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Easter drabble Special


Hello everyone!! 

Happy Eastern again, here are some Easter Specials I wrote some time ago, and share them now all in one document. ^^
There are various pairings and also dorama characters, so it's a mix of everything. :D 

Enjoy it. ^^

Title: Drabble special
Pairing: Various
Rating: PG - PG-15
Genre: fluff, humour, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, but the stories are mine.
Note: English isn't my mother language, so I am sorry for mistakes!

Title: Children and Easter eggs
Pairing (also OC): Shingo-Mama/GACKT
Rating: PG
Sentence/ Title: The one where Shingo-Mama colors easter eggs...


“Gackt-kun” a high voice resounded in the corridor and Gackt turned around. He was irritated about the voice – it sound manly, but also feminine. He turned around a saw “her”. A tall woman, with a pink dress walked up to him.

“Oh no…”, he sighed and looked at You-san, who immediately walked away and left his member and best friend back.

“Shingo-mama…”, Gackt rolled his eyes.

“We are going to color easter eggs right now.”, Shingo smiled and looked at the other one.

“Oh no, why me?!”, Gackt rolled his eyes.

“To make children happy. They are from a orphanage right down there”, Shingo answered and pointed at a bunch of children standing there. They got a special day with Shingo and Gackt.  

“Ah, alright, let’s go”, Gackt said and started to smile. Even if he didn’t care that much about the Shingo-mama, he’d do everything for children and making them happy.

Title: The bunny costume
Pairing (also OC): Nino/Ohno
Rating: R
Sentence/ Title: The one where Nino convinces Ohno to dress up as an easterbunny


“Ohnooooo”, Nino screamed through the whole apartment and searched for his boyfriend, who was sitting on the windowsill, reading a book.

“I am here”, he said and looked at Nino, who carries a small package in his hands.

“Nooo, don’t tell me this is the bunny costume?”, Ohno sighed and looked at the other one.

Nino smiled and nodded: “Yes, it is….and you have to wear it today during the rehearsal…”.

“Why did I say yes? Why?”, Ohno answered.

“Because you were allowed to be TOP for the last 10 times and you got the new fishing rod from me”, Nino answered and gave him the bunny costume…

Title: the Yukan club Yukata
Pairing (also OC): Seishiro and Bido
Rating: PG-13
Sentence/ Title: "Damn, you are standing on my yukata Bido!" Seishiro rolled his eyes.
"But I can't find the eastereggs..." Bido complained


“You really hide some easter presents for me?!”, Bido grinned and looked around in the room.

“Yes, I promised it...”, Seishiro sighed and looked at the other one running around in the room and searching for the present.

“I searched everywhere, but I can't find anything.”, Bido said after a while and walked up to the other one.

“Damn, you are standing on my yukata, Bido!”, Seishiro rolled his eyes, and looked at Bido.

“But I can't find the Easter eggs” Bido complained.

“You are standing on my yukata”, he repeated and looked at Bido.

“Yes, and I told you I can't find the eggs...” the other one replied.

“YUKATA....Bido.....YUKATA....”, Seishiro sighed and waited till he saw Bido eyes got bigger.

“Ohhhh.....that's what you meant....that's my present? Let's go now...”, he pushed Seishiro out of the door and kissed him slightly.

Title: Sweets for my sweet
Pairing (also OC): Hina/Aiba (to make it a bit more interesting, right?^^)
Rating: R
Sentence/ Title: Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey


Aiba ran up and down in his apartment, and put down some sweets and candy in every corner of the room. It was Eastern and even if it was a western tradition to celebrate Eastern, he really loved to hide some chocolate in the room.

Hina came back late in the evening and walked up to the couch. There lied a small piece of paper with Aiba’s handwriting on it. Search for the Easter present. That was the only note he got…He called Aiba’s name, but there came no response, so he started to search, and he found various candies and chocolate behind the table and under the chair, but no Aiba anywhere. He walked up to the sleeping room and finally found him. Aiba stood there with strawberries and honey in his hands and smiled. “Sweets for my sweet and sugar for my honey.”

Title: The ugly cap
Pairing (also OC): Yoko/Maru
Rating: PG
Sentence/ Title: The one where Maru hid Yoko's easterbunny baseball cap



Some taps

A smashing vase

A silent curse

A silent laughter




“Hey Yoko, what's up?”, Subaru smiled at Yoko walking in the dressing room.

“Where is it?”, Yoko looked around absent minded.

“What are you searching for?”, Hina asked from the other side of the room.

“My Easter cap disappeared...I put it in my bag yesterday and now it's gone....I wanted to wear it tonight at the concert....”, Yoko sighted.

“I love the one who hid it....this cap is the ugliest you have....”, Subaru whispered.

“Yes, the pink fur and the rabbit ears on both sides.....terrible”, Yassan replied.

Yoko walked out of the room without answering to the other one's critic. Right when he closed the door the others started to whisper.

“Where Maru, where did you hide it?”, Hina bent over to Maru and looked at him. Maru just smiled and leaned against the wall: “Somewhere where he never finds it....”

“Ahhhhhhhh here it is”, they heard Yoko calling from the outside.

“Maru, where did you hide it????”, Ryo sighed loudly.

“In the fridge....”, Maru looked at the floor and rubbed his shoe against some dust.

“That's where he looks first, my dear...”, Subaru rolled his eyes and sighed deeply.

Easter comparison
Pairing (also OC): Tokio/Eri
Rating: R
Sentence/ Title: The not too charming comparison between boobs and eastereggs


Tokio stood in the middle of the room and twisted a red easteregg in his hand. Eri walked up to him and hugged her boyfriend from behind.

“You know, Eri…this egg is kinda like your….” Tokio smiled brightly and pointed at Eri’s bust size.

“What? Are you nuts, Tokio?” Eri shouted and pushed him away. “That’s not charming”. She turned around and left the room.

Tokio stopped smiling and looked at the egg again. “Oh, that was not nice from me…”, he whispered and knew that this joke failed.

He walked out of the room and searched for Eri, finding her sitting in the living room.

“I am sorry, I didn’t want to make such a joke.”, he walked up to her and saw her smiling at him, pushing him down and kissed him forcefully. “I know you, Tokio, so I am not angry with you.”. He smiled back, kissing her again, luckily Eri wasn’t resentful.

Title: The best Easter bunny
Pairing: Yano Kenta/The Prince (Uta no Onii-san)
Rating: R
Sentence/ Title: Five reasons why Kenta is the better easterbunny as the prince!


The first reason why Kenta was definitely the better Easter bunny than the prince was definitely his behavior towards children. No, he didn’t love them, but they loved him…

The second reason was his talent for not being seen in public. The prince was always in the first row, so how should she hide some eggs without being seen?

The third reason was Kenta’s talent for hiding things, so that no one finds them anymore – even he doesn’t find some of the last years Easter eggs.

The fourth reason was his body height; he could hide himself everywhere without being seen.

And the last reason was, that he was stoic, he didn’t care about hiding in a bunch of singing nettles, or standing in between a dozen of stinking pigs, he didn’t care about…



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