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Valentine shopping tour [drabble]

Title: Shopping tour
Pairing:  none  
Rating:  PG
Genre: humor, friendship
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Note 2: Requested by vivi000  as a Valentine's special. :D
Summary: Katori Shingo and Inagaki Goro went for a shopping tour….


“Gorrrrooooooo…..”, Shingo screamed across the hall in the agency.

“Oh no, he found me….Takuya please help me hiding somewhere.” Goro answered.

“Nope – you promised him that, I won’t help you, Goro”, Takuya said and walked away.

Goro promised Shingo to help him finding some sexy underwear for Shingo’s new girlfriend. Shingo looked at him and came up:  “Goro, are you ready? We have to go now.”

“Shingo, I think I am not…”, Goro started. “No, no, no, no….you can’t say no anymore. You promised it to me.”, Shingo interrupted. He crossed his hands and sulked. Goro sighted loudly and walked beside Shingo. He cursed himself, he really wasn’t able to say no, but he really had to change this fact.

Shingo strolled down the street and found the shop where he wanted to buy the underwear.

“Shingo, we can’t go in there. That’s an erotic shop…” Goro said.

“They have the best things there. I always buy my clothes here. “ Shingo answered.

They stepped through a red curtain into a small, stuffy room. Goro looked around and turned red. They walked up to the underwear and crossed the part with the DVDs.

 “Oh look Goro, if you need something to make some kind of romantic feeling, I can recommend you this one.”  Shingo held up a DVDs with two naked girls on it.

“Shingooo, you can’t….no come on now…”, Goro turned extreme red and pushed Shingo forward.

Shingo searched for some underwear and raised it up in the air: “What do you think about this one?”

Goro stared at a light pink thing, which was everything but not underwear:  “I don’t know if she’d like this…”

“Baka, that’d be for me, not for her…”, Shingo smiled. Goro stared at Shingo and shook his head, because he wanted to forget the picture of Shingo with this thing on.

“Would you try it for me?”, Shingo added.

Goro looked at him like he lost his mind and turned around: “I think I go now, Shingo…I am too old for something like that…”

“You’re really boring, but in your age…”, Shingo said. Goro breathed hard and left the shop.


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