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Hide and seek - Chapter 4: Call me yours

Hide and seek - Chapter 4: Call me yours

Hide and seek – Chapter 4: Call me yours
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: romance, angst

Warning: ANGST (not in this chapter, but I already know the end of the story….); The story is NOT based on real happenings of Kat-tun!!
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Jin and Kame are again a couple, and it starts to work out quiet well, till Kame disappears, and Jin tries to find him. A journey through the last years start. Jin has to remember about their past, about their break ups, about their beloved moments, because only in remembering those he would be able to find Kame. It's a run against time, because Jin doesn't know where Kame is, or what has happened to him.

Jin lied in the sand and thought of the day some years ago, like Kame wanted him to do. Their first kiss was some time ago, and they tried to hide their relationship as long as possible. Jin started to meet with Ryo and Yamapi and Kame went out with Nakamaru and Koki on weekends. They were on every picture and banner in the city, and everyone talked about Akame, so it was hard to hide the fact, that all the rumours were true.

Jin got more and more into a deep friendship with Ryo and they started to go out every weekend and talking about various things, even private secrets. He was the first one Jin told about the relationship with Kame and he was surprised about Ryo's answer: “I thought that it wasn't an advertisement joke, because I see how Kame looks at you when you walk in, and I see how he acts when you are next to him, and I already thought there is more than that. I really hope I can go in same direction with Uchi, like you and Kame”. Ryo sighed and looked at Jin.

“You and Uchi?”, Jin looked at the other one and knitted his eyebrows.

“Yes, we try to get along, but somehow it doesn't work out. There was only one short kiss after a rehearsal, but we don't get farer. Jin, do you still sleep with Kame?”, Ryo's question surprised Jin, because he never thought of Ryo being in love with Uchi and he never thought of a sex question. “Nope, and I think Kame wants to wait some time, because, eh, I don't know why...Do you think of sleeping with Uchi?”, Jin answered as cool as possible.

“Yes, many times, but I think he isn't ready for making this step, and I don't know if I am, but some time I really want to share this experience with him.”, Ryo smiled and stood up.

Jin walked home and thought of Ryo's question. He didn't know why he and Kame didn't sleep with each other till today, but maybe it was because no one of them had any experience. He walked into his room and sat on the chair next to the window when his mobile rang.

“Moshi moshi? Ah Kame, sure, mhm, yes, let’s meet up in an hour, that's great. No, you can come by, I am alone at home, my parents are on holiday and my brother is with a friend these days. Alright till later.”, Jin hung up and looked at his mobile. Suddenly he started being nervous about Kame coming by, because he realized that he was alone at home.

After an hour the doorbell rang and Jin let Kame walk in. They were really careful with their behaviour in public and so Kame waited till Jin closed the door, before he kissed him slightly on the lips. Jin's heart started to beat faster, because he wanted to talk with Kame about making the next step in their relationship. Kame walked in and jumped on the bed. He took the newspaper from the night stand and read some lines till Jin brought him something to drink.

“Thanks, how was your week, Jin? We didn't meet that often, ne?! How's Ryo doing?”, Kame took the glass and smiled.

“Fine, he is fine. No, I was in a hurry, and we had rehearsal break this week, so I didn't go to the agency that often.” Jin answered and sat next to Kame.

Kame smiled and looked at the other one: “Jin I wanted to talk to you about something, and I am really nervous about it” Jin knitted his eyebrows and stroked across Kame's head: “What do you want to tell me?”

“Jin, I don't know how far we are in our relationship, and I am a bit afraid of asking you, but when are we going to make the next step?”, Kame looked at his boyfriend and smiled slightly. Jin was surprised, because he didn’t think that Kame would ask him about this.

Jin curled some of Kame's hair stands between his fingers and came closer, till his lips lied on Kame's, who replied the kiss forcefully and put his arms around Jin's waist.

“Whenever you want”, Jin whispered in the other ones ear, while Kame kissed Jin's neck and stroked across his back. Kame lied back on the bed and pushed Jin with him, didn't stop kissing him. Jin put his hands under Kame's shirt and stroked across his chest, made him giggling and stopping the other one's hand.

“You know I am ticklish”, he yelled and stroked across the other one's face. Jin smiled and pushed off Kame's shirt, kissing his nose, his lips, licking across his neck and starting to kiss his upper body.

“You know, I am alone at home today, so we can...”, Jin looked up to the younger one. Kame smiled, pushed off Jin's shirt and started to stroke across the other one's upper body.

Kame robbed in the middle of the bed and lied down, followed by Jin, who lied half on Kame, kissing his lips enthusiastically and rubbed his crotch against the other one's.

“Have you ever?”, Kame asked between two kisses.

Jin stopped kissing Kame's neck and looked at him: “No, I haven't, and you?”

Kame denied but added: “But I really want to”.

Jin only smiled and started to kiss him again. Slowly he opened Kame's belt and put one hand into the younger one's pants. Kame shivered a little bit when Jin touched his cock with his fingertips. He pushed off the other one’s items and started to stroke the other one's arousal with his hand. The younger one bit on his lips, and searched for Jin's crotch and opened it skilfully. He stopped Jin for a moment and pushed off his pants. Jin smiled and started to stroke Kame again, while the younger one searched for Jin's cock to do it same. Both were moaning, and their tongues were searching for each other and playing and twisting together.

Jin stopped Kame and sat up to search for the lube in his night stand.

Kame lied there, looking at Jin and smiled: “You thought of everything, ne?!”

Jin smiled back and rubbed some lube between his fingers. “You are sure that you want it?!”, Jin said and looked in the other one’s eyes. He could see Kame bit on his lips and his fingers crawled into the sleeve. “I am nervous, but I really want you Jin”, he said and looked at Jin’s fingers, rubbing the lube. Jin smiled slightly and ran his hand above Kame’s thighs, making him shivering  bit.  He spread the younger one’s legs a little bit and pushed in slowly with one finger. Kame yelled, and closed his eyes.

Jin immediately stopped with his movement and looked into the other one's face: “Does it hurt too much? Shall I stop”

Kame just shook his head and asked Jin to go along. Jin started to move his finger, gently searching for Kame’s spot, and when he stopped yelling, he knew he had found it. Kame sat up and crawled his hands into Jin’s shoulders. Jin yelled shortly and stopped moving.

“Sorry…”, Kame aspirated, his eyes half closed.

“No, hold me if you want, it’s alright”, Jin answered and put Kame’s hand on his shoulder again.

He started to move his finger again and felt Kame’s head on is chest and his hands trying to find hold on his skin. After a few movements he could move his finger easily and so he pushed in another one.

“Ouch, Kamee…” Jin had to smile a little bit, even though it hurt. Kame bit him in his arm, and a small red mark appeared. “Sorry,” Kame kissed the mark and tried to relax again.

He was scissoring his fingers, making the other started yelling again, and finally pushed out when he felt that he could move easily in him.

He pushed out and sat up to take a condom out of the night stand. He looked at Kame lying there on the bed and smiling at him.

“I am ready…”, Kame whispered.

Jin nodded and turned the other one around, so Kame lied on his stomach.

He took a deep breath, because somehow he was afraid of his first time. He didn't want to hurt the other one and he had absolutely no experience, so he was unsure if it would work out. He bent over to the other one and rubbed the tip of his cock against Kame's entrance. Kame moaned silently and looked back at the other one. He seemed to notice that Jin was really unsure and some kind of afraid of hurting him. Jin smiled back and finally pushed in slowly. Kame yelled out loudly and Jin pushed out again.

“Everything alright?”, he asked the younger one, and his heart started to beat fast.

“Yes, Jin, it's alright” Kame smiled and asked him to go along. The pain was horrible and he could feel the tears coming up, but the pain wasn't only terrible, there was something sensational in it, even though he didn’t felt Jin completely in him till yet.

Jin made a second try and pushed in again, and started to move slowly, till he was totally in the other one. Kame yelled, but it was different than before. Jin angled a bit to find the other one’s spot again, but then it wasn't a yelling because of pain anymore, it was more like “yelling because of lust”. He moved frantically and held Kame's hips to control his movements, trying to reach Kame’s spot with every thrust. Kame grasped the sleeve and moaned Jin's name silently. He never thought that the feeling of Jin in him would be the most wonderful thing ever, and let him forget every pain.

His movements became faster and his hips hit against Kame's back. The tightness of the other one let him move faster and soon he forgot about being afraid, because he recognized that he didn’t hurt him.

“Jin…” he heard the other one whispering his name, and he finally understand what the other one wanted to tell him. He bent over and touched the other one’s length with his fingers. Kame touched Jin’s hand and guided him to take his arousal completely in his hand. Jin started to stroke the other one with quick and hard movements. Kame shivered and closed his eyes to enjoy the moment.

Jin felt a warm feeling coming up in him and he started to push in frantically and stroked the other one with hard movements.

Kame felt the hot feeling came to an explosion, when he finally came and his hips sank down a little bit. Jin held them to push in a few times, when the heat suddenly ended up in shivering and he came. He pushed out slowly and lied next to Kame, who snuggled up to the taller one and kissed his chin.

“It was better than I ever thought it could be.”, he smiled and looked at Jin.

“Yeah, it was the best thing ever” the taller one answered and stroked across Kame's shoulder.

“I am sorry for that…”, Kame pointed at a small bruise on Jin’s shoulder and kissed it carfully.  

“No problem, I think it will go away, and it doesn’t hurt”, Jin smiled and took Kame’s head between his hands to kiss him deeply.


Jin stood up and looked for a last time on the sea before he moved to his parents’ house.

He moved out when he was old enough, but his room was still his room, and he couldn't imagine that Kame was at his old home and gave his mother a package or something like that, but he had no other chance than go there and take a look.

His mother opened the door and was astonished to see his son visiting her.

“What are you doing here?”, she wanted to know.

“Was Kame here?”, Jin only asked.

“Why should he come here? No, of course not!”, she answered.

Jin walked up to his room and found a small piece of paper on his bed. It was a ticket, an air plane ticket to USA. On the backside was a short note:


“The day I returned I walked up to meet my best friend – he will give you a message from me”


“Your best friend at this time was....let me think....”, Jin remembered the week before he flow to the USA to study abroad, it was some years ago...


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