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Drawn silence - Chapter 2: Silent picture (2/26)

Drawn silence - Chapter 2: Silent picture

Drawn silence - Chapter 2: Silent picture
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa; Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya [Brothers]
Rating:  PG-13
Multi Chapter in 26 Chapters
Genre: AU, romance, angst, drama,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yamapi is new in town and he searches for new friends. Luckily he meets Ryo, Jin and Jin's brother Kazuya and starts to hang out with them. Everything would be perfect - even his growing feelings towards Kazuya, but the fact that Kazuya isn't able to speak makes everything more complicated. Kazuya isn't able to communicate with anyone, and no one knows why.


Pi stood at the entrance door and looked back into the house. “I am going now”, he screamed and waited till he got an answer. “Have a nice evening my dear”, his mother said and smiled at him out of the kitchen.


“Ah, Pi”, she called when he grasped the bags of food.


“Yes mum?”, he asked and looked up.


“I made a cake for you all”, she smiled brightly and gave him a cupcake.


“Mum, you really...”, he started and wanted to roll his eyes when he saw her sparkling eyes and her bright smile. “Thanks mum”, he only said and kissed her slightly before he left the house.


He carried all the bags and walked up to Jin and Kazuya's house. He looked at the sea and smelled the salty air. A warm breeze touched his face when he closed his eyes and stopped to enjoy the moment. He breathed in deeply and smiled slightly. He couldn't believe that he found friends in such a short time after leaving his home.


Somehow he could understand his mother's happiness about him finding friends, because in his old life he hadn't a single one. He was always the type who sat at home, reading a book and fleeing from the rest of the world. But the move to the new house was like a new start for him, and when he saw the three boys sitting on the beach, he just went up to them and started to talk to them.

And now he was invited to his first party, and he really was excited about this evening. He opened his eyes and an excitement filled his body when he knocked on the door.


“Ah, Pi, come in”, Ryo smiled at him and stepped to the side to let him walking in. “Hey Ryo, how are you”, Pi said and looked around in the house.


“I am fine thanks. Jin is still in the city, but I guess he told you”, Ryo smiled and guided the other one into the kitchen. Kazuya was sitting on the terrace with his notebook in his hands, drawing something. “I am glad that you are here. I am always a bit insecure when I am alone with Kazuya, even though I know him since two years. It's always a strange feeling to be with him, not knowing how I shall act towards him.”, Ryo added and smiled at Pi. He really liked Kazuya, but his fear that something could happen to him when he looked after him was always behind him.


“No problem, I am glad that you invited me to the party. Who will come tonight?!”, Pi asked and looked at the smaller guy next to him.


“Well, Jin, Kazu, you and I”, Ryo answered and looked outside of the window to the Kazuya, who seemed to be totally concentrated on his work.


“No one else?!”, Pi asked and knitted his eyebrows.


Ryo smiled sadly and looked on the ground, before he answered: “You know, there are some guys on the other side of the bay, but it's not that easy to make friends with Kazuya”.


“I brought some cupcake and my mum bought some stuff for tonight, so we should prepare everything”, Pi put the bag and placed it on table.


“Thanks”, Roy said and looked at him. Pi knew what the other one wanted to tell him with his sad smile. He exactly knew how it felt to be alone when everyone is avoiding you.


“Oh, sugoi!! Your mothers cake looks delicious!”, Roy grinned and smelled at the cake.

“Yes, and it is indeed really delicious”, Pi laughed and nodded shortly.


“Alright, I will go downstairs and check the drinks, can you put the chips and sweets in the cups, and looking after Kazuya for a short time?”, Ryo asked and pointed at Kazuya.


“Of course, it's no problem. Ano, Ryo, can I talk to him?”, Pi asked carefully and looked at the other one. He was unsure about how to handle the situation. Ryo stopped and smiled at him: “Treat him like a normal person, like a friend of yours, but don't be disappointed when you get no answer, or when he isn't looking at you. He never shows any kind of reaction, or faces others, except Jin. He is the only one who reaches him from time to time. But I am sure Kazuya is listening to your words.”


Pi nodded and opened the door to the terrace to step outside to the other one. “Hey Kazuya”, Pi said friendly and looked at the guy in front of him, who was sitting with the back to him. Kazuya didn't react and just sat there, drawing some lines on the paper. Pi walked around and sat next to him, looking at the piece of paper on Kazuya's legs.


“Wow, the picture is great”, he said softly and looked at the sunset and the birds, which were flying around.

Kazuya was really talented and Pi understood what Ryo meant when he told him that Kazuya was able to transport feelings with his drawings. Surprisingly Kazuya stopped moving his hand and looked up at him. Pi winced, because he thought the other one wouldn't show any reaction, and looked directly into the other one's eyes. They sat there for some moments without moving or looking away, when suddenly Jin's voice resounded from behind.


“Kazuya, I brought you some pencils and paper. You can bring it in your room”, he said softly and walked up to them, kneeling in front of his brother. Kazuya took the bag and stood up slowly before he went back into the house and walked upstairs to his room.


“Sorry, have I done something wrong?!”, Pi asked and looked at Jin. “No, no, you haven't, but I was astonished to see him facing you. He never reacts to others, often he doesn't react when I am calling him, and he is distrustful, especially to strangers.”, Jin answered and smiled slightly. This situation was definitely new to him. He never saw his brother acting in this way.


“Ah, Jin you're back”, Ryo smiled and stepped closer with some bottles in his hands. “Yes, sorry it took me a bit longer. I had to search for the pencils”, Jin answered and stood up to kiss the other one slightly. Jin smiled when he saw Pi's astonished face in front of him. “Ah sorry, of course you didn't know about us”, Jin answered and took Ryo's hand in his. “We are together since two years, so I hope you aren't wondering too much”, he added and saw Pi smiling at them. “No, I am not, I already thought you have a nice chemistry together, but I'd never asked you about it”, Pi replied and stood up to take the bottles from Ryo.


“Let's start the party”, Ryo grinned and jumped into the house. “I go and bring Kazuya down”, Ryo smiled happy and jumped upstairs.


“He is really enthusiastically.”, Pi said and looked after the other one.


“Yes, he is. You know, since two years it was always only the three of us, and I think he longs for some new friends, but it was always difficult for me and us”, Jin said and sat down in the living room followed by Pi.


“I don't have any problems with you, or Ryo and even with Kazuya.”, Pi answered and smiled at Jin.

“Thanks, you are the first one since a long time. Exactly, the first one since Ryo”, Jin rubbed his forehead and sighed.


“It's difficult with Kazuya, isn't it?!”, Pi wanted to know and saw the other one's sad eyes looking at him.


“Yes, it is. And it's hard for everyone. Ryo suffers, I know it, but I can't give him my full attention. My brother will always be a big part in my life, and with his condition I have to take care about him. Ryo understands it, but I see in his eyes that he suffers.”, Jin answered and bit on his lips. Some days were nearly unbearable for him, and he was wondering how it should go on. Kazuya needed his care, but of course also Ryo wanted him to pay his attention to him.


“Come on Kazuya, sit down on the couch”, Ryo smiled and pushed the other one forward till he was sitting towards Pi and Jin.


Kazuya stared on the ground and didn't move till the others started to talk about various things. The situation was strange for Pi, because Ryo and Jin were talking like nothing was wrong, while Kazuya was only staring on the floor, doing nothing.

He knew it would take some time till would get used to this situation, but he really hoped he could become a part of them. He looked at Kazuya and saw his eyes looking up at him. Pi never saw such dark and mysterious eyes before, and somehow he felt attracted to them.


“And what are you studying, Tomohisa?!”, Jin asked after a while a sipped on his beer. He winced when he saw Kazuya looking up when Pi started to talk. His brother's behavior was more than strange on this day.


Pi recognized that all of them were staring at him and blushed a bit. He wasn't used to talk to friends anymore. “Ano...I am going to study architecture.” , he answered and smiled at the others. Jin and Ryo changed a sight while Kazuya was still staring at him.


“Wow, that sounds interesting”, Ryo smiled and wanted some further information about Pi's study.


“And you?! What are you studying?!”, Pi asked the couple and looked from one to the other, ignoring the fact that Kazuya was still staring at him.


“I study medicine, and hopefully I am done in two years”, Jin grinned and twinkled at Ryo.

“And I study music and acting, and hopefully I am done....anytime....”, Ryo smiled and poked Jin's waist when he started to laugh loudly.


“And you are studying arts?!”, Pi asked Kazuya and looked directly into his eyes. He wanted the other one to join the talk, but Kazuya only looked at him without any expression.

Ryo wanted to say something, but he felt Jin's hand touching him slowly, asking him to stay quiet.


“Can I see some of your works?! I saw the picture from right before, and I really love the way you draw”, Pi continued and smiled slightly at the other one. He didn't count with any kind of reaction, when Kazuya suddenly stood up and walked around the couch, still staring at him.


Pi looked at him and turned to Jin. “I think he wants you to follow him”, Jin said and couldn't believe his eyes. Kazuya never showed anyone his works, except him and some of them Ryo. It was like his brother changed during the last day. The last time he saw him with such a fire in his eyes was before everything happened.

Pi followed the other one upstairs and turned around for a last time, seeing Jin and Ryo sitting there and staring at each other.


“What the hell was this?!”, Ryo said, when Pi and Kazuya were out of sight.


“I have no idea....but it seems Pi wakes something up in him, a hidden passion and maybe it's a step forward”, Jin smiled and he was glad about the fact his brother let someone step into his life, into the thing, which shows his deepest soul – his drawings.


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE

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