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Romeo and Juliet (one shot)

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Pairing: Nishii Yukito/ OC
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: romance, friendship, angst, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yukito and Kariya are like romeo and Juliet, they aren't allowed to meet up, but everything is possible in love....

dedicated to lilmiszjump10 


“Yukito, Yukito”, a voice resounded in the night. Kariya tried to figure out anything in the dark, but she hardly could see anything. Months had passed since she met Yukito on an event in their schools, and since then they were meeting up every time they were able to. But they had to be careful and mostly they meet up somewhere far away from the schools. Kariya was on a girl’s school and Yukito on the boy’s school in their town. Both were in the boarding school and normally boys and girls weren’t allowed to meet up with each other outside the school events.

But Yukito and Kariya couldn’t resist meeting each other, and they didn’t want to wait till the next event would be, or till the schools meet up by coincidence. So they dated secretly, and so they did in this night.

Kariya ran down the small way in the wood and searched for Yukito. She prepared everything during the day. The control was an hour ago, and the teachers thought that she was already sleeping, so she could climb out of the window without being seen. Luckily her room was on the first floor, so it wasn’t that difficult to jump out.

She looked around, but she couldn’t see him anywhere. She really hoped he’d come and there wasn’t any problems with his teachers or he got caught. She sat down on a small stone next to the way and waited. After a while she heard footsteps in front of her. Her heart started to beat faster, because she couldn’t see if it really was him who walked up to her, but when she smelled the scent, she knew it could only be him.

“Yukito”, she jumped up and hugged the other one tightly. “Kariya”, sorry, I am a little bit late, I had to wait till the control was gone, and it took a bit longer today”, he answered and kissed her slightly before he took her hand and they walked up to their favorite place in an old cabin. They opened the door and walked in. Kariya thought of everything and placed three torches in the room, so they could see enough, and put a blanket on the ground.

They sat down and looked at each other; Kariya could see in his eyes that he missed her during the last days. She ran her hand above his face and smiled brightly when she saw him enjoying every of her touches.

He bent over to kiss her and she felt his warm lips resting on hers. She closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss, her hands around his neck to pull him closer. She felt his fingers running above her back, and she felt him putting them under her shirt.

They never went farer than kissing and a bit fumbling on their dates, but on this evening she wanted to make the last step.

“Yukito, I really want to do it tonight”, he stroked above his face and smiled at him. He knitted his eyebrows and looked at her: “Are you sure?”

Kariya only nodded and bit on her lips. He grinned and pushed her closer to him. His lips were running through her neck and his breathe tickled on her collarbone.

She felt his hands searching the way under her shirt to pull it off and she smiled at him, when she laid back to let him kiss her upper body.

She closed her eyes and tousled through his hair, giggling loudly, when his kisses tickled her.

He sat up and pulled off his own shirt, lying back on her again, kissing her neck and leaving a small red mark there. She stroked down his back and felt his warm skin under her fingertips.

She could feel him being already aroused and sat up to open his belt. She drove above the other one’s belly and searched her way into his pants. He moaned shortly and closed his eyes when she started to tug him.

She kissed him deeply, not stopping her movements and felt his hand wandering above her upper body, and with swift hands he pushed her skirt up and ran his hand above her thigh.

She breathed deeply when she felt one finger gliding into her and stopped with her strokes. He rested for a moment till he started to push in and out, making her moan loudly.

She pushed her hand out of his pants and he let her undress him completely. She could feel his hands on her body too, and finally pushing two fingers in her. She lied back and bit on her lips, tried not to scream because of the sensation. He moves were slowly and gentle and she felt his kisses everywhere on her body.

He pushed out and lied between her legs, looking at her. She nodded and put her hands around his neck. He slowly pushed in and waited till her breathe was normal and started to move his hips. She closed her eyes and pushed him down to kiss him forcefully. She could feel him moving in her, and with every thrust she felt a warm heat rising up in her body. His breathe tickled in her neck, and she felt his kisses on her collarbone and on her cheeks.

His movements became faster and she felt a tickling and hot feeling in her belly. She moaned loudly and sank down, feeling him thrusting in for some more times, till he came and lied on her to rest for a moment.

He pushed out and sat next to her, stroking her face softly. “Can we meet up more often, Julia?”, he smiled at her and bent over to kiss her.

“Yes, my Romeo”, she answered and kissed him back.


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