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Shopaholic (One shot)


Pairing: OC/ Yasuda Shota
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: A boy with strange clothes? - No never, I like men in suits!

Requested by my dear [info]a_k_k_h_n  (I hope you like it. :)) 

Pairing (also OC): Yasuda Shota X OC
Rating: Pg-15
Sentence/ Title/ Situation: "I refuse yo go out with you whilst you are wearing such ridiculous clothes.."

"ehh.. is that?"
"is that yasuda shota?"

"I like his lcothes..."


I sat in a little bar with my best friend and talked about random things, especially about the boys in our lives.

“And?”, she asked me after a while, and first I didn’t have any idea what she was talking about. I looked at her and knitted my eyebrows.

“What?”, I said after a while of silence.

She smiled and bent over a bit before she started to whisper: “How’s your new boyfriend?”.

Oh no – I didn’t want to talk about, because he was an idiot, a big idiot. I sighed and looked at her: “We aren’t together anymore, I dumped him”. I could see her smile disappeared and hundreds of questions sparkled in her eyes.

“What happened, my dear? C’mon tell me…”

I sighed and rolled my eyes, before I started to speak: “He always wanted sex, and nothing more, and I didn’t want to go on like this, so I spoke with him about it. He didn’t change his opinion, so I dumped him”. I sat there, cool, relaxed and without any feeling in my voice. I knew my best friend, she was a really emotional girl, and she couldn’t do such things without big emotions and crying and everything. Normally I am a bit like she is, but this time I didn’t feel anything.

It was the worst situation with him, because I didn’t care about our relationship. I didn’t cry, scream, yelled or something else, so there was no feeling from my side, but I knew she didn’t understand it, because she always loved with her full heart.

Suddenly I saw her smiling brightly: “I have an idea, honey. You know the friend of my boyfriend? He is single…maybe you can date him….”

“OH NO – don’t tell me you are going to pair me off with this guy. I refuse to go out with him whilst he is wearing such ridiculous clothes…” I said loudly. I knew the friend of her boy, and he was so strange, I only saw him once from his backside and I knew he wasn’t my type of men. These strange pants and these hundred colors in his shirt – no thanks. I liked men in suits….

“But think of it, oh, there, look, they are coming!”, she smiled and pointed at two men on the street. She bent over again and whispered: “I knew that you dumped him – and I thought of inviting them.”

“Oh no…”, I sighed deeply and cursed my life at this moment. I hated such things…I wanted to chose my men by myself. I looked at the guys; they stood there and talked to each other. I could see my friend’s boyfriend laughing, and I only saw the other one from behind.

“You are kidding me? Look at the pants, and this shirt…oh c’mon…that’s….that’s…ehhhhh….is that??????” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the face of the man.

"Is that Yasuda Shota?" I screamed a bit too loud and some older women glanced at me. I apologized and looked at Yasuda again. I couldn’t believe it.

“I love his clothes…” I whispered. “Since when?”, my friend smiled and called her boyfriend’s name.

They walked up to us and I turned red…not that I could see my face, but I felt the heat in my face. My heart was dancing hula and my breath nearly stopped. I was sitting next to Yasuda Shota – Kanjani’s Yasuda Shota…

They talked some time, and I said – eh yes – nothing. I tried not to stare at Yassan the whole time, and that cost me all my power, so I wasn’t able to speak.

“I wanted to go shopping now”, Yassan said and looked at us. “Oh, I won’t go with you, your style is horrible…”, the boyfriend of my friend said, and she also denied.

“Oh, I go with you”, I said and I couldn’t believe my own words.

“But you hate – ouch”, I could see my friend smiling and her boy rubbed his shinbone, where she kicked him. He looked grumpy and said nothing.

“Fine – luckily one of you guys want to come with me”, Yassan smiled and looked at me.

My heart stopped – my limbs were like jelly – don’t faint, girl! - I said to myself.

My friend and her boy said goodbye and walked down the street. I stood there with Yassan and didn’t know what to do now…luckily he wasn’t a shy character and so we went to various shopping malls and shops there.

After a while I became normal again. The ice seemed to melt and I could start to talk again. We laughed and had a lot of fun on this afternoon. Yes, I still hated the clothes, but it was Yassan, Yassan…and he was really cute and so nice…

Pock – pock – pock – pock – pock – ….my heart jumped and twisted and I felt my hands became wet and the heat in my belly grew. Oh no, I was in love…

Yassan rushed from one shelf to the next and grabbed all clothes he could find. He hardly talked to me. I only heard some “Kawaiii”, “Ohhh”, “I need it”, “I try it”, “take a look”, so I sighed and tried to follow him as far as it was possible for me.

He rushed into the changing room and I heard him talking to himself. I leaned next to the room and waited for him, when I suddenly felt someone grabbed my arm and pushed me into the changing room. I stumbled and landed directly in Yassan’s arms.

“I just wanted to know what you think about this pant”, he smiled at me and I looked at a light green pant. That wasn’t the thing which turned my face deep red, but the fact, that he wore no shirt.

I stuttered a bit and could see him smiling. He turned his head and pushed the curtain, so that it was really closed. Before I could say or do anything I felt his lips on mine.

WOW – I couldn’t believe it, but I leaned into the kiss and felt his soft lips on mine. His hands lied on my back and stroked my neck. I embraced him and felt his regular breath and warm skin of his upper body.

“We should go home…”, he smiled and we hurried up to come home as soon as possible…



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