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New life, new dress

New life, new dress

New life, new dress
Pairing: OC/ Yaotome Hikaru
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance,

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Yuki is new in town, and she has to go in a new school....will she find friends there?! 

Requested by orenchiibi_ai 

Pairing (also OC): Yaotome Hikaru x OC (Mochizuki Yuki)
Rating: PG-13
Sentence/ Title/ Situation: Yaotome falls for the cutie chubby girl in his school.....



Yuki walked in the school for the first time. She moved here one week ago and knew no one in this town. She breathed in deeply before she opened the door to her new classroom. For a few seconds it was totally silent in the class and everyone looked at Yuki. She smiled shortly and looked from one to the other.

The teacher walked in right behind her and smiled brightly: “Mochizuki Yuki?”

“Yes, that’s me”, Yuki raised her hand and smiled at the other one. “Ah, come on and step forward.” he pushed her forward till they stood in front of all the students.

“Maybe you can introduce yourself a little bit?”, the teacher smiled brightly and looked into the class.

“Eh…I am Mochizuki Yuki…I just moved here…”, Yuki stuttered. She hated such things, and turned deep red when she felt all the eyes on her body. After a short silence the teacher smiled and ordered her to sit down in the last row.

The first hours passed and Yuki wished nothing more but going home, home to the old town, meeting with her friends, laughing with them and going out with them.

Yuki sighed and out her bento box during the break. There she heard her new classmates speaking about her.

“Do you see what she’s eating? Maybe she should take care about her weight…”

“She’s chubby…”

Luckily Yuki was never the girl who kept quiet about such bullying tries and glanced at the girl on the other side: “Do you have a problem? I am rather chubby than ugly as you are.” Her temper was incredible when she got excited and everyone was speechless. Some boys in her class laughed about her answer and the girl turned deep red and ran out of the class.

There she saw him for the first time. He looked at her and congratulated her for the great reply. She smiled and put some Sushi in her mouth. Even if there was this bullying try, she knew somehow that she’d like the class. 

“Hey, you forgot your biology book in the class”, Yuki heard a voice behind her and turned around. She saw him running up to her and finally reached her breathless. He gave her the book and smiled at her. “Ah, thanks Hikaru-kun? Right? That was your name, wasn’t it?”, Yuki grinned and looked at the boy. She knew him, of course, but she didn’t want to act like the other girls, who ran after him, only because he was an idol.

“Yes, Hikaru…ah, Yuki, right?”, he asked back and she nodded slightly. His smile let her brain melt away, because she never saw someone smiling like he did in this moment.

“Yes, Yuki…my name is Yuki.” She tried to smile and hoped that her cheeks weren’t deep red, because she felt a heat rising up in her, and something in her belly jumped up and down.

“Do you want to join us tomorrow? We are going to eat some ice cream.” He smiled and looked with sparkling eyes at her.

“Eh…yes, why not”, Yuki answered without thinking about it.

Later in the afternoon Yuki sat at home and thought of her clothes for the next day. She wanted to look good, but it was hard to choose something special for the next day.

“Hey, sis, what are you looking about? Oh my god, why is your room in such a mess? Why did you throw anything out of your closet?”, Yuki’s sister stood in the middle of her room and looked down to the clothes on the floor.

“I am going out with some schoolmates tomorrow and I don’t know what I shall wear. Everything is too small or tight and nothing looks really good.”, Yuki sighed and lied back on her bed.

Her older sister smiled brightly and sat next to her: “A boy? It is a boy, isn’t it?”.

“Eh?” Yuki opened her eyes and looked at the other one.

“Otherwise you wouldn’t dare about your clothes so much…” Yuki’s sister laughed and pushed her sister up.

“What do you want to do?”, Yuki wanted to protest, but her sister grasped her arm and walked out with her. “We are going to buy some new clothes for you.”, she smiled and they walked from one shop to the other to find something special for Yuki.

“Sugoiiiiii…”Yuki’s sister screamed, when she saw her sister in the blue dress walking out of the changing room.

“You don’t think I look strange?”, Yuki looked at herself in the mirror and turned around. She liked the dress, but it felt strange, because normally she wasn’t the girl who loved dresses.

“Strange, no my dear, you look gorgeous.”, her sister smiled and pulled on the dress till it fits perfectly.

They went home and Yuki couldn’t stop turning around and looked at the summer dress on her body. She smiled brightly and hugged her sister. “Thanks so much…I love it, really”.

On the next day she walked in the school and smiled from ear to ear. In the classroom everyone stared at her. Some girls started to whisper behind her, but she didn’t dare about it. She sat on her place and talked to the girls right in front of her.

“Hey, Yuki”, Hikaru walked up to her and leaned against her table. “Hey”, she answered shyly. “You come with us today?” he smiled and rubbed his cheeks a bit. “Sure, I said I would”, Yuki replied and looked into his beautiful eyes.

He walked back to his friends and Yuki looked at him till the girl in front of her started to talk to her: “Wow, Hikaru asked you to join them?”

“Yes, why?”, Yuki knitted her eyebrows and looked at the girl.

“He never asks someone to go out with them. They are always in their group, and no one join them, normally.” She answered and Yuki thought she saw some kind of jealousness in the other one’s eyes.

“I don’t know, he just asked me. I don’t know why?!” she answered and looked at the door when the teacher came in and started the lesson.

The school day didn’t want to pass and every minute seemed to become an hour, till finally the bell rang for the last time on this day.

“Hey, Yuki, in ten minutes we meet up downstairs, alright?”, Hikaru smiled at her and pointed on his watch. Yuki nodded and put her books in her bag before she went to the toilet to change her clothes. She put her school uniform in her bag and pushed at the dress till it fit her perfectly. She smiled at herself in the mirror and ran down to meet up with the others.

“Hey, Hikaru, where are the others?”, Yuki smiled at her classmate, who stood there and looked at her. “Sorry, the others have no time, it seems we are alone.” He grinned and looked at Yuki.

“Oh, we are alone, do you want to go on another day?”, Yuki asked and bit on her lips, because she really wanted to go out with the smart boy. “Oh no, we are already here, so let’s go and buy some ice cream, and then we can walk in the park if you want to?” his eyes sparkled a bit and he smiled brightly. “Ah, alright” Yuki stuttered and they started to walk down to the ice cream parlor.

“You dress is cute”, Hikaru said and looked at her. Yuki turned a bit red and looked down at herself: “Thanks, my sister bought it for me”.

“It fits you”, Hikaru smiled and put his hands in his pockets. “Thanks”, Yuki whispered and looked on the ground.

They bought their ice cream and walked up in the park. It was a sunny and warm day, so they could sit down on a bench.

After a short silence Hikaru looked at her and started to speak: “Your reaction yesterday was great.” Yuki knitted her eyebrows and first she didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Ah, you mean the thing with the food?”, she said and looked at him.

“Yes, I really liked your answer, and…” he answered and looked in the sky.

“And?”, she asked.

“You aren’t chubby. Not for me”, he said and closed his eyes. Yuki turned deep red and didn’t know what she should answer. “Thanks”, she said shyly and looked at her hands. She never heard this before from someone, especially not from a boy.

She looked up and saw him smiling at her. Before she could say or do anything she fell his lips on hers and replied the kiss.

“I will definitely love this town”, she said after while, her head on his shoulder, his hand stroked across here arm and held her tightly.

“I hope you will like it, and don’t think you get rid of me.” He smiled and kissed her again.


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