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Barriers of ice - Chapter 3: Something stupid

Barriers of ice - Chapter 3: Something stupid

Barriers of ice - Chapter 3: 
Pairing:  Okamoto Keito/ Yabu Kota;  Inoo Kei/ Takaki Yuya; Yamada Ryusuke/ Kamenashi Kazuya; Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki; Yaotome Hikaru/ Yokoyama You; Shibutani Subaru/ Yasuda Shota past: Takaki Yuya/ Yabu Kota
Rating:  PG - 13
Genre: romance,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
They are all living in a dormitory, and feelings start to grow between some of them, but love isn't a simple thing, and barriers are everywhere.

Hikaru jumped up and down in his room and changed his clothes several times. Someone knocked on the door and Hikaru took any shirt before he walked up to open the door. “Yabu? What’s up?”, Hikaru knitted his eyebrows and looked at the other one. It was months ago since Yabu visited him for the last time.

“Hikaru, can I talk to you?” Yabu looked sad and walked into the room, sitting down on the bed.

“Sure, what do you want?”, Hikaru answered and stood in front of the mirror, turning around and pushed off the shirt to try the next one.

“What are you doing here?”, Yabu asked irritated. “Oh, sorry, I am going to help some others with the planning for the party, and I don’t know what I should wear”, Hikaru smiled slightly and turned a bit red.

“Means: Yoko is coming too”, Yabu laughed and leaned back against the wall.

“Yes, and I really don’t know which shirt I should take”, Hikaru was desperate and stared at his clothes on the bed. “I’d take this one”, Yabu stood next to him and took one of the shirts and gave it to the other one, who put it on. “Perfect”, Hikaru smiled and sat down, knitting his eyebrows, staring at Yabu: “And you, what did you want to tell me?”.

“I think of telling Keito what I feel for him”, he said and crossed his fingers. “Really? Are you sure, what if you get hurt?”, Hikaru was astonished about the other one’s courage. “It doesn’t matter, I just feel I have to say it, I can’t hold it back any longer.” Yabu answered and smiled at the other one.

“Wow, I wished I’d have your courage, Yabu, really”, Hikaru sat towards his friend and looked at him. He really admired him. He wished he could tell Yoko about his feelings.


“Uchi, wait for me”, Ryo ran after the other, but Uchi didn’t stop his walking. “Uchi!”, Ryo tried it again, but the other didn’t seem to hear him. Ryo stopped walking and only knitted his eyebrows: “What the hell is going on.”

Ryo walked back into his room, sooner or later Uchi had to come back to their room, and he’d wait here till Uchi would come. Late at night Ryo heard the door and opened his eyes slightly. He fell asleep some hours ago and now Uchi was coming home. Ryo waited till the other one reached his bed and turned on the light.

“Were have you been?”, Ryo wanted to know and sat up in his bed, his hair in a total mess.

“It’s none of your business”, Uchi answered and turned around. He had to hold back laughter because Ryo looks too sweet with his hair, standing in every direction and his pouty and grumpy face.

“What has happened Uchi? Why are you so cold?”, Ryo crossed his arms in front of him and looked grumpy at the other one.

“Nothing, I just need some time for me right now, Ryo-chan”, Uchi answered and took of his shirt to change into his pajama. Ryo looked at the other one’s back and thought of touching him, like he did so often, but Uchi wasn’t interested in him. Uchi never showed any reaction, no matter how much guys Ryo faked up.

“Uchi, were you on a date?”, Ryo asked out of the blue and bit on his lips. Uchi turned around and knitted his eyebrows, shaking his head: “Why are you asking?”

Before he got an answer from the other one, he saw Ryo jumping up, hugging him tightly, his face burying into Uchi’s chest. “I don’t want you to meet other guys, than me”, Ryo said after a while.

Uchi pushed him away and looked at him: “What? Say that again?”

Ryo sat down on the bed again and stared with puppy eyes at the other one: “I don’t want you to meet other guys…than me…”.

Uchi knelt down and held Ryo’s chin: “Are you in love with me?!”

Ryo bit on his lips and nodded with teary eyes. “But what’s with all your ex-boyfriends and dates?”, Uchi wanted to know.

“Fake…just a fake…”, Ryo said meekly.

Uchi couldn’t believe his ears, but he was too embarrassed to be angry with Ryo, so he just kissed him, without thinking about something else.

Ryo replied the kiss and leaned back on the bed, smiling at the other one and excusing again, before he pushed him down to him, kissing him again, again and again.


Yabu saw Keito waving his hand and smiling at him, when he walked up to him. “Hey, Yabu, nice to meet you. I am really glad you help me today.”, Keito looked at the other one and touched his shoulder slightly. “Are you alright Yabu”, he added and knitted his eyebrows.

Some hours ago Yabu knew what he wanted to say, and he was sure, that he’d go to confess his love, but now the courage had left him. “Yes, everything alright, let’s go and make the buffet”, Yabu grinned and walked behind Keito into the dorm’s kitchen to prepare the food.

“Alright, we have to make the best buffet they ever had”, Keito laughed and took the list of the ingredients out of the cupboard.

“Yes, we will definitely make the best one”, Yabu answered and smiled brightly.

“There is one week left, and we have to buy all the food, and preparing the menu one day before the party”, Keito noticed some things and looked at the other one.

“Yes, we can go shopping together, if you want to?”, Yabu suggested and leaned against the cupboard.

Keito agreed and smiled brightly and they decided to go shopping in four days.

Yabu closed his eyes, when walked back to his room. My chance is gone now…next time I have to tell him about my feelings.


Hikaru walked into the event hall of the dormitory and looked around. He searched for his Senpai’s and found them standing in the corner of the room. Yasu smiled at him, and asked him to come over to them.

Hikaru’s heart beat fast and he couldn’t take his eyes of Yoko, who was laughing with the others. He didn’t know what he should do right now, and he didn’t know about what he should talk with them.

“Hey, Hikaru! Great that you are going to help us with all the stuff here”, Yasu smiled and leaned against Subaru, whose hands were stroking Yasu’s belly. Hikaru had to think about the day before where he saw them together in Subaru’s room and he turned slightly red.

“You will go to make the balloons with Yoko”, Subaru said and looked at Hikaru, who was looking at him with eyes wide open. “Do you have a problem with it?”, Subaru added and knitted his eyebrows.

“No, everything’s alright”, Hikaru said and apologized, pointing at his mobile which was ringing. He went outside of the room and picked the call: “Yabu, what’s up?”

“Are you nuts?”, Yoko whispered, afraid that the junior could hear them. “Why shall I work with him?”, he asked Subaru.

“Because you need a boyfriend, and you like him”, Subaru answered and smiled when he saw Yoko protesting against his words and finally agreeing to his words. It was always the same with Yoko, he’d never confess something, but Subaru always knew what was going on.


“Have you seen Kamenashi-kun?” Yamada asked some older students, but no one could tell him where Kame was.

He didn’t meet him for days, till the party started.


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