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Hide and seek – Chapter 6: Bits of broken glass in my heart

Hide and seek – Chapter 6: Bits of broken glass in my heart

Hide and seek – Chapter 6: Bits of broken glass in my heart
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya HERE: Akanishi Jin/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating:  R (just to be safe) 
Genre: romance, angst
, friendship
Warning: ANGST (not in this chapter, but I already know the end of the story….); The story is NOT based on real happenings of Kat-tun!!
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Jin and Kame are again a couple, and it starts to work out quiet well, till Kame disappears, and Jin tries to find him. A journey through the last years start. Jin has to remember about their past, about their break ups, about their beloved moments, because only in remembering those he would be able to find Kame. It's a run against time, because Jin doesn't know where Kame is, or what has happened to him.

Note: It's the penultimate chapter, and maybe I am going to post the last one also today or tomorrow. :D 

Jin sat on the bench in the park and opened the letter he got from Koki right before.

Dear Jin,

After you returned to Japan we had a hard time. We fought and loved each other, we didn’t speak to each other and we kissed each other, till the day, when we finally find each other again.

There where we got together is the last one – the last message.



Jin returned after six months in LA and everything changed. Kat-tun wasn’t Kat-tun anymore because fights and discussion were a daily part of the group. Everyone hurt the other one and Jin was always in the middle of the fights. He really wanted to have another part, but somehow he didn’t wonder about the situation. Kame ignored him, never talked such a single word to him and when he came in the morning, he greeted everyone except him.

Jin wasn’t interested in bigger fights, so he did it same and ignored the other one, and finally started to ignore the whole group. It was like a vicious circle and everything became worse on the evening of his birthday one year ago.

He made a big party in one of his favorite bars and invited all his friends to spend the evening with him. He booked the bar for his special evening and wanted to enjoy the night with all his beloved friends.

“Jin, I am glad to be here”, Uchi smiled and leaned against Ryo’s chest.

“Thanks for coming Uchi-kun”, Jin smiled back and twinkled at Ryo, who grinned from ear to ear.

Jin’s sight felt on Kame in the corner of the room. He didn’t know why he was here, but Jin invited the whole agency, so everyone could come.

“Jiiinn”, Pi ran up to him and hugged him enthusiastically.

“Hey, Pi, what’s up”, Jin smiled.

“Oh nothing, I just wanted to congratulate you.” Pi answered and walked up to Uchi and Ryo.

Jin walked across the room and chatted with various people before he saw Pi waving his hand to follow him. They stepped into the room next to the bar.

“Jin, can we talk”, Pi said in a low voice and looked at the other one.

“Sure, what’s up?”, Jin looked at Pi who stared on the floor and finally looked at him with sad eyes.

“I never get him, have you seen him? He is with Tegoshi here”, Pi nearly whispered and twisted the bottle in his hand.

Jin sighed and sat on the couch, which was in the middle of the room.

“Pi, maybe you should forget about him and searching for someone else.” Before Jin could do anything he felt Pi’s lips on his, kissing him forcefully. Jin pushed the other one away and stared at him: “What the hell are you doing Pi?”

“Jin, we are both alone, we can try it, or at least having some fun. I know you still love him, but are you going to try it again with Kame?”, Pi sat on the small table towards Jin and looked at him.

“No, I won’t, it wouldn’t work out. But I can’t do it Pi, it’s like betraying for me…” Jin answered and looked at Pi.

“I don’t understand it, but it’s your decision, Jin. I just thought some fun would be nice”, Pi said and wanted to stand up, when he felt Jin pushing him back on the couch.

“Just for fun?”, Jin wanted to know and looked at Pi who smiled at him and started to kiss him.

Jin replied the kiss and curled some of the other one’s hair between his fingers, his other hand stroked across the other one’s chest.

Pi bent over and opened Jin’s belt to put in his hand into it. Jin moaned shortly when he felt Pi’s hand on his cock, stroking from base to the tip. Jin grasped Pi’s hair and pushed him into a deep kiss. Their tongues were twisting and Jin moaned shortly when he felt Pi stroked him again.

“Jin?!” Jin was startled by the sudden noise and let Pi off to turn around. Kame stood in the door and looked at Pi’s hand in Jin’s pants.

“Kame? What are you doing here?”, Jin said and stood up, pushing Pi’s hand out.

“I just wanted to talk to you, but I think I go now, I am disturbing you here”, Kame said and turned around to leave the room.

“I am sorry Jin”, Pi said from behind.

“Ah, don’t say such a thing; it’s not your fault. And we are no couple anymore, so I can do whatever I want to do.” Jin said without looking at Pi.

Jin left the room and tried to make the best of this destroyed evening. He tried to find Kame, but he was gone. He didn’t know why he wanted to explain everything to him, because there was nothing to talk about, but he felt guilty.

Two days later they had the next rehearsal and Jin made his decision to leave the band on this day. He walked in the dressing room and nodded his head to great everyone, but no one looked at him. Everyone was caring about Kame, who pouted in the corner of the room and swore not to go on a stage with Jin anymore.

“Kame you’re childish, and that’s exactly why we aren’t together anymore.” Jin felt his heart beat faster and he had to take a deep breathe. It was enough now, everything spluttered out of him and he couldn’t hold back a single word:

“I hate your behavior, I hate your fucking jealousy, I hate your reactions when I met up with my friends, I hate your thoughts that I betrayed you, I hate your way of running after me, I hate when you controlled me, I hate you were fucking leeching on me, Kame I started to hate you, even though I love you. And don’t care about standing on stage with me; I will leave the group and doing my own thing from now on.”

Jin smashed the door and ran outside. Tears of anger ran down his cheeks and he tried to calm down before he got to speak with Johnny about his plans.

Two weeks later he wasn’t in Kat-tun anymore and started his own career.

And even though he was happy with his new life, something was missing, and he knew what it was, but he never admitted it, till the day in the disco where Kame and Uchi were flirting.

He couldn’t say why he made a second try right now, but maybe it was because Kame stopped running after him and let him live his own life, there he recognized that he needed him, and he wanted him.

Jin ran up to the bar where he and Kame started again.

The barkeeper gave him a piece of paper and smiled at him: “I wait till four weeks for you. He said you’d come some time…” Jin smiled and saw the short note:

Go back home Jin, I never left the room. I never left you.

“What the fuck?”, Jin whispered and ran back home. He opened the door and smashed his shoes against the wall. His heart beat fast when he walked into the sleeping room. On his pillow lied a letter with his name on it.

He started to read it, and tears came up in his eyes…


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