his body when he looked in the other one’s eyes.

“Hey, sweetie, can you bring me some sugar for my coffee”, Jin clicked his tongue and pointed at Yoko. He saw him blushing when he walked up to bring him what he wanted. “Thanks, honey”, Jin smiled at him and poked playfully into his waist. Teasing a shy boy was fun for Jin, but not because he felt stronger or better than the other one, no, because he always fell for cute and shy types of boys. Of course he couldn’t talk about “love at the first sight”, because he didn’t even know Yoko, but the boy had something what made him interesting for Jin. 

Yoko nodded shortly and walked back to the bar, his head deep red and his cheeks were burning like fire. He was always shy and calm, and he hated it to be teased by others, but he could see that this teasing was different from other situations. Jin had something warm and gentle in his eyes, and it seemed he wanted to get his attention with his jokes and statements.

“Great”, Yoko grumbled when the cup fell down and broke in thousand pieces. “You are a schlemiel, aren’t you?”, Jin twinkled at Yoko when he and his friends left the bar. “Bye, Yokoyama-san”, Ryo sighed and rolled his eyes after Jin’s statement.

“Good morning beautiful lady!”, Jin chirped and looked at Yoko in front of him. “One coffee to go please”, he added and smiled brightly at the other one. He really had no idea what he was doing here, and why he came along alone. It was like leaving his apartment and walking down the street till he stood in front of the coffee shop without realizing it.

Yoko prepared the coffee without saying a word and he felt his cheeks became red again. Damn…I am too unsure and shy to reply to his statement….Yoko cursed himself for not giving a response to Jin’s teasing, but he couldn’t. His shyness let his words disappearing and he just prepared the order. “Your coffee”, he said and opened his hand to take the money from the other one.

“What? You don’t say anything against my words? Honey, I said lady to you? Did you recognize this?”, Jin said and gave Yoko the money for the coffee. Jin shook his head when there was again no response and wanted to leave the bar when he heard Yoko’s voice from behind: “Don’t call me that again”. Jin smiled brightly and turned around a bit to twinkle at the other one. “Alright, honey”.

Yoko was on his way home late in the evening when he saw a shadow walking up to him. He felt his heart beat faster and he wanted to start running when he heard a nearly familiar voice. “Honey, don’t run that fast”, Jin sighed and walked up to the other one.

“What do you want?”, Yoko answered and got annoyed because of Jin’s behavior. He was shy, but he hated it when someone was running after him, teasing him every second and not letting him alone.

“Oh, you can talk…I am astonished”, Jin smiled and stopped when he saw the other one’s glance. “Sorry, I don’t want to be unfriendly”, he added and looked on the ground.

“Why are you teasing me? I know I am shy and I don’t talk that much, but I hate it to be treated like this.”, Yoko answered and was glad about the confidence he had in this moment. Of course he was pissed off, and in this fact he could forget about his shy behavior.

He saw Jin looking at him in utter surprise and Yoko could see that he had no idea what he should answer to his words. “Ano…I am sorry…I don’t want to…ano….can I invite you to eat something with me? Maybe as an apologize?”, Jin suggested and looked at the other one. The words hit him, and he felt guilty. He really didn’t want to annoy the other one, or hurt him in any way, but it was his way of hiding his true feelings towards someone else.

Yoko didn’t know what he should say, and so he just agreed to the invitation. They walked up to a restaurant next to the park and sat down in the corner of the room. “Do you live far away from here?”, Jin asked after a while.

“Yes, one and a half hour away. I have to take the train and the bus.”, Yoko answered and smiled slightly.

“I heard there was an accident some time ago and the train transfer doesn’t work out till tomorrow.”, Jin answered.

“What? No – not again…and today I can’t call my friends, they are on a holiday trip this week.”, Yoko sighed and rubbed his face. It was the fifth time these months that the train didn’t work out and Yoko really needed a place to stay.

“And what are you going to do now?”, Jin asked and saw the other one thinking about an answer.

“Good question…I will do it like last time, sleeping on a park bench”, Yoko answered and saw the other one knitting his eyebrows.

“You slept on a park bench?”, he couldn’t believe what Yoko told him right now and before he could think about anything he heard himself saying: “You can stay at my place if you want to”.

“We didn’t know each other at all. I can’t stay at your place”, Yoko answered and stared at Jin.

“Ah, of course you can. I have a comfortable couch and it’s better than a park bench”, Jin smiled brightly and his heart made some jumps when he saw Yoko accepting his offer.

They walked up to the apartment and Yoko looked around. It looked quiet expensive and when they walked into the room he could definitely say that it was an expensive furniture in there. “Wow”, he only said and saw Jin grinning at him. “My parents gave me the money for it”, he answered and smiled at the other one.

“You have a great view from up here”, Yoko stepped on the balcony and looked around on the city he saw from up there.

“Yes, it’s nice, but I hardly use it”, Jin answered and brought two cups of tea when he walked up to Yoko.

“Really? I’d use it every time when I’d have the chance to”, Yoko said and took the cup in his hands.

“Where do you live?”, Jin wanted to know.

“I share an apartment with my brothers. Everyone has one room, and we have a small kitchen and a living room in the first floor. So no sight, or balcony or anything like you have”, Yoko explained.

“Feel free to visit me”, Jin laughed and blushed a little bit after he said these words. He didn’t know why he felt embarrassed right now, because there was no reason to, but he couldn’t hold it back.

“Why were you teasing me?”, Yoko asked after some time. Jin felt like he asked him something intimidate and licked above his lips, searching for an answer.

“Ano…I don’t know…I just found it really cute how you blushed”, he finally said.

“Oh great…my shyness is always an amusement for everyone”, Yoko grumbled and rolled his eyes. It was like every time. When he got to know someone a little bit better his shyness disappeared and he got more confident.

“No, no…I was not amused…it’s just…I like shy guys, but I always end up in teasing them, because I don’t know how to talk to them, and how to get closer to them”, Jin answered.

“Get closer to them?”, Yoko asked.

“Yes, you are cute…”, Jin bit on his lips and blushed.

“You get red…”, Yoko grinned at the other one and poked his cheek softly.

A silence appeared between them and Yoko saw Jin bending over and his face was now just a few millimeters away from his. “I am not shy”, Jin said and placed a soft kiss on the other one’s lips. He waited a moment and kissed him again when there was no protest against it.

He pulled Yoko up and took his hand to guide him back to the living room. Yoko felt Jin’s body pressing against his, and he could feel his hands searching the way under his shirt and caressing his back. Jin smiled into a long and passionate kiss and they stumbled backwards to Jin’s bedroom.

Their clothes got lost somewhere on the corridor and both smiled brightly when they fell down on the bed. “We don’t know each other…”, Yoko said and smiled at the other one.

“Jin, Akanishi Jin, student, 24 years old, I like Ramen, I don’t like carrots, I love reading and swimming and I don’t like learning and household….is this enough?”, Jin laughed and kissed the other one again. Yoko nodded shortly and smiled brightly when he pushed Jin down to kiss him again.

He felt Jin’s hand running above his body and he felt some butterfly kisses here and there. Jin smelled Yoko’s scent with every kiss he placed on the other one’s body and he enjoyed feeling the warm and smooth skin with his fingertips.

He heard Yoko moaning when he pushed in slowly, circling his hips to find the other one’s spot. He saw Yoko smiling at him, and he could feel Yoko’s fingers wandering above his face and curling some of his hair.

Jin bent over and touched Yoko’s forehead with his’ when he felt the heat rising up in him, and he finally came with a loud moan.

He looked at Yoko next to him. His eyes were already half closed but he managed it to sit up a little bit and snuggled up to Jin, who hugged him tightly and rested his head on Yoko’s when he fell asleep.


“Good morning”, Jin said when he saw Yoko opening his eyes.

“Oh, it wasn’t a dream”, Yoko blushed and rubbed his face.

“No, definitely not, honey”, Jin laughed.

“Hey, no teasing”, Yoko smiled and pricked out his tongue.

“Live with it, that’s me”, Jin answered and grinned brightly.

“Mhm…let me think…you won’t get a coffee in the shop when you act like this”, Yoko replied.

“As long as I get you again I have no problem with this punishment”, Jin smiled at Yoko and saw him coming closer, kissing him forcefully.

“I think I can put in a good word for you, so maybe you get me again”, Yoko said between two kisses.




Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE


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