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The creatures of the night - "The humans" (5/??)

Creatures of the night - Chapter 5: The humans

Creatures of the night  – Chapter 5 “The humans”  
Pairing: none
Rating:  PG
Genre: AU, Romance, angst, friendship,
I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
last and youngest species are the humans....
A/N: This chapter is the last one of the introduction. It's the story about the humans. Enjoy!!! ^_^



Sakamoto grew up in a big house in the city. His parents had their own company and their businesses went great. He had the chance to go to a private school and some years he got educated at home, because he had a special talent: numbers and codes. Sakamoto was genius in maths and physics and not a single teacher could teach him something new.

He had everything in his life, but one thing was always missing: He never had friends, because there was a fact in his life, which turned him into an outsider. During nights he changed into a creature, not a dangerous or killing creature, but his body started to be hot like fire and on his skin appeared runes with various symbols on it. When he turned older he recognized, that this runes were points in his life. Some runes showed the bullying in school, others showed his loneliness and various showed situations with his younger sister, who died some years ago in a car accident. His biggest rune was on his chest, it was the face of sister, when she was 4 years old. Her death was his most terrible experience. Sakamoto was 40 years now, and he really wanted to live a normal life, but somehow this wasn't possible. All he managed to have a normal life would turn around in the next months, because the war was close before. He had to find a reason why he needed holiday from teaching on university, and decided to send himself an invitation to a research meeting somewhere in a little country in Europe, so no one would ask about the truth.


The visions during nights came some time ago, and he knew that the black men would appear soon, and so he started to make some research work. His grandgrandgrandfather was one of the warriors in the first war 200 years ago, and now it was his time to fight for his species.

He didn't know what the humans could do in this war, because they weren't immortal, nor did they have any special weapon, but as far as he could see, the humans had other abilities, and his own was maths and codes, so maybe they'd need this in the war.

Sakamoto sighed when he looked out of his window and packed his things for the “journey to Europe”. He decided to life with the other humans during the next time, because they didn't know what kind of creature would attack them. He went a small house somewhere outside the city and walked in: “Tadaima”, he screamed and four voices replied: “Okaeri”.




“And finally we have to plan the budged for the next months”, Koichi said during the meeting in his company. His father founded the company some years ago, and when he died Koichi decided to follow his father's way and he leaded the company since ten years now.

Insurance was never his main interest, but he was good in strategic and he had good connections to powerful and corrupt guys, so he knew how to survive on the market.

Koichi loved the technique since he was a child and he ever dreamed of working in electronic and technology research, but the future turned. Koichi managed his life quite well, even if he wasn't a human at all, because at nights he was a creature with a burning body and tattooed skin. On his right arm he had a rune of a flower and necklace with a cross on it. It remembered him about his mother, who died after a long illness. She was wearing the necklace every day and night, and when she wasn't able to walk anymore, Koichi brought her flowers every day.

He knew that his forefathers fought against an enemy, centuries ago, and he knew that he had to prepare for the same fight; his visions of the last nights showed him exactly what he had to do.

After searching for the other humans, they decided to life together, till the war would be over. Together they had more chances to defeat them, than one person alone. After the meeting he went home and met MatsuJun and Okada in the kitchen.


MatsuJun lived alone till he was 14 years old. His parents were both part of some underground organisations and they left him behind quite often. MatsuJun got used to this situation and he learned to survive on his own.

He met some guys who taught him card tricks and so he started to learn how to betray people. No one could manipulate people so easy like he did. Only at nights he hid himself in his house, because he turned from the good looking betrayer into a tattooed and burning hot creature. In the middle of his forehead was his most terrible memory. A child sat in an empty room and cried for his parents, it was his memory of his own childhood, where he was always alone at home and nobody cared about him.

A few years ago he found some old letters from his grandfather and there he got to know about the old history of his species. He knew about the war, and he knew, that it could be, that he had to fight. Some time ago he got a call from Koichi, who told him about the others of their species, and they decided to life together for their own sake.



Okada lived a normal life in the middle of the city. He was McDonald employee and he spent most time with his hobby, the weapons. He learned various fighting methods till he was a child, and no one could handle swords and guns better than he did. Okada had a small apartment in the worst part of the city, but he didn't care about, because he knew how to defend himself. Right after work he went home and trained with his swords or trained his body.

Since he lost his wife and child some years ago, he never had a girlfriend or many friends around him, except the other ones from his species. He never wanted to meet up with them, but somehow he couldn't resist against Sakamoto, who ordered him to appear on the group nights. Somehow he was glad about meeting up with some guys, because he felt lonely on many evenings, and it was quite hard to go out with co workers, because of the curse of his tattooed body.

His biggest tattoo reached from his neck to his shoulder and showed the picture of a girl sitting next to woman. Both were smiling and every night when Okada saw this picture he wanted to cry. His wife and his daughter meant everything to him, and he never thought of living without them, but some years ago they got killed during a robbery in a bank and within one minute Okada lost everything important. He got more and more into the situation of a lonely wolf, and he didn't care about friends or contacts.

Some time ago Koichi went up to him and asked him to stay with the other creatures in one house. First Okada didn't want to, but somehow he longed for some social contacts and finally agreed. He knew Koichi, MatsuJun and Sakamoto because of their families. In every generation was a boy, who had the burden to life as a creature, and the families built a strong bond till the last centuries.

Okada sat on the windowsill and looked outside, when heard Sakamoto walking in.



Shige was a normal boy; he studied language and economy and earned some money with the job as a Pizza boy. On the day he met the creatures, he went down the stairs of the university to find his book, which he lost in the room next to Sakamoto's office. He wasn't there to bring some Pizza, and he didn't know why he said, he is the Pizza boy, but maybe he was shocked about what he heard. Normally he wouldn't have been on university on this day, but the professor made an extra lesson, and Shige forgot his book after they left the room. And now he was in the middle of a bunch of creatures and he didn't know what he was doing here. Sakamoto took him to their house after they found Shige outside the room, and he ordered him to keep quiet about everything he heard. Shige was afraid of these men, and somehow he felt that he had no other chance than following them. Three days later he found himself living with the guys in one house and a new life started.



The humans weren't normal humans, because they had turned into creatures at night, but the difference between all the other creatures in this war was the fact, that they weren't immortal. So that was the reason why they got called humans.

Sakamoto stood in his living room and looked upstairs. “Enough place for everyone”, Sakamoto said to himself waiting for the others. Shige came down and was quite scared about meeting up with other creatures, but Sakamoto only smiled at him and whispered to himself: “It was destiny....my visions were right”.


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