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About cakes and kisses

About cakes and kisses

About cakes and kisses
Pairing: Arioka Daiki/ OC
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance,

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  You are in a cookery course....together with Arioka Daiki...and your heart melt away.....

Requested by my dearzhelchimarquez 

Pairing: Arioka Daiki + Ishimaru Miharu (OC)
Rating: PG to PG-13
Title: Eating Cupcakes as a Hobby ♥


“How to make cupcakes – an introduction” You couldn’t believe it, there was really a course about making cupcakes. Your eyes started to sparkle and you write your name immediately on the registration. One week later the lesson started and you walked in the classroom. Two nice ladies ordered you to walk up to the table in the last row and working together with the guy who was sitting on the windowsill and looking outside.

“Hey, I am Ishimaru Muharu” you smiled and looked at him. Oh my, god, your breath stopped, it was Arioka Daiki. You never thought you would meet an idol in a cookery course.

“You look like you know who I am”, he smiled and jumped down from the window sill.

“Eh…yes…sorry, I know you, of course” you stuttered and your cheeks became red when your eyes met.

He laughed and you see the sweet little wrinkles around his mouth. His lips were deep red and they looked so kissable, you wished to feel them on yours. Right before you could think of something else, he started to speak again: “So you like cakes?”

You shook your head and he knitted his eyebrows, looking down on you: “No?”

“Ah, sorry, I was deep in thoughts, of course, I love cupcakes, they are soooo delicious” you stuttered and looked at the bag in your hands.

“Same with me, I could eat them all day long.” He smiled brightly and made you smile too.

“So, we are partner here?”, you calmed down a bit and your voice became stronger again. You started to lose the insecurity and you chatted during the lesson and had a lot of fun.

The next weeks he stayed your partner, and every single lesson made your heart jumped up and down. You enjoyed talking with him, laughing with him, and cooking with him.

After the last cookery course lesson you walked home sadly, it was the last day you had seen him. And you didn’t have any idea how to reach him, because you didn’t change phone numbers. So you had to recognize that you would see him only on stage, but not in private live anymore.

On the next morning you had to go out really early, because you had to go on a trip with your school. You walked out of the house and on the other side of the street you saw him standing there, a small cake in his hands.

“What are you doing here, and how did you find me?”, you smiled and ran up to him.

“You said, you live three houses after our favorite bakery. So I came here”, he gave you the cake and you sat down in the park next to your home. You ate the cake together and smiled, because your heart made some unbelievable jumps right now.

You wanted to stand up and leaving for school, when you feel him pushing you down again. You fell in his arms and the last thing you remember were his lips on yours.


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