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05 June 2015 @ 12:33 pm
Hello everyone,

how are you doing? Finally it's getting warm here. It's the first day today I spent outside wit ha good book and a lot of sunshine :D I have my free weekend, so I can relax at the moment. :D

I finished watching smoking gun last week. Have you seen it? I really liked it, though Shingo plays the same character he had in monsters, so I hope he does something different the next time. But I really enjoyed watching Kasuka na kanojo. It's also with him as main character and Anne plays the female part. She really is cool <3 I liked her in yokai ningem bem too. ^^

About fandom I think I am going crazy right now. Have you seen that j-web is open worldwide now? And the entries are in english and the video messages are with subs? Of course you have to pay for it, but not much and it's really funny to read. :D
Especially Aiba, Ryo-chan, Kame and Shingo are really hilarious. :))

Step by step I really start enjoying it here around again. I didn't want to write that much anymore, but I really had to join the arashi-exchange. And what did I see today?????

This here:


Actually I didn't want to write for more than one exchange, but seriously??? I think I have to join the Kanjani exchange. What do you think???? Oh and I saw that crossovers are allowed. Maybe it's time for me to write RyoKame again <3 I know I ask you if I shall join, but I think I already decided :D

For now I go back reading and enjoying the day outside.

Have a nice start into the weekend