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New Yoko/Ryo Fanfic community and Yoko birthday exchange

Hello everybody!!!

Okay, I have some advertisment to make. ^___^ 

lilly0  and I opened a new community related to Yoko and Ryo (what a surprise....) We want to get this community running, so I make some advertisment in my journal too.

You can post every Yoko and/or Ryo related fic there, so also Yoko and Ryo in other pairings.

Here is the community.


And my second advertisment is this idea: 

We decided to make a birthday special for Yoko's 30th birthday on 9th of May. We hope some of you will join us (just click on the pic to get to the rules and further explanations ^___^)

So if you have the time pleeaassseee join the exchange. I think it'd be funny, and Kanjani needs more Fanfic love in my opinion. *lol* 

thankssss my dears *hugstoallofyou* 
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