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Arranged marriage (One shot)

Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage
Pairing: Yaotome Hikaru/ OC
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship, angst, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Hikaru and Chihara are going to marry because their fathers wants it, but it isn't love at all, isn't it?! 

Dedicated to
blozzom_zone - I hope you like it :)


„I am Chihara“, she said and smiled at the other one. She could see the young boy’s eyes and she knew that he wasn’t happy about their meeting. And to be honest, she wasn’t too till she saw him in real life. His eyes were dark and mysterious and his smile was gorgeous.

She didn’t believe that she’d really fell in love with him, but it was love at the first sight. At least from her side, she couldn’t say what he felt in this moment, because he was kind and friendly, but also cold and silent.

“I am Hikaru”, he said in a low voice and looked at her.

“Great, so that’s our deal, Yaotome-san”, Chihara’s father smiled and touched his daughter’s back. “In one month you will go to marry Hikaru. We organized everything for you” her father added and looked at Hikaru.

“It’s a pleasure for me to marry your daughter”, Hikaru answered and smiled slightly. Chihara smiled back and nodded: “Yes, it’s a pleasure for me too.”


One month later everything was done. Chihara and Hikaru were finally married and moved into their new apartment in the middle of the town. Somehow she thought it would be easier with him, but he avoided her. He always went out early and came home late in the evening.

“How was your day”, Chihara asked him and put the plate with the noodles on the table.

“Great”, he only said and yawned before he started to eat silently.

“Can we drive to my parents on weekend?”, she asked after a short time.

“Sure”, he only said and Chihara recognized herself getting angry. She could understand that he was tired because of working all day long, but she hated those one word answers from him. It was every day the same…he only said a few words and mostly he was ignoring her.

A few weeks later Chihara had enough – she packed her clothes and moved out. She wanted to go back to her parents and talking to them. She knew it would be hard, because her father and Hikaru’s father were kind of best friends, but she couldn’t stand it anymore, she had to leave him. 


She was totally in her thoughts when she crossed the street to get to the train and she completely oversaw the bus rushing up to her. Her bag flew a few meters away and she lied there on the ground, listening to the voices around her.



“Can you hear me…”

“Are you alright?”

She wanted to answer, but she couldn’t. She wasn’t able to move a single millimeter or even say a word.

Hours later she woke up. Her head was hurting and her leg was in a big plaster. “What happened?”, she asked but didn’t see anyone, because she couldn’t look around.

She winced when she heard a voice from the corner of the room, and she winced again, when she recognized who was talking to her.

“Oh my god, you are awake…I was so worried. A bus got you, but luckily you aren’t terribly hurt. You can leave the hospital in a few days.” Hikaru said and walked up to her bed, sitting down next to her.

“Why are you here?”, she asked coldly and saw his eyes were sparkling and she thought she saw some tears there.

“I know you wanted to leave me, and I am sorry about everything. Every day I didn’t talk to you hurt me, but I thought you only accepted the arrangement, because of our fathers, I didn’t know that you really were interested in me like I am in you”, he stroked carefully above her face and waited for an answer.

Chihara couldn’t believe it. “Why do you know that I fall for you”, she said and looked at him.

“The people who helped you told me you were calling my name and telling them that you want to meet the person you love and you don’t want to die without meeting this person one last time”, Hikaru smiled slightly, still caressing her cheeks.

Chihara turned red and tried to avoid his sight. She felt embarrassed about her words; even though she couldn’t remember about them, but another fact let her knitting her eyebrows.

“You like me?”, she asked with a silent voice.

“From the first day on”, he answered and took her hand in his.

“Oh…”, she could only say and turned much redder than before. “I am sorry”, she only said and looked at the sleeve. She felt his hand on her chin, raising her head a bit, so that he could look into her eyes.

“No, I am sorry” he said and bent over to kiss her carefully.

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