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Drawn silence - Chapter 1: Silent Hello

Drawn silence - Chapter 1: Silent Hello

Drawn silence - Chapter 1: Silent Hello
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa; Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya [Brothers]
Rating:  PG
Multi Chapter
Genre: AU, romance, angst, drama,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yamapi is new in town and he searches for new friends. Luckily he meets Ryo, Jin and Jin's brother Kazuya and starts to hang out with them. Everything would be perfect - even his growing feelings towards Kazuya, but the fact that Kazuya isn't able to speak makes everything more complicated. Kazuya isn't able to communicate with anyone, and no one knows why.

„Hey, I am Yamapi. I am new here. My parents just moved here and I decided to join them. I'll start studying here with the next term. We met each other on the assembly yesterday.“, Yamapi smiled and looked at the boys in front of him. First they didn't know what to say, and Pi thought they would start to ignore him, till one of them smiled brightly and stood up: „Nishikido Ryo, but everyone just says Ryo. I am living in this house down there. Nice to meet you“.


Pi smiled back and looked at the two boys on the other side. One of them looked up to him and said softly: “Jin, I am Jin. And this is my brother Kazuya, but please don't wonder, he isn't talking at all”. Jin smiled shortly and looked at Kazuya next to him, who drove some circles into the sand. He sighed deeply and stroked above his brother's head. “Everything alright, Kazu?!”, Jin asked carefully, but his brother didn't react to his words. “I will bring him back to the house. I am back in a few minutes”, Jin said and pulled on Kazuya's arm till he stood up and walked next to Jin to an expensive looking beach house.


“What's wrong with him?!”, Yamapi wanted to know and looked at Ryo next to him.

“No one knows it exactly”, Ryo started and sighed deeply. “Their parents died some years ago in a robbery, and since then Kazuya stopped talking. It's hard, especially for Jin, because he isn’t able to talk to his brother in any way. Their grandparents are living far away, but they have this beach house and let the boys stay here. Jin and Kazuya are studying on the university in the town, and Jin is working in the supermarket once in a week to earn some money. Their grandparents are giving them some money, but often it's not enough.”, Ryo continued and Pi was astonished about the honest answer he got without knowing the other one.


“Sorry, I am just a bit worried about them, since I am … let's say a good friend for them”, Ryo smiled and looked at the boy next to him. Somehow he liked him from the first second he saw him walking down the beach, smiling at them.


“I am sorry for them”, Pi answered and threw a stone into the sea. “But, Kazuya is studying?! How does he manage this without speaking?!”, Pi wanted to know and winced when someone started to talk behind him: “He studies art and drawing, so he only has to prepare portraits or landscapes for the exams. I managed everything with the teachers, they promised to help me and my brother.”


“Ah, sorry for being so curious. I didn't want to break in here”, Pi said and saw Jin smiling at him and sitting down next to him. “No, it's no problem. The problems with my brother are an open secret. Believe me, everyone tried to help him, but no one reaches him. He lives in his own world, and no one gets there. Only in his pictures he is able to show feelings and emotions.”, Jin smiled sadly and sighed. The problems with his brothers bothered him and also scared him to death. He wanted to protect him, wanted to rescue him, but everything he tried was a failure. He never heard him saying a single word or reacting to his words, and even though Kazuya felt pain or got hurt, he never said a word.


Jin shivered when he remembered the day he came home from a city trip with some friends. Kazuya was standing in the kitchen, staring at his hand. Blood was pouring on the table in front of him and a bloody knife was lying on the ground. Jin ran up to him, his heart beat fast, and he smashed everything away, just to get to his brother to help him. “Kazuya, what happened”, Jin yelled out and grasped for some handkerchiefs to stop the blood on his brother's hand. He cleaned everything up and brought his brother to his room. When he walked back into the kitchen and saw the mess there he sat down and cried. He had no idea how it should go on, but it had to. He wouldn't leave his brother, no matter what happened and no matter how far they were drifted apart.


Jin smiled at Pi and leaned back in the sand. “It's difficult, but it has to go on. And I don't lose the hope, because it's the only thing I can do”.

“I am really sorry, if you need some help, just tell me”, Pi said and looked at Jin. “Yes, I really need some help”, Jin said and sat up. “I want to make a little party on the weekend, and we need to go shopping for it. Maybe you can help us?! We can say it's like a welcome party for you and Ryo's birthday party together”, Jin smiled and twinkled at Ryo.

"A welcome party for me?", Pi asked and stared at the other one. 

"Yes, maybe you want to join us more often?", Ryo smiled friendly and looked at Pi, who's eyes started to sparkle and he nodded:
“Sure, I will help you, and thanks for letting me join.”. 


“You seem to be a nice guy, and here aren't that much young people living on the beach, so we are happy about a newbie”, Ryo grinned and poked Pi's nose.


“Tomohisa”, they heard a voice from the house on the other side and Pi looked up to his mother.


“I am coming”, Pi sighed. “I am an adult, but I have to do what she wanted me to do”, he sighed and smiled before he ran back to his parents.


“He's nice, isn't he?!”, Ryo said and looked at his friend. Jin nodded and curled some of Ryo's hair between his fingers. “It's been a long time since I met a nice guy like him. I liked him from the first second I saw him”, Jin smiled and saw Ryo glancing at him.


“Wait, but you don't like him more than you like me, don't you?”, Ryo pointed at Jin and smiled when he felt the other one pulling on his finger, till he was only a few millimeter away from his face. “Never”, Jin whispered and placed a soft kiss on the other one's lips.



Jin sneaked into the house when he came home later in the evening. He and Ryo were lying on the beach, talking about their new friend and sharing some time together. He walked up to his brother's room and opened the door a bit to take a look at him. Kazuya was lying in his bed, his eyes closed and his breathe deep. Jin walked up to him and stroked above his hair softly, trying not to wake him up.


“What happened to you in this night?!”, Jin asked and sighed deeply before he stood up to leave the room again.


Kazuya turned around, some sweat on his forehead and he grasped the blanket. He was deep asleep, and the nightmares were catching him again.

Choose. It's your turn. Choose. Choose. Decision. Now. No time.

He woke up and sat on the border of his bed, breathing in deeply before he walked up to his desk, taking the pencil and the paper to find his peace in the only thing which calmed him down: drawing.




“It seems you find some friends?!”, Pi's mother said and looked at her son. She was glad about that fact and agreed to buy some stuff for the party Jin wanted to make on the weekend. Pi grumbled and walked across the supermarket when he saw Jin on the other side, waving his hand. “Hey Pi”, he said and smiled at him.


“Oh, Jin, hey! You are working today?!”, Pi asked and stepped a bit closer. “Yes, but my shift is nearly over”, he smiled and pointed at the clock on the wall. “Ah, you are buying some stuff for the weekend?! That's great, because I have some things to do till Saturday. I need to drive to the city to buy something. Luckily I get my reward today”, he rolled his eyes and sighed.


“Ah, you drive in the city?! What do you need?!”, Pi asked.


“I need some pencils and drawing stuff for my brother, and I only get it in a special shop there”, Jin sighed and counted the things he wanted to buy. Pi was impressed, because all the stuff must be really expensive and as far as he could say Jin counted only stuff for Kazuya and nothing for himself.


“Ano, Jin, if you want I can help Ryo with preparing everything?! Just to take some stress from you. And meanwhile you and Kazuya can go shopping”, Pi suggested. “That would be nice, but Kazuya will stay at home, I can't take him with me. It would last too long. He would go through the shop for hours, and I don't have the time to do this. But it would be great if you could help Ryo. He is always a bit overtaxed if he has to prepare something and looking after my brother. Not that Kazuya does anything bad or that he isn't able to look at himself, but Ryo is afraid that something bad could happen when he is alone with him.”, Jin said and put the flour into the shelf.


“No problem, I will be there at four?!”, Pi said and smiled when Jin nodded energetically.


“Oh, that's my mum”, Pi said when his mum walked up to them and smiled at Jin.

“Hello Yamashita-san! I am Jin, I live some houses away from yours”, Jin smiled and looked at the woman.


“Nice to meet you Jin, I am glad that my son finds some new friends that easily”, she smiled brightly and took some chips and chocolate out of the shelf next to her. “I think you will need some food for your party”, she twinkled and put everything into the shopping cart.

“She's nice!”, Jin whispered at Pi, who rolled his eyes and whispered back: “Only if she is not your mother. She is so overwhelmed with her feelings...since we left our home, and my friends broke up with me, she never thought I would find new guys that easily.” Pi smiled when his mother looked back at them and he rolled his eyes when she turned around again.


“All in all we have something to eat and to drink tomorrow”, Pi sighed and walked out of the shop when his mother had paid. “Bye Jin, till tomorrow, I will come up at your place”, Pi waved his hand and walked across the street, following his mother's quick steps.

Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE

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