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Drawn silence - Chapter 4: Silent meeting

Drawn silence - Chapter 4: Silent meeting

Drawn silence - Chapter 4: Silent meeting
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa; Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya [Brothers]
Rating:  PG-13
Multi Chapter in 26 Chapters
Genre: AU, romance, angst, drama,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yamapi is new in town and he searches for new friends. Luckily he meets Ryo, Jin and Jin's brother Kazuya and starts to hang out with them. Everything would be perfect - even his growing feelings towards Kazuya, but the fact that Kazuya isn't able to speak makes everything more complicated. Kazuya isn't able to communicate with anyone, and no one knows why.


„What do you think about him?“, Jin asked and looked at Ryo, who walked out of the bathroom, some small water drops were falling down on his upper body.


“I think he is nice, and maybe we found a new friend with him”, Ryo answered and dried his hair with a towel.


“Maybe?!”, Jin wanted to know.


“I don't know...Jin, it's hard to handle this situation...”, Ryo said carefully.


“I know, but Kazuya isn't stupid, and he isn't disgusting, or brutal, or anything in this way, why does everyone hate him?”, Jin said in a loud voice and waved his hands around. He really hated the people's behavior towards his brother and him. They acted like Kazuya had an incurable and contagious illness.


Jin saw Ryo walking up to him, embracing him tightly, first without saying a word. “You know Jin, it's not that they hate him, they are afraid of the situation. I had the same problem at the beginning, but I loved you too much to leave you, and I really started to love Kazuya, and now I love him like my brother. But everything away from the “normal human being” is hard for others to accept and to get involved with. And somehow I can understand people being carefully, it can be really exhausting and hard. Maybe they only see this sides of him and not the one's where Kazuya is smiling at you, or where he strokes above your face, just to feel you.”, Ryo explained and placed some soft kisses on Jin's shoulder.


“It was that hard for you?!”, Jin said softly and turned around to the other one.


“I got used to it, but at the beginning I really didn't know how to act towards you and him. Sometimes I just wanted to grasp his shoulders and shaking him, yelling at him, telling him he shall speak to me. It was hard to accept that Kazuya is as he is, and it's alright in this way, even though it is exhausting for all the others. But of course there are times when I wish it wouldn't be like it is”, Ryo said honestly and smiled slightly.


“I think I understand it, but I am totally in this way of living my life, I didn't recognize it anymore. Kazuya isn't ill for me anymore, it's like it is”, Jin answered and sighed.


“But back to your question, I think Pi is honest, and he seems to be a nice guy. So I hope we can win him as a friend”, Ryo said to change the topic and kissed his boyfriend.


“Yes, I see it in the same way. And Kazuya seems to like him too. And he is good looking”, Jin laughed when he saw Ryo's pouting face in front of him and stepped closer.


“Good looking as I am?!”, Ryo asked and crossed his arms. Jin bent over and placed a few slight kisses on the other one's lips before he grinned at him. “No one is as hot as my shrimp is”, he smirked and hit Ryo's butt playfully.


“Ouch”, Ryo whined and rubbed his backside. “Don't dare to do this again...”, he said and walked up to the bed, where he felt Jin hugging him tightly. “I love you, Ryo”, he whispered and saw Ryo closing his eyes, enjoying his lips caressing his neck.


Ryo breathed in deeply and tried to memorize such moments he had together with the other one. He needed those moments to remember about Jin's love, because often he loses his believing in Jin's love.



Kazuya woke up early in the morning, a stinging pain in his head. Sweat was all over his forehead and upper body and his breathe was fast. He had his eyes wide open and stared at the wall, words were running through his head.

Dead or alive … you and him … who? … choose … do it … rescue … safe him … try it … take care … stay alive …


He stood up and walked up to his table and took the pencil and his paper to draw something. He made some circles and wild lines, and his hand guided the pencil quickly above it. After some minutes he sank down on the floor, the head in his hands.


He looked at the drawing and took it in his hands when he stood up to leave the room. He sneaked across the corridor and opened the next door such a few millimeters to look into it. He saw his brother lying in the bed, next to him Ryo, who had Jin's hand in his'.


Kazuya stepped inside and sneaked up to Jin's side, pulling softly on his arm. Jin snorted in his sleep and waved his hand to push away Kazuya's. He pulled again and saw Jin opening his eyes.


“Kazuya?!”, he whispered and looked at Ryo, who was still sleeping. He stood up and guided Kazuya out of the room, closing the door behind them. “What happened?!”, Jin said and touched Kazuya's hair softly. He raised his hand and gave Jin the picture he made. “Nightmare?!”, Jin asked and walked behind his brother.


Even though there were only black and gray circles and lines on the paper, Jin knew that this meant that Kazuya had a nightmare. Since years the drawings were their way of communication, the only way Kazuya was able to speak to Jin.


They walked back in Kazuya's room and sat on the border of the bed. Jin didn't know what his brother's dream was about, but in every night he had such a nightmare he searched for him and wanted him to stay in his room. Kazuya robbed in the middle of the bed and lied down there, coiled up under the blanket.


Jin sighed silently and robbed to his brother, lying down there, his hand on the other one's waist. He really wanted to know what happened and why Kazuya decided to stop speaking. It must have been because of their parent's death, but the only thing he knew was that Kazuya saw them dying after a man shot them. He couldn't imagine that this was the only thing which let Kazuya become silent. His eyes got heavy and after some minutes, and Jin was fallen asleep again.



Ryo woke up early in the morning and turned around when he didn't feel his boyfriend next to him. He stared at the empty side and bit on his lips. It wasn't the first time Jin was gone during the night, and he knew he couldn't be mad with Kazuya or Jin, both of them needed each other, and especially Jin believed that Kazuya couldn't live without him, but Ryo had the feeling that Jin sometimes oversaw that he needed him too.


He sighed and sat up in his bed, rubbing his head between his hands. The sun appeared on the horizon and Ryo looked out of the window which was next to the bed. He really needed someone to talk to, and it couldn't be Jin or Kazuya, but maybe he could try to tell Pi about his problems and fears. He really needed another friend. All his problems had something to do with Jin or Kazuya, so he needed someone else to whom he could talk to.



Pi strolled down the bay and walked up to Jin's house. He made some breakfast and wanted to eat with his new friends. Earlier he wrote Ryo a message and asked him about eating together, and Ryo happily agreed to his suggestion. He knocked on the door and after some moments Jin opened it and smiled at him. “Oh, Pi, come in, we prepared everything on the terrace.”, Jin walked back to the house and Pi greeted Ryo, who came downstairs right in the moment he passed it.


“Hey, Pi! What a great idea to eat together!”, Ryo grinned and slightly touched the other one's shoulder.


“Thanks, my mum and her new husband are on a boat trip, so I am alone at home”, he smiled back and looked around for Kazuya, who wasn't there right now.


“Your parents are divorced?”, Jin asked and offered Pi a place on the terrace.


“Yes, since twelve years, and now my mother married again and we moved here”, Pi answered and smiled slightly. He left out the detail that his mother was married for the fourth time and that he moved various times before he came here.


“I really hope you'll like it here”, Jin said gently and walked into the kitchen to bring the bread and some self made cake.


“Ano, Pi...do you have the time to go for a coffee this week?! Maybe on Thursday?”, Ryo asked when Jin left the them and looked at the other one.


“But Jin has no time on Thursdays, hasn't he?!”, Pi answered and understood what the other one wanted to say when he saw Ryo's sparkling eyes. Ryo bit on his lips and sat down next to Pi.


“I just need someone to talk to, and I know no one else than you... I don't have that much contacts on university and at least there is no one who knows Jin and Kazuya...”, Ryo started and kept silent when he saw Jin appearing in the door.


“What were you talking about?!”, Jin smiled at them and Ryo looked at Pi, hoping he'd get the hint.


“We talked about University, and about studying”, Pi lied and smiled at Ryo, hoping it was what the other one wanted from him.


“Ah, the greatest topic ever”, Jin laughed and put the food on the table. “I am going to bring Kazuya along”, he said and walked back to the house.


Silence appeared between them, and Ryo didn't know what he should say, because he was unsure if Pi would meet up with him.


“2pm o'clock? Thursday, campus, coffee shop?”, Pi said shortly and twinkled at Ryo.


“Yes, thanks”, the other one answered and felt relieved.

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