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"Agree like cats and dogs" or "A pet's love"

"Agree like cats and dogs" or "A pet's love"

"Agree like cats and dogs" or "A pet's love"
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/ Sakurai Sho
Rating: PG
Genre: Family, AU, friendship, a little bit angsty, but not too much
Warning: Animal Aiba
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Shois happily married, but there is one problem: The dog who hates him. they always fight, till the day they are only the two of them  anymore.

„And this is your dog?“, Sho said and looked at the golden ret river on the floor.

“Yes, he is my biggest love, next to you of course”, Makoto laughed and kissed Sho passionately till they felt something between their legs, trying to make them dissolving from each other.

“Your dog is jealous?”, Sho smiled and wanted to touch the dog’s head, but pulled his arm back when he heard him growling at him.

“It seems so, yes”, Makoto knelt down and stoked the ret river’s fur. “He isn’t used to other men in my live”, she said, twinkling at Sho.

Sho saw his wife lying in the bed when he returned from his work late at night. He smiled at her and robbed up to her, kissing her slightly. He felt Makoto’s hand wandering down his body, when suddenly the door opened a little bit and the dog jumped onto the bed, disturbing them in their little game.

“Aiba, you should stay in the living room”, Makoto said softly and looked at the animal's brown eyes.

 “He has my shoe…”, Sho whined on the next day and ran after the dog, who bit passionately into Sho’s sneaker.

“Aiba, give it back!”, Makoto ordered but the dog didn’t do what she wanted him to do. Since they threw him out last night, Aiba seemed to be more jealous than before, and he tried to show Sho in every minute what he thought about him.

Aiba lied on the balcony and closed his eyes. He loved his life with Makoto, she was always caring about him, giving him enough to eat, and he got his love from her, but the new guy in her life was like a thorn in his eye. He didn’t want to share her with anyone, especially not with another man. He heard the door got open and he saw Makoto and Sho kissing in the corridor. He jumped up and ran up to separate them again. He wouldn’t stop fighting against their relationship till he’d die.

One year later

“Makoto…”, Sho was whispering and took her hand. He sat next to her bed and some tears were coming up in his eyes. They didn’t know that she was sick, till she came home from the doctor some months ago. He told them that she’d die in between a few months, and there was no chance for her anymore.

Sho could remember the day she told him about it. He didn’t know what he should do. He wanted to cry out his pain, to scream to everyone, doing anything, but it wasn’t possible. He just sat there and cried. And now he waited till she’d close her eyes forever.

He looked out of the window and saw Aiba sitting there, looking in his direction. He never got along quite well with the dog, but he felt that Aiba needed Makoto, and he loved her from the bottom of his dog-heart.

“Doctor, can I bring the dog in here? I think he needed to say good bye too”, Sho said and felt like an idiot to say something like this, but it was his, and at least Makoto’s wish to have Aiba with them when Makoto would die.

“If it’s your wish…”, the doctor said softly and touching Sho’s shoulder. Sho walked out of the building and saw Aiba looking at him. “Come on boy, we go inside”, Sho said and took the leash.

Aiba stopped and Sho turned around to look at him closely. “It’s alright, I told the doctors that you need to say good bye to her, because you are main part of the family.”, Sho whispered and knelt down in front of the dog.

He saw Aiba walking up to him, laying his head in Sho’s lap. For the first time since Sho knew the dog he felt his warmth and love appearing. Maybe he didn’t hate him at all. He stroked Aiba’s head and smiled sadly at him. “We manage it together”, he said softly and walked up to the building again. Sho didn’t know why he was talking with Aiba like with a human being, but somehow he could see that Aiba understood every word he said.

Aiba felt that something bad would happen when he saw Makoto coming home from the doctor some months ago. He immediately knew that something bad would happen and he hoped it wouldn’t be what he thought. After all the time he got used to Sho, even though he didn’t like him at all. But the fact that Makoto was ill let both getting closer to each other.

Aiba walked behind Sho and his heart beat faster when he entered the room where Makoto was lying. Sho sat down on the chair next to the bed and looked at the dog. “Come here”, he said and guided Aiba to the head of the bed. So he was able to see Makoto’s face and it would be the last time he saw her.

Sho sat in the apartment and stared at the wall. It was like Makoto waited till Aiba and Sho were together in the room and closed her eyes when she felt Sho holding her hand and Aiba resting his head on her legs. Sho heart a silent whining from the corner of the room and saw Aiba lying there, suffering because of the pain.

“Come here, Aiba”, Sho said softly and pointed at the couch. He always interdicted the dog to jump on the couch, but on this day everything was different. Aiba looked at him like he didn’t know what he should do, till he jumped on it and lied down, his head on Sho’s lap, searching for some strokes and love.

“Now we are alone boy”, Sho started and saw the dog looking at him. “Do you think we can go on together without any fights and struggles?”, he added and felt the dog’s tongue licking his face.  

“It’s like you understand what I am saying”, Sho smiled and saw the dog looking at him again, twinkling for some times.

Aiba heard Sho talking to him, and it was like he really wanted to answer to the man. He knew how much Makoto loved Sho, and he knew that he had to accept him in their life. And now, now he had to go on, go on with Sho. And it was never the fact that he didn’t like him, but he was jealous that Makoto had a second man in her life, and Aiba wasn’t the only one anymore.

“Aiba, you have to eat something”, Sho said softly and looked at the dog. Sho was afraid, because Aiba didn’t eat anything since days. Aiba whined and looked at the other one. He knew he had to eat, but he couldn’t, he wasn’t hungry at all.

Sho sighed and walked up to the sleeping room, burying his head in the pillow. Some tears were running down his face and he sobbed every now and then. He heard paws lumbered on the floor and looked up. He saw Aiba walking up to him, sitting down in front of the bed, staring at him.

“Jump up”, Sho said and pointed at a place next to him. Aiba cocked his head and whined shortly. Sho smiled sadly and rolled his eyes: “I know, I never allowed you to sleep in our bed, but I think it’s another situation now”.

Aiba twinkled and Sho saw a small sparkling in the dog’s eyes, before he jumped up and lied down next to him. Sho had a warm feeling, like a human would lie next to him, trying to comfort him. He stroked  the dog’s head, which was resting on his stomach.

Sho felt the sleep overcoming him and finally caught him. He woke up early in the morning, looking at Aiba on his lap. “Stand up boy, you have to eat something”, Sho said softly. The dog growled shortly and jumped down from the bed, walking to the kitchen. Sho put some food on Aiba’s plate and waited. He saw the dog was staring at him before he ate a little bit.

“Good boy”, Sho patted his head and walked to the living room. He sighed deeply and rubbed above his head. We have to go on…he thought and smiled slightly, when he felt Aiba’s cold and wet nose nudged his food. He turned around and saw Aiba with the lead in his mouth.

“You want to go out, of course”, Sho smiled and took the item to put it around the dog’s neck. “Let’s go”, he said before they walked out.

Aiba felt the sun on his fur and with every breath he took, and with every time he saw his kind of new owner smiling at him, his heart started to beat again. The last night he felt the soft strokes and touching on his head, and he knew how much he meant to Sho, even though Aiba always teased him when Makoto was alive. But now they needed each other, and Aiba couldn’t deny that he liked Sho, and he was glad to have such an owner.

Sho smiled at the dog, and he felt a big relieve when Aiba ate his food in the morning. He was really worried about his pet, and his heart nearly broke when he just thought of living without Aiba.

“Good boy”, Sho said when they reached their home and Aiba lied down in the living room. He waited till Sho sat down on the couch, taking the news papers and jumped up to lie down next to Sho and placing his head on Sho’s lap. Stroke me…Aiba thought and barked happily when he saw that Sho understood his actions.


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE

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