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Barriers of ice - Chapter 1: Feelings all around us (1/4)

barriers of ice - Chapter 1: Feelings all around us

Barriers of ice - Chapter 1: Feelings all around us
Pairing:  Okamoto Keito/ Yabu Kota;  Inoo Kei/ Takaki Yuya; Yamada Ryusuke/ Kamenashi Kazuya; Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki; Yaotome Hikaru/ Yokoyama You, past: Takaki Yuya/ Yabut Kota
Rating:  PG - 13
Genre: romance,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
They are all living in a dormitory, and feelings start to grow between some of them, but love isn't a simple thing, and barriers are everywhere.

(It was a request, but I had so much ideas, so I made a mini series with 4 chapters out of it) 

Requested bylilly0 

Pairing (also OC): Kame/Yamada
Rating: PG-13
Sentence/ Title: Yamada touched his lips in utter surprise. He had never thought that his first kiss would turn out to be strange like that...


“Yamada-kun, can you help me with these books”, Kame smiled at the young boy and pointed at two boxes on the floor. “Sure, Kamenashi-kun”, Yamada answered and walked up to help him. Kame was his idol since he started to live in the dormitory. Kame was some years older and on university, but he was in the same dorm like Yamada was, and they meet up sometimes on the corridors. The older one was always kind and nice to him, and somehow they became friends during the last year. They didn’t hang out quite often, but somtimes played table tennis or meet up to play some video games.

Normally they didn’t have the same friends because Kame was seven years older than he was. Yamada would turn 18 in this year, and Kame was still 25, and somehow Yamada knew that they were drifting apart, and they hardly had contact the last weeks.

They carried the boxes upstairs into the dorm’s library and put the them down in the corner of the room. “They got some books from the university, which they don’t need anymore”, Kame smiled and thanked Yamada for his help. “Ah, Kame, can we meet up sometime for a video-game-evening, or something?”, Yamada wanted to know. “I don’t know, I am really busy these days, but maybe next week?”, the older one answered. “Sure, just tell me, when you’re free”, Yamada said and smiled at the other one.

Half an hour later Kame met up with his friends for lunch in the big canteen. “Hey, Uchi, Ryo, how are you?!”, Kame smiled and sat down next to them.

“Great”, Ryo grumbled and pricked in his food.

Uchi rolled his eyes and sighed deeply: “The boy from last week dumped him”. Kame looked at Uchi and he could see his eyes were sparkling. Kame wondered when Uchi would go to tell Ryo about his feelings towards him, because he suffered about every boy Ryo talked about. “He didn’t dump me, I ended the relationship”, Ryo pouted and glanced at Uchi. “Oh, yes of course, sorry”, Uchi smiled slightly at Kame and rubbed his temples.

Yamada walked in the canteen and greeted his friends and sat next to them. “Ryu-chan, how was your day?”, Hikaru smiled at him before his sight fell on a guy on the other side of the room. “Oi, Hikaru, don’t tell me you still fall for him?”, Yamada sighed and looked at Yoko, who was sitting on the other side.

Yoko was one of the oldest guys in dormitory, and he’d leave the place next year, then he would be done with his study. Yoko was always with his friends Subaru and Yassan. They were in the same age, except Yassan, and they hardly talked to anyone else.

“Yes, I am sorry but he got me…”, Hikaru answered and turned red. “You should talk to him”, Yuya said and pocked Hikaru’s cheek. “It’s all very well to say when you have already someone”, Hikaru answered and looked on the next table, where Inoo Kei was sitting, Yuya’s flame. They were together since three months, but only their best friends new about it.

“Maybe you should try to get his attention?”, Yuya said, but Hikaru didn’t listen to him. “Yamada? Is everything alright?”, Hikaru knitted his eyebrows and looked at the youngest one. Yamada looked at his food and answered a few seconds later: “Yes, of course, everything perfect.” He smiled, but something bothered him. He was in love, secretly in love, and he never told anyone about, because his love would be unfulfilled. 

After lunch Yamada went back to his room and sat on his bed to read the book he needed for school. His room mate, Takaki Yuya, wasn’t here already and so he had some time for himself. Yamada fell asleep after a short time and didn’t recognize that someone walked into the room, putting a letter on Yamada’s nightstand.

“Yuya, Yuya, wait for me”, Inoo ran up to him and smiled brightly when he reached his boyfriend. “Hey, Inoo, how are you?”, Yuya smiled back and poked into the other one’s cheeks. “Fine, I wanted to know if we can meet up later?!”, Inoo smiled innocently and curled some of Yuya’s hair between his fingers. “Of course, same place like ever?”, Yuya grinned and walked away when the other one nodded.

“What are you doing here?”, Yabu Kota walked up to Hikaru, who was standing behind the corner of a street. “I…I…nothing…”, Hikaru answered and turned around, smiling at Yabu. “Oh, I understand…Yoko?”, he said and pointed at Yoko, who was standing with his friends some meters away. Hikaru kicked a stone on the ground and grumbled: “Does anyone know about my feelings?!”

“No, I think Yoko doesn’t know about it till now”, Yabu smiled and leaned against the wall. “And what’s about you Yabu?!”, Hikaru replied and saw the smile on the other one’s face disappearing. Yabu was a part of them till he broke up with Yuya some time ago. Since then he was searching for other friends around him, but somehow he didn’t find someone. Hikaru was still in contact with him, because they were always close to each other, so he was the only one who knew about Yuya’s feelings for Keito, who was Inoo’s best friend. Normally Yabu had no problem to talk about his feelings, but the fact, that Inoo was Yuya’s new boyfriend and Keito was his best friend, made it nearly impossible for him to make this step.

 Yamada woke up later in the afternoon and turned around. “Hey, you got a mail, it’s there on the nightstand.”, Yuya pointed at the letter and smiled at the other one. “Thanks”, Yamada rubbed his eyes and sat up. He took the paper and started to read it, his eyes became wider and he started to smile brightly.

“What’s it about?”, Yuya wanted to know and looked at the other one. “I have to go, I’ll tell you later”, Yamada answered and rushed out of the room.

“Yoko, you forgot this in the canteen”, Yasu ran up to him and gave him a pencil case.

“Ah, thanks, Yasu. Are you going to meet Subaru now?”, Yoko wanted to know from the other one.

“Yes, why?”

“Can you tell him, that I need someone who helps me with the preparation for the big dormitory party next weekend?!”, Yoko smiled and gave Yasu a flyer with all details about it.

“Sure, I can help you too, if you want?”, Yasu replied and looked on the paper.

“Yes, that’d be great. I need every help I can get”, Yoko answered and touched Yasu’s shoulder before he walked away. He greeted one of the juniors and disappeared in his room.

“Oh, Hikaru-kun, how are you?”, Yasu asked the student, who was walking up to him.

“Fine, thanks Shota-kun, and you?”, Hikaru smiled and hoped the other one didn’t recognize that his cheeks were red, because his beloved Senpai greeted him right before.

“Everything is perfect. Ah, Hikaru, Yoko asked me if I can help with organize the party next weekend, do you want to help too? I heard you aren’t bad in such things?” Yasu smiled brightly and showed the other one the flyer.

“Yes, of course I can help”, Hikaru answered and got nervous, because he knew he’d work together with Yoko.

“Yamada, where are you running?”, Kame smiled at the younger one, who was rushing down the corridor.

“I got a package, and I have to pick it up today.”, Yamada didn’t stop moving and waved with the paper in his hand.

“Ah, got it, ah, Yamada, chotto matte…can you help me tomorrow? I have to sort the books in the library, and I thought you could join?!”, Kame smiled slightly and waited for an answer.

“Ah, yes, I think I have time in the afternoon”, Yamada smiled back and rushed away.

Great, great, great,…that’s not standing away from him as I wanted to do it…

“Hey, Yuya!”, Inoo said and walked up to the other one.

“Inoo, finally you are here, a bit too late, ne?!”, Yuya laughed and kissed the other one slightly.

“Yes, sorry, but I had to manage some things right before, so I couldn’t come by earlier.”, Inoo answered and ran his hand above Yuya’s chest.

They met up behind the dormitory, behind a small hill, where nearly no one passes by.

“Yuya?”, Inoo asked after a while and waited for the reaction.


“When are we going to make the next step?”, Inoo wanted to know and looked in Yuya’s eyes. He couldn’t say what Yuya was thinking right in this moment, but he heard him sighing. “Please give me some time”, he only said and lied back in the grass. He had his first experiences with Yabu some time ago, but he wanted to wait, he wanted to wait till his relationship with Inoo became stronger and till he was sure about his feelings. Inoo just nodded and lied back on Yuya’s chest, closing his eyes while he listened to the heart beat of his boyfriend.

“And then he left me behind”, Ryo whined and lied his head in Uchi’s lap.

“And you call me a crybaby?”, Uchi laughed and curled some of Ryo’s hair. 

“Yes, you are, I am just deep hurt”, Ryo answered and pouted.

“You didn’t know him that well!”, Uchi replied and pocked Ryo’s cheeks.

Ryo just grumbled and closed his eyes, his head still resting in Uchi’s lap.

I really wish you could be mine…


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