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Barriers of ice - Chapter 2: Books and kisses

Barriers of ice - Chapter 2: Books and kisses

Barriers of ice - Chapter 2: Books and kisses
Pairing:  Okamoto Keito/ Yabu Kota;  Inoo Kei/ Takaki Yuya; Yamada Ryusuke/ Kamenashi Kazuya; Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki; Yaotome Hikaru/ Yokoyama You; Shibutani Subaru/ Yasuda Shota past: Takaki Yuya/ Yabu Kota
Rating:  PG - 13
Genre: romance,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
They are all living in a dormitory, and feelings start to grow between some of them, but love isn't a simple thing, and barriers are everywhere.



“Here are you”, Keito ran up to Yabu, who was leaning against the wall in front of the dormitory. “Eh, yes, I am here”, Yabu was irritated; he didn’t think that the other one was searching for him.

“I wanted to talk to you. You know next week is this party and I wanted to ask if you can help me making the buffet for this evening. Inoo has no time, he is with Yuya and I….yes…thought it would be nice if we can work together.” Keito pulled on a thread on his bag and his cheeks were slightly red. Yabu smiled brightly and his heart made some jumps. “Oh yes, of course I will help you”, he answered and saw Keito started to grin all over the face.

“Great, I hoped you’d help me”, Keito answered and walked into the dorm again.

Hikaru sneaked around the dormitory and looked through the window of Yoko’s room. He knew he shouldn’t do this, but he couldn’t resist taking a look what his beloved Senpai was doing right now. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he thought he’d see Yoko there, but there was only Subaru, his room mate, and he was not alone. He was sitting on the bed, and a curly haired head lied on his lap, grinning at him. “Shota…”, Hikaru whispered and wanted to look away, when he saw Subaru’s head bent over to kiss the other one’s forehead slightly.

Hikaru really wanted to turn around and not staring at his Senpais, but he couldn’t make a step. He saw them kissing on the bed. Yasu sat up and put his hands around the other one’s neck to hold him closer.

Finally Hikaru shook his head and turned around before anyone saw him there standing and staring into the window. He wanted to search for Yoko, and maybe he could talk to him, this time he’d ask him something. Normally Hikaru wasn’t shy or speechless this often, but this time he really fell in love, and every time he tried to say something, his voice broke and he could say nothing.

Inoo kissed Yuya’s chin and snuggled up to him. They were lying on the hill again, embracing each other and snoozing away. They had less time to spend together during the last weeks. Both had a lot to do with the upcoming exams, but this day they made a learning break and enjoyed their relationship. “Yuya, I think Keito has a little crush on Yabu”, Inoo said after a while. He didn’t know if he should tell his boyfriend about it, because he was afraid, that Yuya cares about Yabu’s feelings. He knew Yabu and Yuya were together for a long time, and he didn’t know how much feelings towards Yabu were still in Yuya’s heart.

Yuya smiled at Inoo and saw the fear in his eyes. He was together with Yabu for more than 2 years, and when they broke up his heart split, but now he found his new luck in Inoo, and he didn’t care about Yabu anymore. “Inoo, I am not interested in Yabu anymore, so I don’t care about him. He can go out with whom he wants to, and I really hope he finds someone new in his life.” Yuya kissed Inoo’s soft lips and embraced him tightly.

“Ah, Yamada, thanks for coming to the library”, Kame smiled and looked at Yamada who walked in the room, his cheeks slightly red.

“I am sorry, I am a bit late”, the younger one answered and walked up to Kame.

“No problem, did you get your package yesterday?”, the older one grinned and started to take out some books from the box on the floor. “Yes, everything perfect. I ordered something weeks ago, and now it arrived”, Yamada answered and hoped that the other one wouldn’t ask what he ordered, and luckily he didn’t.

“We have to order them alphabetically first”, Kame said and knelt down on the floor. Some hours passed and finally they managed it to order more than ten boxes of books.

“And now we have to put them into the shelves, and then we are done”, Kame smiled and stretched a bit. Yamada stood up and walked up to the first shelf and stretched to reach the books in the upper row. He oversaw a tall and heavy book and yelled when it fell on his head. Yamada rubbed his head and for a short time he saw stars in front of his eyes. Kame jumped up and ran to him, looking if he was bleeding. “It seems there is nothing, are you alright?” the older one looked down at him and his heart beat fast. “Yes, I am alright, I think…that will be a big blister”, Yamada answered and was still rubbing his head.

Yamada looked at the other one and started to smile. Kame looked shocked at the him and touched his head slightly. “I am sorry for bothering you”, Yamada said and looked at the ground. “Ah, don’t say this, everything is alright”, Kame said and smiled at the other one. Their eyes met and Kame felt a warm feeling rushing through his body. Before he could think about anything he laid his lips on Yamada’s and started to kiss him slowly. Yamada winced, but leaned into the kiss.

Kame stepped back and excused thousand times and turned around: “Sorry, I didn’t want to do this, this was just a mistake”, he said and ran out of the room. Yamada stood there and ran his fingers above his lips. He couldn’t believe what happened right before. His feelings were driving like a rolling coaster and his thoughts were spinning around. It was his first kiss, and he still felt the warm and soft skin of Kame’s lips on his’.

“Uchi!!!!!!!!!”, Ryo screamed across the corridor and saw the other one stopped to walk. Uchi rolled his eyes and he could believe what was going on. He knew the strangeness and the trembling in Ryo’s voice. It meant he had someone new, he met the next guy who was going to hurt him sooner or later, and it was the next guy who was breaking Uchi’s heart, because he had to listen to Ryo’s puppy love.

Uchi tried to smile and turned around. He waited till Ryo was next to him and pulled on his sleeve. “I met someone yesterday, someone we both know…can you remember Toshio? The guy from my old class? He is really cute!”, Ryo grinned and jumped up and down slightly. “No I can’t”, Uchi said cold and pulled on his sleeve, which Ryo was still holding in his hand. He walked away and let the other one standing behind, didn’t know what was going on.

Uchi had enough, he didn’t want to hear anything about Ryo’s lovers anymore, it only hurt him, and he wanted to stop being masochistic. Something had to change between them, he loved Ryo, he was sure about these feelings, and he knew he wanted to be his friend even if Ryo didn’t feel the same for him, but he needed some space for him now. He had to think about the situation and he had to forget about his feelings towards Ryo, then a friendship would be possible again. He knew he had to tell Ryo about it, because it would be rather unfair to just ignore him. Ryo didn’t know about Uchi’s love, so he had to be confused now.

“Subaru, why are you together with me?”, Yasu lied on Subaru’s lap and enjoyed Subaru’s fingertips on his face.

“You ask me why I am together with you?”, Subaru laughed and stopped his touches. Yasu whined and grasped for Subaru’s hand, placing it again on his skin. Subaru smiled and circled his fingers on the other one’s cheek. “Because I love you”, he said and grinned. “I just wanted to hear you saying it again”, Yasu answered and sat up a little bit to kiss the other one forcefully.

“Oh, sorry guys, I don’t want to disturb you, I just need my book”, Yoko looked at Subaru and Yasu and smiled before he walked out again. He turned a bit red and looked at the ground. He longed for a relationship, but it never worked out. And especially those guys whom he liked didn’t even recognize him.

He walked out and sat on a bench next to the dorm. “Hey, Yoko. Ah, sorry for bothering you, I just wanted to ask when we start to work for the party?”, Hikaru felt his heart beat fast, and he thought he’d faint, but he really wanted to start to talk to the other one. Yoko looked up and knitted his eyebrows: “Ah, Shota told me that you are going to help us. We meet up tomorrow in the afternoon, and we will make the first plans there.” Yoko smiled and started to read again.

Hikaru was proud of himself, finally he did it - he spoke to him. Yoko looked at the young guy walking down the street. He is cute…

Yamada ran down the stairs and searched for Kame, but he couldn’t find him anywhere, and after half an hour he walked back to his room. He looked at his nightstand, where his package was standing. He ordered two Pinky rings some time ago, and he hoped he would find someone who’d wear one of them. But the chance that it would become Kame was small, not to say impossible.

Even if he still felt his first kiss on his lips, he knew that Kame wasn’t interested; he said it right before…


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