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Runaway train (one shot)

Runaway train (one shot)

Runaway train
Pairing: RyoDa, Subassan
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, friendship,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ueda avoids Ryo, who has no idea why. Yassan tries to clear up the things, and makes Subaru angry....
Note 2: Requested by a_k_k_h_n in my request post HERE


„Tatsuya, can you come to...“, Ryo turned around on wanted to look at the Kat-tun member, who was standing right behind him – at least he thought he was standing there, but there was no one.


“Where is he?!”, Ryo asked some of the juniors on the other side of him. They only shook their heads and started to talk to each other again, ignoring Ryo's questioning look.


Every time I want to talk to him he is running away from me,


every time we sit on one table with the others he is avoiding my sights,


every time I see him, he looks away,


I don't get it at all, does he hate me that much?!


Ryo sighed and saw some of his band members walking up to him, smiling brightly. “Hey Ryo-chan, you look stressed, what's up?!”, Yassan touched his shoulder slightly and stepped closer.


“Nothing, I was wondering why Tatsuya is ignoring me. I think he really hates me or something like that.”, Ryo answered and looked at the others.


“Maybe he is afraid of you?!”, Subaru guessed.


“Afraid, of me?! Why?!”, Ryo shrieked


“Your poison tongue and so on....”, Subaru had to laugh because of his own statement.

“Yes, of course....thanks for remembering me that I once was like that...”, Ryo grumbled and crossed his arms. He really didn't get it at all, because he wasn't the moody and grumpy kid anymore, of course he changed and no one was afraid of him, he never had an aura like Subaru, who made every junior run away.


“Just a joke, I don't know why he is running away.”, Subaru was still grinning at Ryo till he looked at Yassan next to him. How long have they been running in circles till today?! He didn't know it anymore. Both seemed to know about the other one's feeling, but both weren't confident enough to confess. Subaru sighed a bit too loud, making the others looking at him. “I just tried to find a solution”, he lied and looked on the ground again.


Some hours later Ryo stood in the dressing room and changed his clothes after they finished the rehearsal. Again he was the last one leaving the room and he opened the door harshly, yelling out, when he pumped into someone who was right in front of the door when he “jumped” out.


“Tatsuya....oh god, I get a heart attack....”, Ryo whined while he took his bag from the floor. He stood up and looked around, but Ueda was gone again. “That can't be...”, Ryo whispered and rubbed his forehead, sighing deeply again.




“Good morning”, Ryo grumbled and entered the dressing room on the next morning. He saw Subaru sitting in the corner, his arms crossed and his face grumpy. “What happened?!”, Ryo wanted to know and walked up to his band mate.


“Yasu had a brilliant idea last night...he walked up to Tatsuya's apartment and knocked on his door”, Subaru answered and glanced at Yassan next to him.


“What?! Why?!”, Ryo knitted his eyebrows and stared at the younger one.


“I just wanted to clear up things for you”, Yassan answered and looked on the floor.


“You wanted....what?!....I didn't ask you for that, Yasu!!”, Ryo shouted.


“I know....but you were so desperate, and I only wanted to help you.”, the other one whispered.


“What did you tell him?!”, Ryo asked further.


“I told him that he shouldn't avoid you, because you love him”, Yassan smiled slightly and looked at the other one.


“You did what?!”, Ryo yelled and felt a heat rising up in his body.


“I am sorry, Ryo-chan, I didn't want to make anything without permission, but somehow it just happened”, Yassan bit on his lips and looked at the other one. In the wink of his eye he could see Subaru staring at him, shaking his head slightly.


“Don't look at me, Shota, I am not on your side this time, I am totally on Ryo's side.”, Subaru answered when he saw Yassan looking at him with puppy eyes.


“I am really sorry”, Yassan sighed.


“You can't do such a thing on your own Yasu, what shall I do now?!”, Ryo looked at Subaru and waited for an answer.

“I don't know, maybe you should talk to him, because maybe he feels the same.”, Subaru asked and looked at Yassan next to him. “What did Tatsuya answer to you?”, Subaru added.


“Nothing, he just said thanks and closed the door”, Yassan answered.


“Nothing? Strange guy....”, Subaru said and looked at Ryo.


“Can we go to the canteen now Subaru?!”, Ryo said out of the blue.


“Why?!”, Subaru asked and stared at the other one.


“I need food now...I can't think without eating”, Ryo answered.


Subaru just rolled his eyes and stood up to follow the other one. “And I?!”, Yassan asked and saw the others turning around. “Please do nothing, Yasu, really nothing, and talk to no one”, Subaru growled and nodded shortly at Ryo before they walked out of the room.


“Great....well done....”, Yasu whispered to himself and robbed his face between his hands.


“Tatsuya?!”, Ryo said when he saw the other one in front of him in the row. Ueda turned around and winced when he saw who was standing right behind him.


“Nishikido-kun”, he whispered and his cheeks turned slightly red.

“Why aren't you calling me Ryo after all, I told you twice...”, Ryo grumbled.


“Sorry...Ryo”, Tatsuya answered and wanted to turn around again.


“Why do you apologize?! There is no reason to”, Ryo rolled his eyes and crossed his arms when he saw the other one wanted to excuse again.


When they sat on their table Subaru smiled at the other one. “What?!”, Ryo growled and glanced at the other one.


“I think he likes you”, Subaru put a Sushi in his mouth and grinned brightly.


“And now?!”, Ryo wanted to know.


“Maybe you should go and tell him, I think he will never have the courage to tell you what he feels”, Subaru answered and saw Ryo biting on his lips.


“I am not good with words, you know that”, Ryo answered after a while and stared at the other one, who rolled his eyes and sighed. “Hey, you are nothing better, Subaru, you are also a coward”, Ryo pouted.


“What?!”, Subaru shrieked.


“You and Yasu?!”, Ryo smirked and poked Subaru's nose with the chopstick.


“What?! Yasu?! I don't know what you are talking about”, Subaru stuttered and looked onto his plate.


“No, of course....you have no idea what I am thinking about you”, Ryo laughed and stopped when he saw Subaru's annoyed face towards him. “Sorry”, he mumbled and bit on his lips to hide another big smile.


“It's alright...”, Subaru growled and had to think about him and Yassan. He never had the courage to tell the other one about his feelings, so he could understand Ryo in this way.


Yassan sat in the dressing room, and only stared on the ground. He didn't know how much time passed since Ryo and Subaru left the room, but he wasn't able to move. Subaru was on Ryo's side, now he managed it to annoy Subaru, but actually he just wanted to help Ryo. And now the situation is even worse than before.


He sighed deeply when he saw the door got open and a part of Kat-tun entered the room. “Oh, sorry, you aren't done till now?! We have rehearsal in this room now”, Kamenashi said and walked up to the lockers.

“What's up?!”, Ueda walked up to Yassan and sat next to him. Since the boy knocked on his door the day before he had much time to think about anything.


“I think Ryo and Subaru will never talk to me anymore”, Yassan whined and looked up.


“Because of your visit!?”, the other one asked and Yassan only nodded. “Alright, let's do something”, Ueda added and smiled at him.


When Yassan left his place the day before, he decided to change the situation. Now he knew that Ryo wasn't annoyed of him, it was the opposite, he loved him and now it was Ueda's turn to do something.


“What?!”, Yassan knitted his eyebrows.


“I will go and talk to Ryo, but you have to do something for me”, Ueda smiled brightly and poked the other one's cheek.


“What do you want?!”, Yassan was wondering about the other one's words, because he never had much to do with Ueda, and so he was surprised that Ueda wanted him to do something.


“Confess your love too”, Ueda grinned and saw the other one wincing next to him. “In your confusing words you told me you love him, can't you remember?!”, Ueda added.


“I think I can't...I think Subaru is really annoyed because of me visiting you”, Yassan murmured and saw Ueda rolling his eyes. “C'mon Yasuda, let's say we both are going to do it. Maybe then we have the courage to do it”, the other one answered.


“I don't know...”, Yassan answered shyly and bit on his lips. He didn't know what Subaru was thinking about him and he couldn't say what kind of feelings the other one had towards him. He looked at the Kat-tun member and saw his eyes were sparkling and a friendly smile appeared on his face. “Maybe we can try it”, Yassan finally said and tried to smile back.


One hour later Yassan and Ueda walked down the street to the nearby park. Yassan knew that Ryo spent most of his breaks there, because it was also Kanjani's favorite meeting place.


“There, there”, Yassan shrieked and pulled on Ueda's arm. “Ah, finally we found them”, the other one answered and he felt his heart bumping heavily against his chest. “And now?!”, Yassan whined and felt his hands got wet and his voice broke when he spoke.


“I don't know, let's walk over to them, and let's see what happens. I think we can't make any plans here.”, Ueda said and pulled on Yassan arm.


“Ano...can I talk to you Ryo?!”, Ueda asked when they reached the other, who stared at them like they were aliens.


“Yes?!”, Ryo answered and saw Subaru rolling his eyes. “What?!”, Ryo asked him unfriendly. “Alone...”, Subaru whispered and slapped Ryo's shoulder slightly. “Oh, of course...”, Ryo stood up and walked a few meters with the other one, till no one else was around anymore.


“Yassan was at my place yesterday”, Ueda started and thought of his next words, but it was hard to choose the right ones.


“I know...I am sorry that he bothered you”, Ryo answered and put his hands in his pockets.


“Oh no, he didn't bother me. I was happy he told me about anything, ano....Ryo....”, Ueda started but he couldn't finish his sentence, because Ryo pulled him closer and kissed him without warning. First he was shocked and wanted to push him away, but finally he leaned into it and embraced the other one slightly.


“I am sorry, I am not good with words”, Ryo said and blushed a bit.

“I think it's no problem”, Ueda smiled brightly and bent over to place a soft kiss on the other one's lips.


Subaru was staring in Ryo's direction, but he wasn't able to see them anymore, because they disappeared behind the trees.


“I hope they manage everything...”, Subaru sighed and turned around to look at Yassan again. “What's up, you look like you are sick?!”, he added.


“I like you”, Yassan yelled and closed his eyes.


“What?! I mean I like you too”, Subaru said innocently and his hearts made some jumps.

“No, I don't mean that way of liking someone, I am talking about...”, Yassan started and opened his eyes to look at the other one. He winced and leaned backwards when he saw the other one was just a few millimeters away from him.


“I said I like you, and I wasn't talking about liking you in that way”, Subaru said and curled some of the other one's hair between his fingers.


“Ano...and now?!”, Yassan asked carefully and got the answer in a deep and forceful kiss from the other one.

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