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Water drops on my body (one shot)

Water drops on my body

Water drops on my body
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya aka Akame
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: Smut, PWP
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Jin and Kame met up in the dressing room....

Requested by my dear shini007  - I hope you like it. :D 

Pairing (also OC): Akame
Sentence/ Title/ Situation: "let's find your eggs together" Jin said with a naughty look in his eyes  - since it's eastern soon ^^

Their rehearsals were nearly over, and Jin looked at Kame during the last songs. Their relationship was over, but somehow Kame was always attractive in his eyes. He stared at the younger one, saw every drop od sweat in his face and wanted nothing but touch his soft skin.

“Jinnnn….”, Nakamaru screamed right next to him. “Oh, good, you are awake…it’s your turn.”, he smiled and touched Jin’s shoulder. Jin shook his head and made his dance steps, while he tried to forget about touching Kame’s body.

After the rehearsal Jin couldn’t resist anymore, he walked back to the dressing room – he knew that Kame was mostly the last one, and he hoped it would be like this on this day too. He heard a silent noise and opened the door to walk in . Kame was standing there, only a short towel around his hips, which was a way too small in Jin’s eyes. Kame had his IPod on the highest level and sang with the music, not hearing anything around him. Jin smiled and leaned against the door. Kame turned around and yelled shortly when he saw the older one standing in the entrance.

“Shit, Jin, do you want to kill me…”, Kame breathed in deeply and felt his heart beat fast. “What are you doing here? Everyone has still gone.”, he added and knitted his eyebrows.

“Oh, I hoped that everyone has gone. You know that next week is eastern, ne?!”, Jin grinned brightly and looked at the towel on Kame’s body.

“Yes, I know, and what else?”, Kame wanted to know. He started to feel a little bit insecure because of Jin’s sights on his body. Jin smiled, closed the door and stepped a little bit closer to Kame, so that he could whisper into his ear: “let's find your eggs together”.

Kame didn’t know what he should say about it, and turned red. “Jin, we aren’t dating anymore.”

“Since when do we need to date for having some fun”, he answered and pushed Kame to the showers in the backside of the room.

Kame wanted to fight against Jin’s rough way, but he wanted him too. He thought about Jin’s body during the whole rehearsal, and he never thought he’d get him again.

Jin pressed the other one against the wall and kissed his neck till a little red mark appeared. He smiled and stroked across Kame’s chest, let his hand rest on the short towel and pushed it away. He started to stroke with his knee across Kame’s thighs and looked deeply in the other one’s eyes.

Kame smiled and pushed Jin closer to kiss him again. He nibbled softly on the taller one’s lips and put his hand under his shirt.

“It’s not fair that you are still dressed while I don’t even have my towel”, Kame whispered into Jin’s ear and smiled while he took the other one’s shirt off.

He nibbled at the taller one’s collarbone and stroked across his upper body. Jin giggled silently under Kame’s touches and felt his cold finger on his belly, circling his fingers on his skin.

He opened his belt and took off his pants and boxers, kissing Kame’s chest and licking across his upper body. Kame tousled through Jin’s hair and pressed him softly down on his knees, while he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, awaiting Jin’s touches.

The older one smiled and knew what Kame wanted him to do. He stroked across the inner side of the younger one’s thighs and kissed him; felt him shivering a little bit. He reached the other one’s length stroked softly across the tip and made Kame moaning loudly.

Kame tried to find something to hold and grasped the button of the shower. Cold water dropped down on them and both yelled shortly, before they jumped to the side.

Both laughed and waited till the water became warm, and stepped back under the shower.

“Where did I stop?”, Jin smiled and knelt down again, while Kame leaned back and felt the water drops on his upper body, some water ran across his lips and he tried to breathe in deeply when he felt Jin’s tongue gliding along his arousal. The younger one moaned and grasped Jin’s wet hair. Jin started to suck and the other one’s cock, his tongue ran above the tip before he put it deeper in his mouth. Kame yelled and pressed his back against the wall, breathing deeply. He could feel the heat in his body rising, till he finally came. Jin stood up and his hand rested on the smaller one’s cock and started to tug it, made him become hard again.

Jin stopped and searched for his pants, which were lying somewhere in the water. Kame smiled at him and said with a husky voice: “You thought of everything?” The other smiled and searched in the pockets for the lube and the condom – of course he thought of everything.

The water was still dropping down on them, but it doesn’t matter in this moment, both didn’t even really recognize the water on their bodies. Jin opened the bottle and rubbed some lube between his fingers before he stepped closer to the other one. Kame smiled, and before Jin could do anything Kame pressed him against the wall, the bottle with the lube in his hand, and finally some lube on his fingers.

“You always get what you want…”, Jin only smiled and let the other one do what he wanted to, it didn’t matter if he was bottom or top, at least he got him now.

Kame kissed the other one forcefully and ran his hand slowly across Jin’s thighs and finally pushed one finger in. The older one closed his eyes and breathed out slowly. He felt a stinging pain and his body clenched a bit, his hands grasped for hold and he pressed his nails into Kame’s back.

“Relax”, Kame whispered without moving for some seconds. He kissed the taller one’s neck and stroked across his shoulder, chest and face. Jin breathed again and became calmer.

Kame started to move his finger, searching for Jin’s spot. He looked closely into the other one’s face and knew that he found the spot, when he saw Jin’s face turned from pain to lust. He grinned and pushed in a second and finally a third finger, preparing him for the intrusion. He was scissoring his fingers, rubbing the spot, while he bit in the other one’s collarbone. When he felt, that he could move his fingers easily he pushed out and order the other one to turn around. He stepped between Jin’s legs and spread them, before he raised the other one’s hips a little bit.

The taller one laid his head against the wet wall and felt his heart beat faster during he waited for the next movement. He could feel Kame was stroking across his back, kissing his shoulder blades and nibbling on his earlobe.

Another stinging pain crossed his body, when he felt Kame entering him. He yelled shortly and tried to claw into the wall. Kame pushed in for a second time and rubbed his spot, so Jin relaxed, and the pain mixed up with sensation.

The smaller one held Jin’s hips and started to move faster when he felt the other one relaxed. For some time there was only flesh hitting flesh, combined with loud moaning.

Jin bit his lips and felt the heat in his body. He started to tug his cock as far as he could between Kame’s thrusts. Kame kissed his back and put his hand on Jin’s to pull it away. The taller one whined when he felt Kame tugging his length.

The smaller one’s thrusts became harder and his hand moved faster. Jin felt Kame’s fast and irregular breathe in his neck. He felt a hot fire started to burn in him till he came with a loud moan. He sank down on the wall, while Kame held his hips high to push in for some times till he moaned and came too.

They sat on the ground, the shower was still on, and water ran across their bodies. “Don’t think you get me always in this way”, Jin smiled and stood up to dry his body.

“Jin”, Kame sat on the floor and looked at the backside of the other one. Jin stopped but didn’t turn around. “Can we do this more often?”

“Next time is my turn, Kamenashi”, Jin only said before he left the room.

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