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The Valentine game [One shot]

The Valentine game
Pairing:  Domoto Koichi/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: Romance…contains [a lot of] smut.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes.
Note2: The story is written for my dear lilly0 , she requested it ^^
Summary: Ryo is invited to visit Koichi at home. He makes a video gaming party. But surprisingly there are no guests – except Ryo.


“Ryo-chan…”, he could hear a voice calling him. He opened his eyes and saw Koichi running up to him.

It was midday and Ryo lay in the grass to rest a bit. The sun shined in his face and he took a deep breath. He had less time during the last weeks to take a rest like this.

He sat up and looked at Koichi: “What’s up?”

“I wanted to invite you to a video game party”, Koichi answered and smiled.

“Me? Why?”, Ryo replied.

“I don’t know, I just thought it could be funny”, Koichi looked at Ryo. And I really want to know you a bit better.

Ryo smiled and agreed to come. He was a bit irritated, because he never thought of being invited by Koichi, but he didn’t muse about it. He has his reasons why he invited me. So just take a look at his party, and maybe the others would be there too.

Ryo walked up to Koichi’s apartment and rang the bell. Koichi opened immediately and let him in. He showed him the apartment and offered him a seat in the living room. Ryo sat there and waited for the others. Later in the evening – they still drank a bottle of wine - Ryo asked:

“When do the others come?”.

“Oh, no one will come, they haven’t time tonight.”, Koichi answered. Even Pan is with Tsuyoshi today, because I don’t need anyone here, than you Ryo….

Ryo nodded and took a nip from the wine. He didn’t stand much alcohol and he really felt it. Ryo stood up and stumbled a little bit.

Koichi held his arms, so he couldn’t fall. “Oh, sorry, Koichi, I really shouldn’t drink that much alcohol”, Ryo said.

“No problem, but maybe you should sit down again”, Koichi answered him and smiled.

Ryo sat back on the couch and leaned against the backrest. Everything was turning in his head, so he closed his eyes. He could feel a hand on his arm.

“Are you alright, Ryo?”, Koichi asked worried.

“Oh yes, I am, I just needed a second. Maybe I should go for a walk. I think I need some air.”, Ryo mentioned.

Koichi decided to accompany him. They walked in the park on the other side of Koichi’s apartment. Ryo stumbled a bit and Koichi held his waist, so Ryo could lean on him. Ryo put his hand around Koichi’s neck.

“It’s enough air, Ryo. Let’s go back.”, Koichi said. They came back to the apartment and Ryo felt a bit better. His hand was around Koichi’s neck and Koichi held Ryo, so he couldn’t fall.

They walked into the living room and Ryo wanted to sit on the couch again. He forgot that he held Koichi, and while he tried to sit down Koichi stumbled and fell on Ryo. Ryo started to laugh and saw Koichi’s face right in front of him. He could feel Koichi’s breath in his face and looked into his eyes. He felt Koichi’s hands on his hips and suddenly he knew why he was here, alone, with a bottle of wine, and even without Pan…

Ryo came closer to Koichi and softly stroked across his face and Koichi kissed Ryo’s fingers, which were stroking across his lips. Ryo bite on his lips and smiled. He was right, that was the reason was he was here.

Koichi came closer to Ryo’ face and kissed his upper lip and stroked with his mouth across Ryo’s. He licked across Ryo’s lips and put his tongue into his mouth, and started to play with Ryo’s. Koichi put his hands under Ryo’s shirt and touched his chest.

“Nice muscles”, he said. Ryo smiled, kissed him again and stood up.

“Where is your sleeping room, Koichi?” Koichi took his hand and guided him to his bed. Ryo walked to him, touched his arms, his neck and stroked across Koichi’s chest.

“Your heart beats fast, Koichi. Are you nervous?”, Ryo asked.

Koichi nodded and looked down. “Don’t tell me you never had…”, Ryo continued. Koichi just looked down on the floor. Ryo raised his head and looked into his eyes. He smiled and kissed Koichi. His hands glided under Koichi’s shirt and he took it off.

Ryo and Koichi made some steps and Koichi leaned against the wall. Ryo came closer to Koichi and rubbed his crotch against Koichi’s, kissed his neck and nibbled his earlobe. Koichi kissed Ryo’s collarbone and put his hands on Ryo’s hips.

Ryo came close to him and opened his pants. He put his hands in and touched Koichi’s dick.

Koichi moaned when Ryo touched him and he closed his eyes. Ryo stroked and tugged it and Koichi became hard. Ryo smiled, put his hand out and left the room. Koichi stood there and didn’t know what happened.

After a few seconds Ryo came back, a lube in his hands and put some on his fingers. In the other hand he had a condom – He always had these things with him in case that he needed it….

“Turn around Koichi”, he said. Koichi took off his pants completely and turned around. Ryo came close and kissed Koichi’s neck and his back, and stroked down Koichi’s back. Slowly he pushed in one finger. Koichi yelled and Ryo kissed his neck.

Ryo moved out his finger slowly and waited for Koichi’s reaction. Koichi looked at him and murmured: “Again, Ryo….”

Ryo smiled and took a second finger. He pushed in both and Koichi clang on the wall. Ryo moved his finger out and pushed in again. He repeated it a few times and took a third one.

Koichi moaned. It hurt, but he enjoyed the feeling and he wanted to feel it much more. He closed his eyes and murmured Ryo’s name.

Ryo pulled the fingers out and opened his pants. Koichi turned around and looked at him. His heart beat and he stepped to Ryo. He took Ryo’s length and stroked it. He kissed his shoulder and neck and bit is earlobe.

Ryo loved that Koichi took the control, but for a short time. He enjoyed the movement of Koichi’s hand on his dick. Ryo pushed him softly on the bed and put on the condom. Koichi lied next to him and Ryo smiled. He stroked across Koichi’s whole body and pulled him close to his.

“I always had a crush on you”, he said to Koichi. Koichi smiled and kissed Ryo.

Ryo opened Koichi’s legs and slowly glided into him. He pushed in only with the tip and Koichi moaned.

“It hurt, ne?!”, Ryo said. Koichi nodded.

“Do you want me to stop?”, he continued.

Koichi shook his head: “No please, do not stop. I really want you, Ryo!”

Ryo smiled and pushed the tip in again. Koichi yelled his name and closed his eyes. Ryo got deeper in him and waited a second. Koichi breathed out and Ryo pushed him in and out. His movements were slow and soft. He didn’t want to hurt Koichi that much.

Koichi enjoyed feeling Ryo in him. Ryo started to move faster and he started to stroke Koichi’s length. He tugged it and moved his hand fast. Koichi yelled and moaned and Ryo kissed his neck and bit in his earlobe.

Ryo could feel that Koichi cum, he sank down and breathed deeply. Ryo pushed in and out a few times more and sank down next to Koichi.

Both were breathing deeply and Ryo closed his eyes. He could feel Koichi’s soft lips on his and Koichi’s hand on his stomach. He embraced Koichi and kissed him back.

“It was the best decision to invite you”, Koichi said.

“It was the best decision to came here”, Ryo answered and smiled. Koichi smiled back laid his head on Ryo’s chest.

“And do you know why I knew that you wanted me?”, Ryo asked.

Koichi looked at him and waited for an answer.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, today.”, Ryo smiled and kissed Koichi’s head.

Koichi snuggled up to Ryo, and said: “A Valentine’s Day – computer game night – without computer, but with a game…”

Both had to laugh.


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