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Birthday date (one shot)

Birthday date

Birthday date
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke/ OC
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship, angst, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Keito's cousin Daian gets a special birthday present from Keito...

dedicated to dyanryo 

„Daian?“, Keito ran up to his cousin and smiled at her.

“Hey, Keito. What’s up? Long time no see!”, Daian smiled back and hugged her cousin.

They were together since childhood because they lived next to each other, and they become kind of best friends during the last years.

“Yes, you were too busy to meet up with me”, Keito pouted and made her laughing out loudly.

“I?? Yes, of course…because I am the celebrity, who is on tour for weeks and always in Tokyo because of shootings and meetings”, Daian answered and pocked into Keito’s cheek. “And by the way, when do I get my present? Or did you forget about my birthday?!”, she added and sat on the bench in the big park towards their home.

“Of course I haven’t forgot about it, and I still prepared everything”, he smirked and made her feeling worried. Daian knew her cousin and his plans were often totally weird and crazy.

“And what do I have to do?!”, she asked carefully and looked at her cousin.

“You will drive with me to Tokyo and watching one of our rehearsals, and finally I will invite you to a restaurant”, Keito grinned and gave her a birthday card with a self made coupon in it.

Daian’s eyes started to sparkle and she smiled from one ear to the other. She’d never said anything, but she really wanted to meet Keito’s band mates, especially one of them, but she was always too shy to ask her cousin about taking her with him.

Four days later Daian stood in her room and tried various shirts and trousers. She wasn’t sure what she should wear for this meeting. “Hey, are you ready?”, Keito stood in the door and smiled at her. “Yes, I am…do I look alright?”, she asked him shyly.

“Of course, you look beautiful”, Keito rolled his eyes and pushed on her arm to get her out of the room.

Two hours later they arrived in Tokyo and Keito guided her to the agency and showed her various rehearsal rooms and Daian’s eyes grew bigger, when she saw some of the Johnny’s walking down the corridor.

“That was Kamenashi-kun, and there, there is Yamashita-kun, oh my god, is this…”, she stopped and her eyes got wide open.

“Takizawa-kun…yes he is”, Keito laughed loudly and touched her shoulder slightly.

“Sorry, it’s just amazing…”, she answered and looked on the ground.

They walked into a big room and Daian’s eyes started to sparkle much more than right before. She saw all Hey Say jump boys sitting and standing around in the room, chatting with each other.

“Ano…this is my cousin, I told you that I will bring her along today”, Keito said into the room and everyone stopped talking.

Daian turned deeply red when she felt 18 eyes resting on her, but only two of them made her really nervous.

“She will watch our dance rehearse today”, Keito added and everyone smiled back at her, offering her a chair in the corner of the room.

She watched them spinning and turning around in the room and smiled, when she saw him tapping around, being concentrated and small wrinkles appeared on his forehead.

She fell for Yamada since months, but she’d never said a word about it, because she knew the reaction of Keito, he’d tell Yamada about it, and would try to arrange a date for them, and she really didn’t need this.

She was deep in thoughts when she heard a yell in the room. She shook her head and saw Yamada resting against the wall.

“Are you alright?”, it was Hikaru who was first next to him.

“Yes, yes, I just thought I’d faint and everything turned black for a moment, but now everything is fine” he smiled at the older one and wanted to return to the rehearse.

“Oh no, you are going to sit down and rest. Go and take some water and ask for some meds in the nurse room. And…ano…Daian?”, Keito looked at her and waited till she answered.

“Hai, what?”, she jumped up and stood next to Yamada, seeing his slight pale face.

“Can you go with him?!”, Keito added  and Daian just nodded and walked next to Yamada out of the room.

She turned red and didn’t know what to say, but he started to talk without any fear. “They treat me like a child, I feel fine. But I am glad you are with me”, he smiled at him.

“Thanks…”, Daian only said and looked at the ground.

“Ano…”, Yamada started and pulled on a thread on his shirt.

“Hm?”, Daian knitted her eyebrows and looked at the idol.

“Can I tell you something?”, Yamada added.

Daian didn’t know what she should say, and just nodded. She never thought that Yamada would talk to her in this way.

“It was my idea”, he only said.

“What was your idea?”, Daian didn’t understand a word.

“I asked Keito if he can bring you along…I just listened to his stories about you, and I saw some pictures of you…and I think you are really cute…”, he said.

Daian’s heart stopped and she nearly forgot to breathe. She had no idea what he was talking about and she never thought that he’d wanted to meet her.

“And now I wanted to speak with you…and I planned this with the others…”, he added and looked at her.

“I don’t know what I shall say…”, Daian’s voice was silent.

“Ano…sorry…”, he wanted to turn around and returning to the rehearsal room, when he felt her arm grasping his’.

“You are my favorite Jump boy, except my cousin of course”, she grinned at Yamada and saw him smiling back.

Before she could say or do something, she saw Yamada stepping closer and kissing her slightly.

“Maybe we can go on a date?”, he whispered into her ear, making her nodding energetically.


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