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Love lesson (One shot)

Title: Love lesson  
Pairing: OC/ Yamada Ryosuke
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: AU, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yamada helps Shiori in mathematics, but  he doesn't know that she has a crsuh on him, and she doesn't know that he feels the same for her....
Note 2: Dedicated to animejp 

„Nee-chan? Is he already here?”, a voice resounded in the whole house.

“Who? Your lover?”, Yuki screamed back and couldn’t hold back a big grin. She knew her sister was in love with this boy from her school, but she’d never admitted it.

“Baka!”, she screamed back and blushed when she saw her sister smiling brightly at her. “He just helps me with learning. You know I need some help with mathematic”, she answered and rolled her eyes when she saw Yuki was still grinning at her. “Yes…and that’s because you don’t ask me, who is studying mathematic but your schoolmate….that’s totally logical.”, she laughed and tousled through her sister’s hair.

“Hey, leave me nee-chan!”, she whined and pouted when the doorbell suddenly rang. Yuki rushed up to it and reached it before her sister could open it.

“Ah, Ryosuke, finally you are here. My sister longs for some…teaching…”, she laughed and saw the boy blushing. “So, I will go out now. I have my second date today, so don’t do something stupid. You know what I mean…”, Yuki twinkled and took her coat before she left the apartment.

“She’s strange…”, Yamada said and walked up to Shiori.

“Yes, she is, but somehow she is really cool”, she sighed and smiled at Yamada. His beautiful dark eyes and his gentle smile let her melting away every time. Yamada helped her with learning since months and she really didn’t want to miss his lessons anymore.

They were in the same school and Yamada was two years older than she was, but luckily Shiori’s sister knew Yamada’s brother quite well and so she could organize these learning lessons.

Shiori and Yamada sat in the living room and tried to concentrate on learning. But somehow Shiori couldn’t resist looking into the other one’s eyes from time to time and getting lost in their darkness.

“Everything alright?”, Yamada asked and smiled at her.

“Sure, I was just snoozing away a bit, because of the thrilling stuff here”, she grinned at him and blushed a bit she saw him smiling back at her.

“Ano, it’s already dark outside, maybe I should go now”, Yamada said some time later.

“You can stay here”, they heard a voice from the corridor. Yuki smiled brightly at both of them and walked into the room.

“Thanks, but tonight I have to go home. My brother is waiting for me”, Yamada said and stood up to pack his things.

“Alright, maybe next time again”, Yuki answered and walked into her room to prepare some things for her lessons.

“So, see you tomorrow in school”, Yamada said and poked Shiori’s nose slightly. He felt a small jumping in his chest when he touched her, but he hadn’t the courage to tell her about his feelings. He didn’t know what she was thinking about him, and so he wasn’t able to tell her the truth.

Shiori sighed when she closed the door and leaned against it. She saw her sister smiling brightly at her and she rolled his eyes. She already knew what would come now.

“When are you going to tell him about your feelings?”, Yuki said and heard Shiori murmuring something to her when she left the room. She wasn’t in the mood to discuss her feelings with her sister.

Shiori looked at her mobile and saw a message was blinking there.

Tomorrow I want to go to the cinema -. Wanna join? Ryu

Shiori couldn’t believe it – she never went out with Yamada. They only met to learn together, but they never went on something like a date.


Yuki smiled brightly when she saw her sister searching for the right clothes in her wardrobe. A mount of shirts and trousers were lying on the floor and she never was happy with the stuff she chose.

“Come”, Yuki finally said and pushed on her arm. She guided her to her room and opened her wardrobe to search for something.

Shiori stood there and didn’t know what she should do. She was never allowed to take her sister’s clothes. It was like a rule between them. Yuki gave her a shirt and a trouser and waited till she changed the clothes. Yuki smiled brightly and touched her sister’s shoulders slightly when both of them stood in front of the mirror.

“Perfect”, Yuki said and saw her sister jumping up and down a little bit. “Your first date…wow”, Yuki said and wanted to start her lection about dates and kisses when she saw her sister’s dark sight  resting on her. “Alright, I don’t say anything…”, she said and pushed Shiori out of the apartment.

Shiori walked up to the cinema where they wanted to meet up when she saw Yamada standing there and looking around. She smiled brightly and started to run, but stopped immediately when she saw her. A girl ran up to Yamada and hugged him tightly. She could see Yamada smiling at her and stroking softly above her back. Shiori’s eyes were filled with tears when she started to run home.

“What happened?”, Yuki said when she saw her sister rushing into her room and she wanted to run after her, but Shiori locked the door behind her.

Yuki stood there and rubbed her forehead when she heard the doorbell and walked up to open it.

“Oh, Yamada-kun, what happened? Did you hurt her? If you did, I am going to kill you”, Yuki said and pointed at the boy in front of her.

“No, I saw her walking up to the cinema, and there was my cousin, and maybe Shiori-chan saw something she interpreted wrong. My cousin hugged me, and I was so glad to see her after one year, so I hugged her back…and I think your sister saw us there and now she maybe thinks something wrong about me”, Yamada said and he saw Yuki rolling her eyes.

“Teenager…”, she grumbled and walked to the kitchen. Some seconds later she came back with a key in her hands and walked up to Shiori’s room and put the key into the hole. She smiled brightly when she heard a loud click and pushed the door open.

“Voila….”, she grinned and let Yamada entering the room. Shiori was sitting on the bed and he could she was crying. He walked up to her and stroked softly above her head.

“I think I am going now…I’ll do the…ah, I go to the washing salon”, Yuki said and twinkled at Yamada.

“What did you see?”, Yamada said and looked at the girl.

“Nothing”, she sobbed and rested her head on her knees.

“My cousin?”, Yamada asked softly.

“Cousin? She is your cousin?”, Shiori stared at Yamada and saw him smiling at her.

“Yes, she is. And no, she is not the girl I like. There is someone else in my heart”, he answered and saw her wincing next to him.

“Who?”, Shiori whispered and felt some new tears coming up in her eyes.

“Who? You really ask me whom I like?”, Yamada sighed and saw the girl’s puppy eyes staring at him. He raised her chin and placed a small kiss on her lips. “Here’s your answer”, he smiled and saw her looking at him and for a moment she did nothing but staring into his eyes. A bright smile appeared on her face and she hugged him tightly when she realized what has happened in this moment. She bent over to kiss him again, and she knew now that her sister was right when she said that you can never get enough kisses on one day.


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