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The creatures of the night - "Midnight meeting" (6/??)

The creatures of the night - Chapter 6: Midnight meeting

Creatures of the night – Chapter 6: Midnight meeting
Pairing: slight Ohno Satoshi/ Takizawa Hideaki; Aiba Masaki/ Akanishi Jin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance, angst, friendship,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes (means: unbeta-ed) 
Summary: The creatures have to find a way to fight against the black men - for this they meet up all together for the first time since centuries....

Tackey sat in the library and researched the history of every creature who was involved in this war. He knew the vampires and werewolves quite well, but the humans were new for him, because he only met their grand-grandfathers during the first war. He found some fact in the internet about Koichi, Sakamoto and MatsuJun but Okada was a riddle for him. He found nothing about this guy, and it seemed he was like an invisible creature.

Tonight they needed to find a solution and a way to fight together, but he knew it would be hard, because they hate each other. The door opened a little bit and closed a few seconds later. Tackey looked up but couldn't see anyone. He smiled and lied down the book: “Ohno, even if I don't hear you coming in, I hear your thoughts, and no, you don't frighten me.” The grey cat jumped up on the table next to Tackey and gave him a letter, which he had in his mouth. Tackey opened it and sighed: “Ah, finally I got some information about this last guy in the clan of the humans. He seems to be a master of guns and weapons, that's not bad for us.” Tackey sighed and lied his head on the backrest. Ohno jumped on Tackey's chest, lied down and closed his eyes. He loved to act like a normal house cat and sometimes, when Tackey didn't thought of it, he really believed that Ohno was only a cat.


Nino and Miyake were still fighting about using Nino's ability on this evening and Tegoshi prepared himself for the evening. They walked out when the dawn started, and reached the cemetery first.

“Why the hell is he a goat now?!”, Nino whispered at Miyake, who only shook his head and looked at the small grey goat walking right behind them.

Tegoshi started to be nervous, because he didn't want to meet MatsuJun, whom he already knew from former days. They reached the front door of the house and Tackey looked around. “I can't hear anything, so I think we are the first. Let's go inside and wait for the others. Ohno, could you stay here and keep watch?”, Tackey looked at Ohno and had to smile shortly. He knew why Ohno turned into a goat. Right before they left the library Ohno said, while he lied on Tackey's chest: “I want you to smile tonight, how can I manage that?” Tackey looked at the cat, lying on him and stroked his head. “Maybe when you turn into a goat?”, he smiled slightly and Ohno jumped down from him, when Tackey stood up. He wasn't in the mood to laugh, but when he saw Ohno as a goat, he couldn't resist, even if so many sorrows tortured him.

“Yosh”, Ohno sat down on his hind legs and chewed some bread while he stared down the hill. Tackey had to smile again and turned around to walk into the mausoleum with the others.

After a few minutes Tackey closed his eyes and said: “I can hear them, the werewolves are coming”.



Shingo walked up and down in the living room and thought of the next night. They had to go to the mausoleum, and he knew it would be dangerous, not only because they met up with other creatures, but also because the black men could attack them right there. Normally he wouldn't have been that nervous, but Aiba was in a bad condition, he had a fever since two nights and mostly he lied in the corner and slept during the days.

“Shingo, there is only the half of this night, and the day before we meet up with them, we need a plan if Aiba can't go with us.”, Nagase walked up to Shingo and knitted his eyebrows. Shingo nodded and looked scared; he couldn't leave one of his fellows at home, because the black men would kill a weak creature immediately.

Hina walked down the stairs and sighed: “It's a little bit better, we can only hope”. They turned into wolves and lied down in the living room. It was less exhausting for them to be an animal, and they could save more power for the evening.

Aiba lied in his bed and sighed. Sweat ran down his forehead and he breathed deeply. He was too weak to turn into a wolf at nights, and so he stayed a human till the first sunlight turned him into the creature again. Jin sat in the chair next to Aiba's bed and washed his forehead every now and than. After some hours Aiba opened his eyes and looked at Jin: “When do we have to go to the meeting?” Jin just smiled slightly and stood up: “Tonight, but don't think of it now”.

He walked up to Aiba's bed and sat down next to him. “The fever seemed to be gone, but you need more energy, I don't know if we can go with the others tonight”, Jin continued.

“What do you mean? We have to go, we can't leave the others alone, and if I am sick, you have to go, and I'll stay here.”, Aiba said.

“I won't leave you alone at home”, Jin said and lied next to Aiba. A few hours later they were transformed into wolves again and they met up in the living room.

“How's Aiba, Jin?”, Shingo asked when he saw Jin walking down the stairs. Jin looked at the three big wolves in the middle of the room and answered: “The fever is gone, and he feels better. It's like every time, a sudden fever and after a few hours everything is gone, but I am scared about taking him with us, there is no other chance, ne?!”

“No, I think we really have to take him with us.”, Shingo sighed and walked out the room to search for something. “You are really afraid of loosing him, ne?! Have you ever thought of giving him your one crawl?”, Hina said and looked at Jin. “What? Don't talk such nonsense, Hina. He is like a brother for me, and I care about him, I would do this for every of you.”, he answered.

“Oh yes, of course....”, Nagase rolled his eyes and walked outside to wait for the others.

A few minutes later they went out to the meeting point.

Aiba felt weak, but he didn't want to bother the others and so he walked silently behind them. Jin waited for Aiba, and licked across Aiba's head before he whispered to him: “You are weak, ne?!” Aiba shook his head, because he didn't want to bother especially Jin. They reached the mausoleum and saw the goat sitting there and looking at them.

“It stinks....dogs are here....”, Ohno said and looked from one to the other.

“A goat?”, Nagase looked at Ohno and walked to the door.

The others ignored Ohno and Nagase's words and walked in.

“Oho, stinky dogs and oh, what do I see,  Aiba is here? What do you want with him, he can't fight, we all know it”, Nino said. Jin listened to Nino's words and started to run in his direction when Shingo and Hina held him back.

“Stop! We aren't here to fight, right Tackey?”, Shingo said to the man in the corner.

“Yes, that's true, keep silent Nino”, he warned his own fellow.




They had a few hours till the first meeting in the mausoleum would start. Yoko and Subaru went out and searched for traces of the black men and Sho, Kame and Ryo sat in the living room, while Goro made a strawberry shake in the kitchen.

Ryo and Kame rolled their eyes and Sho whispered: “Will he ever be able to drink blood, like normal vampires?” Kame and Ryo only shook their heads and sighed.

Ryo looked at Kame and saw his cheeks weren't white, like normal, but had a soft red colour.

“Have you been outside for dinner, last night, Kame?”, he asked and smiled.

“Yes, of course, you know me, I can't be without blood. And it was delicious, really delicious. The girl left the bar and she was alone when she walked down the street. I hurried up to her and started to talk with her, and somehow she didn't push me away. Maybe she was still drunk, and so I got my chance, if you know what I mean”, Kame smile and looked at his fellows.

Ryo laughed and curled some of his own hair between his fingers and daydreamed about Kame having sex with a girl he didn't know.

“And how was the sex with the girl?”, Subaru and Yoko walked in and Subaru knitted his eyebrows and looked at Kame.

Kame just grinned brightly and answered: “Are you jealous Subaru?”

Subaru rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen, where Goro made his meal. “And what are you doing here, Goro? You really have to learn to drink blood.”, Subaru sighed and put out a bottle with red liquid in it. Goro turned around and looked on the other side: “Put it away, Subaru, I can't see it, and you know that.”

“You aren't a vampire, Goro....”, Subaru said and left the kitchen with his bottle of fresh blood. Yoko walked up to the window and looked outside. He was really absent minded the last days. Sho stood up and stepped to him: “What's up Yoko? You seem to be so absent the last days? Are you worried?”

Yoko didn't look at him, but sighed: “I don't know if we can defeat the black men, Sho. They are more than last time, and they are really strong, and you know, the bond between the creatures broke up centuries ago, and I don't know if it will work out with the others.” Sho just nodded and touched Yoko's shoulder softly, before he turned around and sat down to Kame and Ryo again. Yoko could hear Goro from screaming out of the kitchen: “What if we have to fight?”. Yoko and the others sighed at the same moment and rolled their eyes. “Goro, we are vampires, we are born to fight!”, Sho said loudly. For a short time there was silence and right before everyone wanted to start talking again, they heard Goro's voice again: “I think war is no solution” The others sighed again, but no one wanted to start a decision right now.

A few hours later they started to walk to the mausoleum and they could see a small light in the house when they reached it. “Someone is still here, and I think I can smell dog scent and there are some traces of a paw, so maybe magicians and werewolves are still here”, Yoko said to Ryo, who only nodded and they waited till the others came up, and started to move up the hill to the mausoleum.

“Ohno?”, Yoko knitted his eyebrows and stared on the goat on the ground.

“Yes, never seen a goat before?”, Ohno answered unfriendly.

Subaru smiled and whispered to Ryo: “The magicians were always a strange species, ne?!”.

Ryo just nodded and pointed to the mausoleum: “Dogs are here, and magicians, let the party start...”

They walked in and looked around. Tackey and the magicians stood in the corner of the room and Ohno walked up to them, now transformed into a cat again. On the other side lied the wolves. Aiba had his head on Jin's chest and rested, his energy was nearly gone.

“How's the weak one?”, Yoko asked.

“It has to work, ne?!”, Shingo answered. Yoko just nodded and walked up to the bench in the other corner.

“You're useless like Goro, and maybe you both should stay outside and wait till we are done here.”, Kame glanced at Goro and Aiba, and Jin glanced back, but before he could say anything, Yoko yelled at Kame: “Hold it back Kamenashi, it's not your turn here. Every help is needed, remember about it when another creature saves your life.”

Shingo and Tackey stared at the head of the vampires and for one second they saw a small chance of a new bond between the creatures. Kame never listened to others, and he did what he wanted to, but he ever did what Yoko ordered him to do, because he really admired him.




The humans met up in the living room and Sakamoto pushed Shige along with him and sat him down on the chair in the corner of the room. “You are here, because destiny guided you to my office.”, Sakamoto started. Koichi and Okada looked at each other and no idea what Sakamoto was talking about. “So, the plan for tonight...we will go there, all together, and let's hope everything goes on as we want it”, Sakamoto added.

“He is strange, ne?!”, MatsuJun whispered at Okada, who looked at him shortly and nodded slightly.

“How do we come to the mausoleum?”, Koichi walked in and looked at Shige.

“That's indeed a problem, because we can't walk across the city at night.” Sakamoto rubbed his forehead

“Ano, maybe we can take the car?”, Shige answered and everyone looked at him.

“Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt your meeting, it was just a suggestion.” MatsuJun had to smile, because somehow this boy was really cute.

“No, the problem is we don't have a driving license. Koichi and MatsuJun lost it during a race on the highway, and I and Okada never had the chance to make the license”, Sakamoto looked at Shige when he answered.

“That's no problem, I have a license, so I can drive.”, Shige smiled.

A few minutes later they sat in the car and drove to the mausoleum. It took them half an hour to get there, and finally they just had to walk up the short way to the hill. Shige looked at the runes on the bodies of the others and got afraid, because he didn't know what he'd see in the mausoleum.

They walked in and Shige looked around at all the guys in this room. The vampires sat in the right corner and whispered with each other, the magicians stood in the middle of the room and Ohno walked up and down between them and on the left side laid five big wolves and raised their heads when they saw the humans walked in.

“I see, everyone is still here”, Sakamoto smiled and greeted the others.

“I know you, you are Sakamoto, your grand-grandfather was a great man, you must be Okada, you are definitely MatsuJun, your grand-grandfather was exactly like you are, and there is Koichi, I didn't know your grand-grandfather because he died in the first fight. And you? Who are you?”, Yoko stepped forward and looked at Shige.

“That's a new fellow, his name is Shige”, Sakamoto answered.

“A human? I mean a normal human?”, Subaru asked from behind.

“Yes, and no one is going to touch him, because he is one of us”, MatsuJun glanced at Kame, who smiled and he could see the thirst for blood in Kame's eyes.


Tackey, Shingo, Yoko and Sakamoto stepped in the middle of the room and started with the meeting.


Yoko pushed up his sleeve to show the others his sign on his arm. Tackey, Shingo and Sakamoto did the same and they raised their hands to show it to the others. Shingo had the sign of a bat on his arm, Yoko a wolf, Tackey a cross and Sakamoto a lighting hand.

“You all knew, that we were in a bond of species long time ago, and this bond broke after the first war against the black men, but now we have to fight together again, because otherwise it would be impossible for us to defeat them.”, Tackey's voice resounded in the room and the others were listening to him. “Everyone of us four has the sign of a certain species on his arm to show the bond we once had. I thought a lot of us all the last days, and we thought of a possibility to rebuild this bond. We met up some days before, and we made a decision. In two days we are going to meet up in our house, it's the biggest and we are save there.” he continued. Muttering resounded in the room and they could hear the others didn't want to accept the point of living together in one house.

“Two days from now, we will wait for you all in our house.”, Tackey said and stepped back.

The other heads nodded and guided their clans outside, the meeting was over, but the discussions about the plan were loud and everyone had his own opinion.

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