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Vampire nights (One shot)

Vampire nights

Vampire nights (One Shot)
Pairing:  Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: Smut

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Note 2: Written for the supergood/superbad exchange in je_hottestlove 
Note 3: Beta reader: j_silver_k 
Warning: Threesome
Pi and Jin were Vampires. vampire who longed for something new and luckily there is a new neighbor ....


Pi and Jin were on their night trip to find their next victim. It was hard to survive for vampires during this time, because the police was always after them, and the people were getting more and more cautious at night. They were the most wanted vampires in town, and so they had to be wary with each step they took.

“Pi, come on…let’s go” Jin stood on the attic where they were living right now, and waited for the other. “Yes, I’m coming. I just looked out of the window, come here for a moment Jin, look…there is a new dweller in that apartment.” Pi pointed out of the window and looked at the good looking young man on the other side.

“Oho, nice…” Jin clicked with his tongue and smiled at Pi.

“Let’s go visit him Jin” Pi suggested and leaned against the windowsill. Jin stepped forward to kiss the younger forcefully.

“So you’re choosing him as our new victim Pi?!” he smiled and playfully curled some of the other’s hair between his fingers.

“Yes, I think so…but maybe not tonight Jin. Let’s go hunt for some others instead” Pi says while analyzing Jin’s confused face. “I don’t know, he’s just too beautiful to bite” Pi added and grinned. Jin rolled his eyes and walked behind Pi to go out hunting.

Two weeks later Pi sat on the window and watched the guy in the apartment on the other side. “You’re still looking at him?” Jin says from behind and steps closer to Pi.

“Yes, he is really adorable…” Pi sighed but looked immediately at the other one to add, “…Not as hot as you are of course”. Pi gave Jin a quick peck on the cheek and laughed. Jin rolled his eyes and smiled.

“Do you think we should make him into one of us?” Jin asked the other vampire.

“I don’t know, it’s a burden to live as a vampire, it’s not right to make him into one of us without asking him, right?” Pi answered. Jin stroked across Pi’s head and looked out of the window.

“Normally we should be night creatures of fear, monsters…but somehow we became calm and weak” Jin answered and smiled slightly.

“Can we visit him? I don’t know, somehow I feel attracted to him, even if I don’t know him” Pi turned around and ran his hand above Jin’s waist. He loved the other, but he longed for something new after living for 200 years as a vampire.

“Yes, I can understand your feelings, I feel the same…” Jin whispered in the other’s ear.

Pi and Jin tried to resist the guy, but after a few days both of them couldn’t think of anything else but him.

“Let’s introduce ourselves and have some fun with him in our special way” Pi suggested. Normally Jin was rational, but this time he wanted this man too, and he saw no other choice but to agree.

They waited until they saw the light in the apartment, watching him walk to his living room. “Now…” Pi said nervously and with two jumps they were on his windowsill.

“Woahhhh!!!” the man screamed and stumbled backwards. “What the fuck?!” he added and stared at the two men on his window.

“Hey, hey, hey, you aren’t only good looking; your scent is incredible too.” Pi stepped down and walked over to the man, touching his face and curling some of his hair.

“What’s your name?” Jin jumped down and walked up next to Pi.

“Ryo…” the man said irritated and leaned against his couch behind him. He wanted to scream and run away but he felt attracted to the men in front of him. It was a strange feeling in his body, and he couldn’t say why but the touch of the men made him aroused. Pi smiled brightly when he rubbed his knee against Ryo’s crotch and whispered to Jin, “He is still aroused, that’s a good sign.”

Jin grinned and started to kiss Ryo’s lips softly. Ryo leaned into the kiss, followed by a moan when Pi touched his crotch.

Jin then kissed Ryo’s neck and collarbone running his hand above his chest.

Pi smiled and watched them for a moment before he knelt down to open Ryo’s belt with skilful hands. Ryo dissolved from Jin’s kiss and looked down at Pi, who was smiling brightly and pushed down his pants and boxers in a one swift move. Ryo smiled back and leaned into another kiss with Jin.

Pi ran his hand above Ryo’s cock and heard him moaning shortly. He tugged him a few times till he licked across the tip, taking it deeper in his mouth as he started to suck him off. Ryo started to move his hips slowly under Pi’s movements. He felt his tip touching Pi’s throat and moaned again into Jin’s kisses.

Ryo ran his hand above Jin’s body, and took off the other one’s shirt. He smiled shortly and grasped with one hand for Pi’s head to make him suck harder, while he grasped Jin’s belt with the other hand. He put his hand in Jin’s pants, searching for the other’s length. Jin bent over and ran his tongue above Ryo’s nipples, making him shiver and moan louder.

Ryo whined when Pi stopped sucking him and stopped tugging Jin. The vampires undressed themselves and kissed each other deeply, rubbing their cocks together, moaning in their kiss. Ryo bit on his lips and watched them kissing, their hands running above their bodies. He started to tug himself, yelling under his own movement. Pi dissolved from Jin and smiled brightly, “Who takes him?” he said in a low voice.

“You…and I will take you, Pi” Jin smiled and kissed the other one’s face slightly.

Pi grinned and nodded before he stepped to Ryo, kissing him forcefully.

“Lube?” he asked Ryo and kissed his neck. Ryo pointed to a closet as he moaned in pleasure, unable to say anything more because Pi started to tug his cock again. Jin walked up to the closet and found the bottle after a few seconds. He smiled and walked back to them.

Pi rubbed the lube between his fingers to warm it and pushed in one finger. Ryo moaned and grasped Pi’s shoulders, he was sitting on the backrest of the couch right behind him. Pi pushed him down and kissed him deeply. Pi moved his finger slowly and nibbled on the other one’s lower lip.

Jin smiled behind Pi and stroked him across his back; he then rubbed some lube between his fingers and pushed one finger in Pi. Pi moaned and stopped kissing Ryo for a moment to turn around.

“You know what I want Jin” he smiled and concentrated his attention to Ryo again.

He moved his finger slowly. Ryo yelled loudly and Pi angled for the other one’s spot. Jin had fewer problems to find Pi’s spot, because he already knew how to take his boy.

Pi breathed deeply and nibbled on Ryo’s nipple before he pushed in a second finger. He started to scissor his fingers, preparing the other one for the intrusion. Jin pushed out his fingers and waited till Pi was done with Ryo.

“You are always the first, ne?!” Pi smiled at Jin and kissed him shortly before he stepped between Ryo’s legs to spread them much more. Jin put some lube on his hand and rubbed it on Pi’s cock, kissing him forcefully before he stepped behind him.

Pi rubbed the tip of his length against Ryo’s entrance and made him moan. Ryo bit on his lips and spread his legs more, so Pi could glide in slowly. Pi pushed in and felt Jin behind him thrusting in abruptly. Pi yelled shortly and felt Jin’s hand around his hips, caressing his upper body. Ryo moaned when Pi found his spot after a couple of tries and held his hips to push in easier.

They started to move in rhythm and Jin’s movements became harder and faster, making Pi moan and bite his lips. He bent over to kiss Ryo and concentrate on pushing in. He felt the tightness of Ryo and Jin filling him, it was an amazing feeling and he knew the climax came closer. He heard Ryo whining and smiled before he took his cock and tugged him fast. Ryo’s voice became louder and all of them moaned loudly.

Jin thrust in fast for a few times and came with a loud moan. Pi felt him pushing out and increased his own movements. Jin stepped next to Pi and pushed his hand away from Ryo’s length. He bent over and took it in his mouth, making Ryo grasping his hair and pushing his length deeper into Jin’s mouth.

Ryo was extremely aroused as he felt Jin’s tongue and lips around his cock. His tip pushed against Jin’s throat and he felt the climax rising up. With a loud yell he came in Jin’s mouth, breathing deeply, relaxing a bit. Pi thrusts in for some more times and finally came in Ryo. He bent over and kissed Jin and Ryo, then sat down on the ground.

“Can we do this forever, the three of us together?” Ryo smiled at the other two.

“That’s a bit difficult, since we are…” Pi started.

“Vampires…I know…me too but I didn’t want to say anything. I saw you every night standing on the attic, watching me, and I hoped you would come by one day” Ryo states.

“So you’re a vampire too?” Pi knitted his eyebrows and looked at Ryo, who bent over and kissed Pi and then Jin before he nodded and bit on his lips.

“Second round?” Pi laughed and looked at the other two who were smiling at him.

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