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The creatures of the night - "The werewolves" (4/??)

The creatures of the night - Chapter 4 "The werewolves" 

Creatures of the night  – Chapter 4 “The werewolves”  
Pairing: slight Aiba Masaki/ Akanishi Jin
Rating:  R (just to be safe - because of some violence)
Genre: AU, Romance, angst, friendship,
I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
story of the werewolves started hundreds of years ago....
A/N: This chapter is only about the history of the werewolves. There will be a chapter for every single species. ^_^


“Do you smell it?”, Shingo asked his co-worker.

“Smell? What? No, there is nothing”, the man smiled and walked away to clean the instruments. Shingo stood in the middle of the room and took a deep breathe. “There is something....I know it”, he walked around and finally opened the door. He stepped out and ran down the hall, when he suddenly saw the reason for the smell. On the corner of the room lied a dead mouse, and as far as he could say, the body was there for days. He held his hand on his nose and stopped breathing. The smell was terrible and he walked outside in the garden, but there it became worse. He felt like he could smell every scent in the air and everything started to mix up. Shingo ran back into the house and took all his things before he hurried back home. 

First he thought he became sick, because he felt cold and warm and his skin became cold as ice, and sometimes his ears started ringing and often he heard things louder as usually. But now he knew what was going on. His grandmother warned him years ago, and he remembered every warning word:

“Shingo, the day of your transformation will come, but no one knows when and where. You know the history of our folk. Every second generation is born to be a fighter, and you are the second generation. You know your grandfather was the head of the last group, who defeated the black men hundred years ago, and you also know that the day will come when we have to fight against them again. After the fight your grandfather moved into the mountains with the others, and I stayed here to raise you, but Shingo, when the wolf in you will come out, I will follow your grandfather, because I am really tired, and I am longing for sleep. The only way to find this silence is in the mountains. Wolves and their partners aren't able to sleep till they go their way to the mountain. Yes, we are immortal, but at this place we can find freedom and some kind of rest. We are forever as old as we were during the transformation.  So I will be 35 years as long as I decide to follow your grandfather in the mountains, there the normal circle of life returns, and I can live my life till I die, like a normal human. I don't know what will happen in the next centuries, but I know that you won't be the only wolf in this town. Your grandfather told me last time, when I visited him on the mountain. He spoke about four other guys, who would be transformed in the next years. You have to stay in a pack with them and you absolutely have to work together, even though there will come hard times.”, she looked at her grandson and stroked across his cheek, while she smiled. Shingo looked on her right hand and saw the red scar on her palm. She smiled and continued:

“One day you may find your love Shingo, and please think of the one chance to tie someone down to you, because you only get the chance once in your life. Every werewolf gets a claw in his right paw, and with this one you are able to turn only one single person into immortality, but you have to remember, that this person will be on your side forever. If you are sure, that you find the person, put the claw into the skin of the other one, that's the only thing you have to do. Maybe there will come hard days after her transformation, but everything will be alright. You won't notice any change in her outlook or behaviour, but she will be immortal, and she will be at your side forever, because she'll never stop loving you after she carries your claw under her skin. It sounds like a curse for her, but I never regret the decision to be immortal, because I really love your grandfather. And we had a great life, even if we had only the nights to stay together, like normal people do. On days you are a wolf, and there is no chance to transform into a human being, but at nights you can choose your form, human or dog.”, she smiled and stood up, while Shingo sat there and thought of his own future.


Shingo ran home and rushed into the kitchen. His grandmother was still waiting for him. She smiled and without looking at him she said: “I could here the wolves in the mountains, the day of your transformation starts now.” Shingo was afraid of the next hours, because he heard of the pain which appears during the first transformation.

At night the curse started. He got high fever and he thought he had to die. His whole body burnt and he could feel blood running down his fingers, when small crawls pushed out of his skin. His bones were breaking and reformed again, and during the early morning hours Shingo was completely transformed into a wolf. Slowly he stood up and tried to run some meters. It was a strange feeling when he walked out for the first time, but his grandmother was always at his side: “Shingo, you can talk to me, I understand what you say. Everyone can understand what werewolves are speaking, but you can use a special code with others, but I don't know how it works out, you have to learn this on your own, when you find the other wolves.”

She bent over to him and stroked his big wolf head:  “Shingo, it's time to go. I really long for the mountains, and you are a grown up now, so I think I can leave you alone.”

“You can't leave me alone, I really need you granny.”, Shingo's voice sounded strange in his own ears, it was like barking. She didn't say a word, but walking down the long road, which leaded to the top of the mountain right next to the town. Shingo lied down and watched her, till he couldn't see her anymore. Some tears ran across his cheeks, when his grandmother went away 300 years ago.




Jin loved evenings in the town's bar and he loved to speak with the young girls from the other side of the town. Jin turned 26 on this evening and his friends planned a special night for him in his favourite bar. He didn't know how long it would take, till he’d follow his grandfather's way and became a werewolf too. He waited every day for some kind sign or a feeling that the transformation would finally start.

They sat around a big table and laughed and drank some wine, when Jin felt the alcohol rushing through his veins. When everything started to spin around, he shook his head and closed his eyes.

“I think I need some fresh air, that was too much wine for me”, Jin smiled and stood up. He grasped the chair behind him and saw some dark, black hair on his arms.

“Eh, I think I am leaving now.”, Jin said without looking at the others, because he immediately realized about his situation. They tried to push him back on the chair, because they didn't want him to leave the bar that early. But Jin rushed away, before they had the chance to hold him back. He could hear some of his friends behind him, and hid behind some garbage cans. He saw them passing the cans and running down the street.

Jin wanted to leave the place, when he felt a terrible pain in his stomach and collapsed. He woke up a short time later and saw a man standing next to him. “Take a deep breath and try calm down”, Shingo smiled slightly and touched Jin's shoulder. “Shingo, you found me?”, Jin breathed in deeply. “Yes, your grandmother told me where you are, they still had the feeling that your transformation would come sooner or later. And I thought maybe you need someone, who knows about the painful feelings in this hours.”, Shingo answered and looked around. “

It's too late to go home right now, I think we have to stay here.”, he took Jin's hand and looked at a small bleeding point on Jin's fingertip. “They still breaking out, so the transformation started”, Shingo sat next to Jin and waited. “Do you have any kind of questions, or did your grandmother tell you anything about the wolf-human thing?”, Shingo added.

Jin closed his eyes and tried to forget the pain, before he answered: “I have a question, what about girls and sex? Will I be able to have sex after the transformation?” Shingo stared at him and started to laugh loudly: “You are in pain, every bone hurts you, and you are asking for sex and girls? I can promise you, the sex after transformation is a hundred times better than before”. Jin tried to smile a bit and leaned against the wall.

After a few minutes he screamed loudly, when he heard the first bone in his leg broke. Shingo transformed himself into a wolf and laid his head in Jin's lap. Jin felt the warm head and the pain slowed down for a short while, till he heard the breaking noise and felt the pain again. Shingo started to lick his tongue across Jin's face and tried to calm him down. After five hours two wolves lied in the corner of the street, and Shingo waited till Jin was able to stand up and they moved together to Shingo's house. After Jin's grandmother left the town to the mountain, Jin started to life with Shingo. It was 280 years ago.



Hina lived with his parents in the middle of the town. It wasn't an easy life for them, because his father was a werewolf. During days the wolf stayed inside the house and tried to hide himself, and at nights he went to work to earn some money for his family. Hina knew about his father's curse and he was really thankful, that he hadn't this destiny. After a few years in this town, Hina's father got to know about a folk on the other side of the lake, three days away from his town. He heard about a man, who lived as wolf, and he wanted to visit this man. He took his son with him, and they reached the house early in the evening.

Hina and his father stepped to the door and knocked. A man opened after a while and looked confused, till he screamed: “Shingo, it must be for you, strange guys are here.” Jin let them in and turned around. Shingo came downstairs and looked at them. He started to smile and guided them into the living room.

“Ah, you must be Hina, ne?!”, Shingo said.

“The others looked irritated at him, and Hina answered: “Yes, but how do you know about my name?”

“Oh, you are the next doggy in this house, I'd say. I prepared your room. It's next to Jin's, and maybe you have to put on the music a bit louder, because there are very often girls in his room at nights, so it's a bit noisy....but all in all he is really okay as wolf-brother.”, Shingo had a bright smile on his face and shook his head.

“No, no, I am no wolf, my father is the wolf.”, Hina pointed at his father, who's skin turned white. “Don't tell me, he is cursed as I am?”, the father said.  Shingo stroked across his own cheek and muttered: “That's interesting....the vision told me, you are coming, and it told me, that the next guy will be Hina, but your father is a werewolf, so maybe I made a mistake, because there are werewolves after two generations, ne?! How long have you been a werewolf till now?”

Hina father looked at him and answered after a while: “I am 45 now, and I am a werewolf till I am born.” Shingo stood up and left the room without comment. A few minutes later he came back with a book in his hands: “I made a short research. It seems you are a special species of werewolves, you are born as werewolves, and you do not transform into a wolf after a few years as human. And as far as I can say, you have a normal duration of life, and not an immortal being, like we have. But it seems the destiny sent Hina to my house. Maybe it's a sign, or maybe it's just coincidence, but I really want you to stay here for some days, just for your sake.”, he looked into the book and gave it to Hina and his father.

They read the article and Hina's father shook his head slowly: “No, please do not give him this curse.” He looked to his son and ordered him to stay a few days in Shingo's house, while he wanted to search for the wolves in the mountains, because he felt the wish for rest and freedom, even if he were only 45 years old.

Two days later nothing had happened. Hina was the same as before and Shingo believed there must have been a mistake in his vision. In the evening they waited for Hina's father to come back. Shingo opened the door and looked at Hina walking down to the street and waiting for his father, when he suddenly fell down. Shingo rushed over and looked at Hina, who had faint. He called for Jin and both carried the man into the house, and laid him into his bed.

“I thought that I was right, the vision is never wrong, poor boy”, Shingo sighted. Jin just nodded and stepped outside the room. He wasn't that interested in this painful and terrible experience coming up for Hina. Shingo sat next to the bed and saw the sweat on the other one's face. After ten hours everything was over, Hina lied in the bed, a big brown, golden wolf, and breathed slowly.

“He didn't come back, ne?!”, he muttered. Shingo jumped up on the bed and lied next to him.

“No, I think he stayed with the others on the mountain.”, Shingo answered and lied his wolf head in Hina's neck, and both fell asleep.

Hina came to Shingo 250 years ago, and he never thought of leaving his new family, especially after he heard of the death of his mother, in the same year he turned into a wolf, 250 years ago.



Shingo, Jin and Hina walked out to the restaurant in a winter night 230 years ago. Normally they ate at home, and rarely went out for dinner, but Shingo had the strange feeling of another dog in his house. His visions were clear, and he tried to remember the face of the newcomer. They sat around the table in the middle of the restaurant and looked around.

Shingo stared at a tall man in the corner of the room and muttered: “That's the man, I recognize his face, it was the same in my vision, that has to be Nagase. But we have a problem. I really don't know how to tell him about his destiny of being a werewolf, because he never heard of us. He is the first one in his family.”

The others nodded and thought of a plan. After a while Jin stood up and walked over to the man. “Hey, Nagase-kun!!” He smiled at the tall man, who stared at him, thinking who he was.

“Who are you?”, he asked Jin with his deep voice.

“No, no, no....don't tell me you don't remember me? Have you forgotten about our night, a few months ago?”, Jin muttered at him.

“What? That can't be....”, Nagase answered and looked around if someone heard about their talk. He pushed Jin outside of the restaurant and pressed him against the wall, but before he could do anything, Jin turned into the black wolf. Nagase stumbled backwards and leaned against the garbage can.

The others stepped out and Shingo ordered Jin to transform back into a human. Jin stood up and walked up to the others, while Shingo stepped forward to Nagase. He touched his shoulder and leaned next to him: “Do you know what he turned into?”, he asked Nagase, who only shook his head. “Maybe we can make a short a walk together?”, Shingo added, and Nagase was to afraid of these guys and agreed.

They walked up to the park and sat on a bench next to the small lake. Hina and Jin walked behind the others and finally transformed into wolves again, and lied down next to Shingo and Nagase. “What the hell are you?”, Nagase said and looked at the dogs. Shingo smiled and looked on the lake: “Somehow you can say we are cursed, because we have no other chance, than living as a wolf. On days we are wolves, and at nights we can transform into humans, if we want to. But you'll learn to life with this situation, we do it hundreds of years now.”

“Just a moment, what do you mean with “you'll learn it”? Do you want to turn me into a werewolf? Are you going to bite me or something like that?”, Nagase's voice cracked and he started to tremble. Shingo laughed and looked at him: “No, we are no vampires, we don't bite anyone, and we don't transform anyone. It's a matter of Genes, and you are still a wolf, but it didn't come out till today.” Nagase didn't believe a word, when he suddenly felt a warm feeling in his stomach, and instinctively he stroked across his belly.

“It started”, Shingo said to Jin and Hina. The wolves stood up and nodded with their big heads. Shingo packed Nagase's arm and pushed him across the park, he knew they had to hurry, because time was rare. They reached the backside of their house when Nagase's pain started. He sat in the grass and breathed in deeply. He didn't know what was going on, but he had no other chance than trust these strange guys. Shingo and Hina carried him in the house and brought him into an empty room.

Nagase screamed and the sweat on his forehead ran down his face, while he grasped the pillow with his hand. Jin walked in his room and Hina wanted to bring him back, but Shingo held him back: “He isn't the type who cares about others, leave him alone.” Hina nodded and sat next to Shingo and looked at Nagase, he could see the blood running down his hands and coloured the sheet red. A small claw broke out of his skin and some silver hair appeared around his arms.

In the morning hours Nagase lied on the ground, a tall silver wolf and the tallest, black and white wolf Shingo walked up to him and put his paws on Nagase's and licked with his rough tongue across Nagase's face. Nagase had to get used of being a werewolf without even knowing that they existed, but he did a great job during the last 230 years.



Aiba worked in the bakery in the middle of the town. He moved from the other side of the country to start a new life, and leaving behind his past. He grew up in the orphanage, because his parents died when he was a baby and his grandparents disappeared without a trace. He moved from one family to the other, and finally came back to the orphanage, where he stayed 12 years of his life. After his 21st birthday he rent a small apartment and worked in a supermarket next to his home, but soon he got bullied and blackmailed by others and burglars ruined his apartment twice. After a few years, he decided to start a new life and moved away from this place.

He started to work there early in the morning, when it was still dark outside, and greeted the first customer with a friendly smile. Jin walked up to him and ordered some cookies, before he left the shop and walked home.

“He is still there, Shingo”, he said with his mouth full of cookies. He sat next to Hina and they looked out of the window. “Good, did you leave the purse there?”, Shingo added. Jin nodded and looked at the man coming up the street.

Aiba found the purse in the shop and he decided to bring it back to the owner. He looked at the address on a credit card in there and the shield in front of the door and rang the bell. Jin opened the door and let him in. Aiba didn't want to stay long, but Jin pushed him in gently and guided him to Shingo.

Jin looked at Aiba face and he thought he could see fear in his eyes. Shingo smiled at him and offered him a seat. Aiba stepped backwards and his voice trembled: “Please, don't hit me, and don't hurt me, I do everything you want, but I don't want to make the experience of being hurt again.” Jin looked at him and put his hand on Aiba's shoulder. “No one wants to hurt you. We waited for you, Aiba”, he said with a calm voice.

Shingo was a bit irritated, because Jin never got himself involved in new werewolves and their transformation, but he smiled. Aiba sat down and Shingo started to explain the situation to him. Aiba listened carefully, but didn't believe what Shingo was talking about. After half an hour Shingo guided Aiba to a room in the first floor. Aiba wanted to run away, but he didn't have the courage to do it, and so he walked nest to Jin and Nagase, who said nothing and just stared on the ground. “That's your room from now on, I hope you like it, because I didn't know what you want to have in your room.”, Shingo smiled and continued: “Ah, I will stay at your side for the next hours, because it will be difficult for you”.

“No, I stay here”, someone said. Shingo turned around and couldn't believe his ears, Jin never stayed during a transformation, and now he suddenly wanted to take care about this man? But Shingo agreed and let him stay there. It was early in the morning, and the others new, that they have only a few hours left till the day would start, and they’d transform into wolves again. Aiba sat on the bed and stared on the ceiling. “What's going on here? You are kidding me, aren't you? There aren't werewolves and visions and so on? Please don't hurt me”, Aiba's voice was silent and he was afraid. Jin looked into his eyes and tried to smile: “No one is going to you hurt, no, we want to help you, but it won't be easy, but remember my words: everything will be alright.”

They sat there for an hour and nothing happened, but suddenly Aiba yelled out. Jin stood up and walked up to him, took his hand and stroked across it.

“I can feel it, they break out now”, Jin looked at him and sat down, because Aiba shivered all over the body. He stroked across his back and tried to calm him down. Aiba yelled out again and felt blood started to run down his feet. “Your bones, but it will be alright, everything is okay, I am here”, Jin whispered and held Aiba's hand.

After a few hours Aiba was half transformed, but something seemed to go wrong. Jin could see the morning sun, and he could feel himself transforming into a wolf again. Shingo and the others waited outside, also wolves again. They looked at Aiba, lying there, half human, half wolf and especially Shingo was very worried: “I don't know what to do, we can only wait. I heard from another paw, and there the wolf died after three days, because he ran out of blood. We can only hope, that he transform as soon as possible.”

Jin didn't walk out of the room for the whole day and always watched every move Aiba made. He stared out of the window and waited for the evening, because it was easier to help Aiba, when he was a human. In the evening when the last sunlight disappeared behind the mountain, Jin felt that he was able to turn into a human again. He sat next to Aiba and touched his forehead. Aiba had a high fever, and his hands were bleeding, his crawls were half outside and some of his bones were broken. Jin washed the wounds and wiped away the sweat in his face. Two days passed and Aiba's condition didn't change, nor did the transformation go on, when Jin suddenly heard Aiba screaming. He woke up from his sleep and stood next to his bed. He could see the transformation went on slowly and Jin got filled with some hope.

After some hours the transformation was completed, and Shingo walked in with the others. He saw Aiba lying on the bed, a big red-brown wolf and right next to him Jin, licking across Aiba's paw, which was bleeding a little bit. “Some wounds are still open, and some parts didn't heal after the transformation”, Jin said to the others.

The wolves just nodded and let Aiba sleep, while Jin laid his head on Aiba's neck and closed his eyes to find some sleep too. After a few weeks Aiba got his strength again and he was able to walk out and transform as he liked to.

But Aiba was always the weakest wolf, and so he often stayed at home, because the others were afraid of losing him. Aiba was the last werewolf, “born” 200 years ago, and since then, he never wished to leave them anymore, because they were his new family, and always took care of him.



The werewolves moved from their home after the first big war and started to life away from humans, and only walk into towns to get some food. On days they are cursed to life as wolves, and at nights they can change their form between human and wolf. All of them fought in the first war, without Aiba, who had the order to stay at home, because it would have been too dangerous for him, and no one of his family wanted to lose him.


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