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Pink stars on the red sky - Chapter 1: Doorknobs and brooms

Pink stars on the red sky - Chapter 1: Doorknobs and brooms

Pink stars on the red sky - Chapter 1: Doorknobs and brooms
Pairing: Sakumoto; Ohmiya
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, angst, friendship,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Jun always admired Sho, and he always searched for his help and his friendship, till the day he didn't need him anymore.
Note 2: Requested HERE by flywithu I hope you like it, and enjoy reading it my dear :D


„Sho-kun, can you show me the last moves again?“, Jun pulled on the older one’s sleeve and looked at him with puppy eyes.

“Sure, in five minutes I am free. I just need to manage something, but then I’ll come back.”, Sho answered and smiled at Jun.

One year ago they were able to debut, and it was like winning a prize. Jun still had the words of Johnny-san in his ears.

“Arashi will go to debut this year, and we hope you make your way guys”, he smiled at the five members and started to laugh when he saw the teary and unbelieving eyes of the boys.

Jun smiled and looked around in the room. He liked his mates, but especially Sho-kun was the one he admired most. Sho was cool, sexy and a strong character, and he was more like a small and tiny boy, but he worked on his imagine, and tried to become more like his personal idol.

He tried to get Sho’s help in every situation, and he was really glad, that the other one never said no. And somehow they were getting closer to each other and till the last weeks a special friendship rose between them.

“Hey, Jun! You’re still here? Are you waiting for something, or do you want to join us? We are going to eat something now!”, Jun looked at the small boy in front of him and smiled. Ryo was the cutest boy he ever saw in Johnny’s and even though everyone spoke about his poison tongue, he never heard it coming out. He and Ryo were friends till the beginning, and somehow he felt addicted to the boy – not that he had a crush on him, but he felt like a big brother and somehow he cared about him.

“I have no time today, but maybe tomorrow?”, Jun answered and smiled at the other one.

“Sure, Jin and I want to go to the cinema on weekend, because he wants to visit me in Osaka, if you want to join us, feel free”, the boy said and smiled at the Arashi member.

“Yes, why not, or maybe I am disturbing you…”, Jun laughed and saw the other one pouting.

Jun poked the other one’s cheeks and grinned brightly: “Pouting Ryo is always sweet”.

“Baka!”, Ryo answered but had to laugh about the way of Jun’s behavior. He liked him from the beginning, it was so easy to talk to Jun, and he was that uncomplicated and easy to handle. It was nearly the same with Jin, but Jin was more than that, he was his ultimate best friend, but there were some small points he couldn’t discuss with him, and for that he walked to Pi or MatsuJun, they always had time for him.

“Ah, Nishikido-kun, you are still here?”, Ryo winced shortly and turned around, looking at the guy behind him. Sho was smiling at him and touching his shoulder slightly. “Sorry, I didn’t want to scare you”, he added.

“No, it’s alright. I think I will go now.”, he said and walked down the corridor.

“A nice boy, ne?”, Sho said and gave Jun a bottle of water.

“Yes, he really is”, Jun answered and looked at Ryo.

“Hey Sho-kun is tomorrow alright?”, someone called behind them and both turned around.

“Ah, Kimura-kun, yes it’s alright of course. I will be there at 7pm o’clock”, Sho smiled and looked into the other one’s eyes.

“Fine, I am looking forward to it”, Kimura grinned and walked back to the dressing room behind him.

“You are going to meet up with Kimura?”, Jun asked with eyes wide open.

“Yes, he needs some help in organizations and even though I am young he asked me about helping him”, Sho smiled.

“Wow, I didn’t mention this”, Jun replied and shook his head. He could see Sho being nervous about this meeting and he asked himself if Kimura was what Sho was for him.

They stood up and walked into the rehearsing room to work on their performances for the next shows. They always had much fun when they were together, and often Jun was sad when they days were over and their ways separated.

“Ano, Sho do you want to go to eat something?”, Jun asked shyly and saw the other one smiling at him.

“Sure, western style food?”, he answered and tousled through Jun’s hair.

“Yes, perfect”, Jun jumped up and put everything in his bag, stopping when he heard Sho laughing.

“You are really quick when you are hungry”, he said.

Jun pricked out his tongue and pulled on Sho’s arm. Mostly he acted like an adult, but if he wanted to he could show the child in him and getting stubborn and he could be a nuisance if he wanted to.

Sho was definitely the grown up one in the band, and he was quite often really stoic and silent, but nether less he could be loud and yelling around if something didn’t work out as he wanted to.  Sho was never, never childish, and mostly he was annoyed about adult people acting like this, but Jun was the only one who was allowed to be like that.

It was dark there…

They stood there and breathed in deeply…

There was no space to move…

Something pressed into his back, making him feel a short pain…

They tried to be as silent as possible…

The voices outside became more silent….fading away…

Silence appeared…

They were alone now…

Not able to move…

The air was dusty and they tried not to cough…

It was hard to breath…

“Ah, fuck, Ohno. Why do we have to hide in a storeroom? The broom presses against my back and hurt me, and the air is horrible in here”, Nino yelled out silently.

“Sorry, but we had to hide here. You saw Yamamoto walking down there, and I didn’t want to meet him”, Ohno answered and tried to figure out where Nino was standing, unluckily it was too dark to see anything, and it was too small to make any kind of move.

Nino tried to angle for the doorknob, but the only thing he grasped was a bucket next to him, and he yelled out when he tried to stretch out completely and his head hit the shelf above him. He rubbed above his forehead and snorted: “Why am I a friend of yours?”

Ohno didn’t say anything and just looked around, trying to find the way out. He turned around, but the only thing he managed was to hit Nino’s face with his elbow.

“Ouch, are you nuts?”, Nino screamed and held his forehead and cheek, were the other one’s arm met him.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to hit you, I just try to find the door”, Ohno answered and made careful steps in the room. Everything went so quick, he saw Yamamoto walking down the corridor, and before Nino could protest, he pushed on his arm and pulled him into the room. And now it was dark, and they didn’t know the way out.

“I’ve found it, there is the door”, Ohno rejoiced and pushed the knob. The door got open and Nino made a step, overseeing the broom on the floor and stumbled, falling on Ohno, pushing them both on the floor.

“Ouch, this time it was you”, Ohno grumbled and looked up. Nino lied next to him and opened his eyes. It was hard to recognize anything, because the sudden light made his eyes glimmering.

“And you are…doing what?”, a voice came from above them.

“Oh, Aiba-chan…we searched for a broom”, Nino waved the thing in his hand and pointed at it.

“Ah, yes…I see…and you wanted to clean up the halls, or what?”, he answered and helped them standing up.

“That’s it”, Ohno replied and smiled brightly.

“I don’t ask any further I think…”, Aiba rolled his eyes and decided to walk back the way he came from. He knew it was useless to ask them what happened, because they wouldn’t tell him.

Sometimes Aiba felt a bit lonely in his band. Jun and Sho were always meeting up, and Ohno and Nino were also kind of best friends, but luckily Aiba had someone who cared about him, and he knew his band mates would never hurt him on purpose by ignoring him. 


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE
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