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Ex lovers, or so...(one shot)

Ex lovers, or so...

Ex lovers, or so....
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto/ OC
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship, angst, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yuto and Miyuki were a couple, but unluckily they broke up, and now they are in the same class again, annoying each other....

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Yuto and Miyuki stood towards each other. Dark glances were mixed with anger. They were together in the junior school and now, now they were together in the high school. They were really glad to go separate ways, and now they were even in the same class.


Normally Miyuki didn’t care about being together with friends form the old school, but with Yuto it was different. They knew each other quite well, because they were a couple during the last year.


“Why are you here?!”, Yuto asked and pointed at her.


“No, why are you here?! You wanted to go to Tokyo and not staying here in the province like you called our town. I said I’d go to this school from the beginning.” Miyuki yelled at the other one.


“Alright – just ignore each other”, Yuto suggested and waited for her answer. She nodded and tramped away.


It was unbelievable – there were 20 guys in the last school and he must be in the same class – that was bad luck.


The next days were a mixture of finding new friends and avoiding the one she already knew. Sometimes she recognized herself watching him during lessons. She didn’t know why they broke up at the end of the school year, but they knew they’d go separate ways and maybe they thought it would be impossible to be together anymore.


“Miyuki-chan and Yuto-chan”, Miyuki looked up and cursed herself for her absent-minded behaviour. Why was the teacher calling her name in one sentence with Yuto’s?


Damn – I should listen during lessons she sighed deeply.

”Is this alright for both of you?!”, the teacher smiled at them and Miyuki smiled back without knowing what she should say, and for what she was agreeing right now. Yuto nodded shortly and wrote down something in his book.


“Fine – that’s great. So you two will prepare the buffet for the parents evening next week”, the teacher wrote down their names and Miyuki closed her eyes shortly and cursed the day much more than right before.


After school they had to meet up with the teacher to talk about the food they had to buy and prepare.

“Okay, so you go and buy all the stuff you find on this list. I think you are back in an hour.”, the teacher smirked at them and Miyuki tried to smile back at him, but she cursed him for letting them work together. 


They went down the street and entered the next supermarket they found. “You have the list?!”, Yuto asked unfriendly. “Yes”, Miyuki snorted back and rushed forward to the next corridor.


After a while they had everything they needed and went back to their school. They didn’t know where the teacher was, so they brought the stuff in the kitchen on their own. They sorted the things and wanted to leave the room, when Yuto stopped walking. “It’s closed”, he said. Miyuki looked irritated at him.


“What do you mean?”, she asked and knitted her eyebrows.

“We are locked…the door is closed”, Yuto answered and turned around to her. She tried to pull on the door knob, but the door stayed close.


“And now?! I don’t want to be in a room with you for the whole evening”, Yuto grumbled and kicked the door.


“Oh, thanks, how nice from you,…”, Miyuki pricked her tongue out and crossed her arms.


“Hey, you don’t want to be here with me too”, Yuto answered and pocked her cheek. 


“Yes, that’s true, I don’t want to be here with you, I don’t like you at all”, she pouted and stepped back to lean against the table.


Yuto growled and stepped closer to her, pulling on her arm till she stumbled and fell against him.


“Hey, are you nuts?! What are you doing?!”, she answered and tried to escape from his grasp.


“It’s sad, because I never stopped falling for you”, he whispered into her ear.


“What? But why did you break up with me?!”, she finally managed it to get free and glanced at him.


“I thought I’d left to another town and going to a school somewhere farer away”, he whispered.


“Oh come on, that’s not the true reason, isn’t it?!”, she waited and saw sadness mixed with guilt in his eyes.


“Oh my god, that’s the reason…that’s so typical boy…not thinking about anything…”, she grumbled and pocked the other one’s nose softly.


“And you hate me”, he said and looked at her.


She started to laugh and jumped close enough to hug him tightly.


“I never stopped loving you”, she said and kissed him slightly and leaned into a heated kiss, when he started to reply her teasing…



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