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8 times Sho sees Yoko (Drabble)

8 times Sho sees Yoko....

: 8 times Sho sees Yoko....
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/ Yokoyama You
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, friendship, fluff
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yoko is always embarrassed when he sees Sho...

Requested by sonia_san 

Pairing: Yoko/Sho drabbles
Rating: Up to youuu~
Sentence/ Title/ Situation: Eight times Sho caught Yoko while staring at his rapping and getting embarassed, and one time he didn't get embarassed again.



1st time

Yoko stood there, listening to Sho’s rapping. Sho could see him in the wink of his eye. Yoko stroked across his forehead and he could see him turning red, when he looked at him. Sho had to smile slightly.

2nd time

Sho sat in the bar with his other band members and rehearsed some new rapping parts for the new tour. On the table next to them sat Kanjani, and Sho could see Yoko staring in his direction, turning his red head, when he saw Sho looking at him.

3rd time

Sho stood in the canteen’s waiting line for the food. Aiba and Nino stood right next to him and Sho started to rap absent minded, when he saw Yoko passing them, his head deep red, when he saw them standing there.

4th time

Sho stood in the second row with Ohno, Nino and Aiba and listened to the new NewS concert. During Yamapi’s rapping parts Sho started to sing the song too, and looked at Yoko, who stood there and turned around bashfully when he saw Sho looking at him.

5th time

Sho, Jun and Aiba were on their way to the bakery. They had some time off and they wanted to buy some food during the rehearsals. “Sho, how was this song?”, Jun asked and looked at his member. Sho started to improve and rapped the first part of the song, when his sight fell on Yoko, who stepped out of the bakery. Yoko turned red, stuttered something and walked away.

6th time

Sho and the other Arashi members walked down the stairs and Sho put his hands in his pockets. His mobile rang and he sang with the music of his ringtone. He saw Yoko coming up, looking at them and turning red immediately.

7th time

Sho walked up to Aiba’s home party and stepped up to his band members to talk to them. The DJ started to play his favorite song and he sang with the voice on the CD. He saw Yoko in the corner of the room. Even though the room was dark he could see the other ones embarrassment.

8th time

Sho came to the dressing room. “Hey Sho-kun”, Yoko smiled at him. Sho couldn’t believe it, Yoko wasn’t embarrassed anymore. When he closed the door Sho looked at the others and asked: “What has happened to him?” “Well, he and Aiba finally managed it to get together, so he has no need to be shy anymore.”, Jun laughed and touched Aiba’s shoulder. 

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