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Just married (one shot)

Title: Just married
Pairing: Yabu Kota/ OC
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: Romance, het, smut
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yabu and Mirai married, but being married doesn't mean that they are allowed to do anything....

Requested by keisuke_chan182 

Pairing (also OC): Yabu Kota/OC(Mirai Keisuke)
Rating: NC-17 =PPPPPPPPP
Sentence/ Title/ Situation: i wanna try this, i just got the idea XD Yabu and Mirai have married, but Mirai is still in high school. and both of them are staying in Mirai's parents house to avoid them making up. But well they can't keep control. and everytime they wanna do it, they keep busted XP! this is a drabble right? or its up to you ;D i know im bad >D



It was Mirai’s biggest day in her life. She’d go to marry, but not marry anyone, no; she would marry Yabu Kota in a few hours. They met some months ago in a park next to their homes. She immediately fell for the young boy, and he seemed to be interested in her too.

They started to meet more often during the first weeks they got to know each other and finally came the afternoon of their first kiss…Yabu and Mirai sat on a bench in front of the lake and talked about various things, before Yabu asked her, if she ever had a boyfriend before. She was kind of shocked, because she didn’t know what to say about. Of course she was in love with someone, but she never was together with someone.

She shook her head and looked at the other one. Her cheeks became hot when she saw his eyes looking directly in hers. His hands started to curl some of her hair and he smiled brightly, before he bent over and gave her the first kiss she ever got. His lips felt soft and she could smell his scent when he kissed her neck. She couldn’t remember how long they sat there, only kissing and holding each other’s hand.

They dated since then, and Mirai enjoyed every minute with him, till the day she saw him walking up, his smiling face was gone. “I have to talk to you”, he said and sat down next to her. She feared of his words, because she could see in his face that this wasn’t a funny, lovely talk right now.

“I have to leave you”, Yabu said stoic. She couldn’t believe what he said. “My parents want me to marry…” Mirai started to smile and interrupted: “And you think I won’t do this?” He shook his head and looked on the ground. “I can’t ask you for doing that.”, he added. She hugged him and swore to stay on his side forever.

And now the day was nearly gone and they were married. Mirai couldn’t believe her luck. In the evening they came home and sat down in their new living room. It wasn’t perfect, because they had to stay at her parent’s house, but they were happy, as long as they could stay with each other.

They lied in the bed and kissing each other, when her mother stepped in: “Don’t think you can do what you want here, Mirai! You are still a high school kid, so don’t think of dirty things here!”

They heard this sentence during the next days and it was impossible to do more than kissing each other. Mirai and Yabu were upset, because they never found some minutes for them alone.

One week later Mirai came home from school and wanted to walk up to their apartment, when she felt someone pulling her down to the cellar rooms. Yabu kissed her forcefully and pushed her in the rooms. He kissed her slightly and smiled brightly. “We have some time till your mum will come, and here will nobody find us.” Mirai looked around and saw a mattress in the corner of the room and some candles burnt around them. It wasn’t the most romantic thing she could imagine, but it was alright.

Yabu put her up and carried her to the mattress to lie her down slowly. She could feel his breath when he started to kiss her. She replied his kisses and giggled, when he took off her shirt with thousands of kisses.

He knelt in front of her and took off his shirt. She looked at his upper body and stroked across his chest. She couldn’t believe that this body was her husband’s.

She could feel his body lying on hers again and he kissed her deeply, stroking with his hands across her body.

He opened her pants and put off the rest of her and his own clothes before he started to kiss her again.

“Are you afraid?”, he asked her softly. She only shook her head and waited for his next step. He bent over and kissed her deeply before he pushed in slowly.

She moaned silently and felt him moving in her. It was a warm and sparkling feeling, which crossed her body when he found her spot.

He breathed deeply and kissed her neck, felt her body shivering under his movements and started to move faster.

The heat spread in her and she could feel the climax coming. She yelled out his name for a last time and sank down a little bit. She could hear him moaning and felt him pushing in for some times before he rolled next to her.

“I love you”, he whispered into her ear.

“Aishiteru”, she answered him.


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