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Close to me


Close to me

Close to me
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: Smut, Romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Jin comes home after his US tour and Pi still waits for him.
A/N: The song "Close to me" is the base for the story. I tried to embed the lyrics in the text.

Requested by my dear fairy_of_lust 

Pairing (also OC): Pin (Pi point of view if possible)
Rating: PG-13, NC17 (<----please, THIS!)
Sentence/ Title/ Situation: from this song's lyrics ---->
I'd like a drabble about growing, irrepressible (sexual) desire. Not fulfilled (it's a drabble, so only fantasies are perfect xD), if you can... NOTE: It is fullfilled and I made a one shot, I hope that doesn't matter....


I've waited hours for this, Pi stood in his kitchen and prepared some strawberries and cream for the upcoming evening. It was his first date with Jin after a long time. Jin spent most time in the USA and their last date was weeks ago. “I've made myself so sick because I thought of him every day.” Pi smiled a bit and shook his head. He couldn’t stop thinking of Jin and his well formed body, his hot kisses everywhere and his fingertips on his skin. 

I wish I’d stayed asleep today, Pi was deep in his thoughts while he knit the strawberries. He dreamed about the sex with Jin he had the last time and he immediately wished to be in this dream again, but he realized that this won’t be a dream tonight, because he was really back again. Pi remembered the day Jin left Japan to fly to USA because his tour started. I never thought this day would end, he missed him from the first second.

He remembered the night they had sex for the first time. It seemed to be nothing more than a one night stand between friends. But when Pi woke up in the morning, he realized that there was more for him, and he wanted to cry, because he thought Jin would see it as a kind of accident. But Jin woke up and the first thing he said was: “I never thought tonight could ever be this close to me”.

And with this their relationship started. Pi never thought that Jin would leave to the USA some day, but he had no other chance to accept it, even though Jin really wanted to keep their bond alive.

Pi heard the door and a warm and exciting feeling rose up in him. He ran to the outside and hugged the other one tightly. Jin stumbled a bit and his bag smashed on the floor. “Ah, Pi, don’t be that wild”. Jin smiled and they walked up to the living room.

Pi looked at Jin and he wanted him – he wanted him now. Jin seemed to see the desire in the other one’s eyes and started to grin.

“Say it Pi…”, he only said and looked at the astonished boy in front of him and started to laugh. Pi looked at the floor and pouted.

Jin stood up and took the other one’s hand, pushing him into the sleeping room. The moon lightened the way to the bed. When Pi wanted to turn the light on, Jin whispered into his ear:  “Just try to see in the dark. Just try to make it work in this way”.  Jin kissed his boyfriend forcefully and felt the other one’s hands developing his upper body. Pi put his hands under the other one’s shirt and felt his muscles. “You are much more trained now, Jin…”, Pi smiled and stumbled a little bit, when Jin pushed him on the bed.

Neither Jin nor Pi wanted to wait, and undressed themselves quickly to sink into deep kisses again. “Jin I felt the fear before you were here, because I didn’t know how it would work out if we meet again after weeks.”, Pi said between two kisses.

I make the shapes come much too close and I pull my eyes out in my dreams, Jin. I thought you are going to dump me”, Pi said and shivered when he felt Jin’s hand stroking across his upper body. He giggled a bit and felt the other one’s cold finger circling on his belly.

I hold my breath, Jin. That tickles, stop it please… and you wait until I shake...”, Pi laughed and stroked across the other ones arms.

Pi could feel Jin’s hand wandering above his body and finally touched his length. Pi moaned and bit on his lips when he felt Jin’s hand tugging his arousal. Jin smiled and started to kiss his boyfriend everywhere.

Pi felt the breath of his boyfriend on his skin and shivered with every kiss he got.

Jin stopped his movement and looked into Pi’s eyes: “Do you want today?” Jin grinned while Pi was astonished about his offer.

I don’t know if I have your faith but then I could make it safe and clean.” Pi answered and looked at Jin, who knitted his eyebrows and didn’t understand a word.

“Sorry, I heard a song in the radio, and the words are spinning in my head….” He excused and sat on Jin’s lap, stroking across his face.

He searched in the night stand for the lube and the condom and smiled brightly when he found it.

“Now I am sure, your head on the door wasn’t a dream” he put some lube on his fingers and warmed it with his fingers.

Jin lied on the bed and waited till Pi bent over to kiss him softly, while he stroke across the other one’s thighs slightly. Slowly he pushed one finger in and waited. He could hear Jin breathing deeply, but there was a big lust in his eyes. Pi started to move his finger and tried to find Jin’s spot. After some tries he was sure he found it.  But if I had your face then I could make it safe and clean, because now I know I found it”, Pi laughed, this song still in his mind and started to move his finger faster, rubbing the other one’s spot with every movement, while he took a second and third finger to prepare the other one.

After a while he could move his fingers without a problem and pushed out again. Jin moaned loudly and looked at Pi, who sat up and put the condom on. Right when he wanted to lie on Jin he saw him sitting up and taking Pi’s cock. With one movement he sat on Pi’s lap, his length glided into Jin slowly.

Jin tried to ignore the pain he felt in this moment and started to move slowly, circling his hips on Pi’s lap. Pi kissed the other one’s chest and bit softly into his collarbone, holding Jin’s hips to help him moving. They moved in rhythm and moaned loudly, while Jin stroked across the other one’s back, draw small lines with his fingers during he moved slowly and felt Pi’s length pushing in completely and rubbing his spot.

Pi started to stroke Jin’s arousal while the other one moved in his lap. He moved his hand faster when he felt Jin’s hips speeded up and he heard him yelling his name.

A hot feeling spread in Pi’s body and he fastened his movements for a last time before he came with a loud moan and sank back to the bed. He heard Jin yelling for a last time and saw him rolling next to him.

 “Tadaima”, Jin smiled and looked at the other one.

“Okaeri”, Pi said and kissed the other one forcefully.

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