yukitsubute (yukitsubute) wrote,

Just a short note from somehwere under hundreds of books and codes...

Hello everyone,

I just let you know, that I am in a terrible stress roght now, because I have my last exam at work on Tuesday, and I terribly failed at the first one, so I need to have a good oral exam on Tuesday to pass this last step. So I wasn't able to read something, because most of the time I fell into my bed and tried to sleep, which didn't work out ... so yeah, I am sleepy and grumpy and my head seems to explode sooner or later.

But on Tuesday, when everything is (hopefully) over, I will spent the rest of the week with reading, writing, posting and deciding what to do with DW. I really think about leaving to DW and to post the links in my LJ community....Two blogs are too much work, I guess...but I haven't decided yet.

I wish you all a happy easter (to those who celebrate), and till Wednesday :D

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