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Unexpected words (one Shot)

Unexpected words (one Shot)

Unexpected words
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Yokoyama You
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yoko teases Ryo since months, and it seems they drift apart, till Yoko reads an unexpected letter for his Dokkun.
Note 2: Based on the letter Yoko read for Ryo during the Wink killer game on their tour. ^^
Note 3: I had to post it again, because LJ made some problems.....

Ryo heard the words Yoko was reading for him and it hit him like a blizzard. After one year of nearly ignoring each other he felt a warm and gentle feeling rising up in him. They never fought because of something, but somehow Yoko teased him in every moment he had the chance to.

Ryo always admired the other one as his Senpai, but the last months he got angrier and angrier about Yoko’s behavior towards him. Ryo often sat together with Jin and talked about it, but he never understood it.

And now Yoko was reading a letter like this one. He told him how much he admired him, and Ryo couldn’t believe it that the other one was feeling this way.

He remembers about the first time we went out together to the restaurant…Ryo bit on his lips and breathed in deeply, trying to suppress the tears which raised up in him. And he admires my music and my acting…Ryo counted in his head to calm himself down and tried to smile slightly. What? You get nervous when you see me looking at you? Another fact Ryo didn’t get. He had no idea about Yoko’s feelings, and that he liked him that much. And why the hell didn’t you say a word some time ago? I thought you didn’t like me at all, and I suffered, because I needed you.

Yoko got more and more nervous. He first read the letter for Subaru – that wasn’t a problem at all, because he and Subaru were best friends, and he exactly knew what he wanted to say. The second one, Yasu was also no problem, because Yasu helped him during his solo tour and they met up often during the last time, so he knew what he would say about him. And then came Ryo and Yoko felt the sweat on his face and his hands became wet. He saw the other one smiling at him, waiting for his words.

Damn…your smile is a weapon, no one can smile like you can…I get nervous…Yoko thought and tried to calm down. He just concentrated on his paper and the small lines on it. He cursed himself for not preparing the words he wanted to tell Ryo.

He made some notes to every member, except Ryo, because he didn’t know where to start when he thought of the younger one. Ryo was always his beloved junior, his one and only, but he never said it, and during the last year he had to admit that he was rather unfair towards the other one. He often teased Ryo a little bit too much and finally he didn’t recognize that they drifted apart.

But he really needed Ryo, and when he looked inside his heart he knew he didn’t need him only as a friend, but also as a … no that can’t be…Yoko closed his eyes shortly and tried to delete this thought. Suddenly he knew why he teased the other one all day long, and why he tried to push him away. Because I want to have him Yoko breathed in deeply and started with his letter to his beloved Dokkun

One hour later in the dressing room …

Ryo sat in the corner of the room, a few handkerchiefs around him and some tears were running through his cheeks. “Holy crap…what’s going on here?”, Subaru asked and stared at Ryo and the others, who were just looking at him.

“He didn’t say what’s going on, he just sits there and cries”, Maru whined and looked at Subaru.

“Ryo??”, Subaru asked carefully and knelt down in front of the other one. Subaru sighed deeply and remembered where he came from right before. Yoko was standing in the rest room, his eyes teary and he sobbed deeply. The letters he had to read made him feeling touched, and especially the part he read for Ryo. Subaru knew that they drifted apart during the last months, but he hoped that Yoko and Ryo would get together as soon as possible.

Subaru saw Ryo looking at him, sobbing loudly and wiping away some tears. “Maybe you should talk to Kimi?”, Subaru suggested and saw Ryo nodding energetically. “He is in the rest room”, Subaru smiled and saw Ryo standing up and walking out of the room.

Ryo walked down the corridor and opened the door to the rest room where he saw Yoko leaning against the window sill, rubbing his head between his hands.

“Dokkun?”, he whined and looked at the smaller guy in front of him. He could see Ryo’s deep red eyes and had to smile a little bit when he recognized that both of them felt touched because of Yoko’s words.

“Kimi-kun”, Ryo sobbed and stepped closer to the other one. “Why did you tease and ignore me all the time during the last year and now you read such a letter for me?”, Ryo added and looked at the other one, who stared on the ground.

“I am sorry, Dokkun”, Yoko answered and felt his heart made some painful jumps when he heard the other one’s desperate and sad voice.

“Why?”, Ryo asked again and put his hands on Yoko’s shoulders to shake him slightly. Some new tears were running down his cheeks and Yoko felt the pain again when he saw Ryo’s red cheeks and his small eyes. He grasped Ryo’s hands and pushed him closer to hug him tightly.

“I am really sorry Dokkun, I just hadn’t the confidence to tell you what I feel, and I tried to run away from everything, that’s the only reason”, Yoko answered and buried his head in Ryo’s hair. He felt him stopping with struggling against Yoko’s grip and Yoko felt the other one’s hands on his back.

“Are you feeling the same?”, Yoko asked some moments later and saw Ryo looking up to him.

“No”, Ryo said and rubbed his cheeks.

“Oh, then I am sorry…”, Yoko answered and wanted to walk out of the room. He knew it was a bad idea to tell Ryo about his feelings.

He was already at the door when he felt the other one hugging him from behind. “I like you more then you like me, baka”, Ryo said and laid his head on Yoko’s back.

Yoko closed his eyes and breathed in deeply to suppress a loud scream of joy. He couldn’t believe what he heard and turned around to look into the other one’s eyes. “Really?”, Yoko asked softly and stroked above Ryo’s cheeks.

“Since years”, Ryo answered and looked on the ground. Yoko smiled brightly and raised Ryo’s head, so he could look into the other one’s eyes.

“Since years? Ryo, we are both heroes, you know that, don’t you?”, Yoko laughed shortly and placed a soft kiss on the other one’s lips.

“Why?”, Ryo wanted to know and Yoko thought he could melt away, because of the other one’s cute behavior of not realizing anything. He hugged him again and kissed him forcefully before he answered: “I really love you, my junior, and now I won’t let you go”.

“Oh, no problem, I don’t want to go away”, Ryo smiled brightly and buried his head in Yoko’s chest.

“Yeah, they managed it!”, a voice from outside resounded and Ryo and Yoko looked at each other, before they laughed when they heard another voice: “Shhhh, Maru, be quiet….baka!”

Ryo grinned brightly and Yoko looked down at him again, kissing him carefully till it became more passionate, and both got lost in their own YokoRyo world again...

Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE


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