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Hide and seek - Chapter 3: About fights and kisses

Hide and seek - Chapter 3: About fights and kisses

Hide and seek – Chapter 3: About fights and kisses
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst

Warning: ANGST (not in this chapter, but I already know the end of the story….); The story is NOT based on real happenings of Kat-tun!!
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Jin and Kame are again a couple, and it starts to work out quiet well, till Kame disappears, and Jin tries to find him. A journey through the last years start. Jin has to remember about their past, about their break ups, about their beloved moments, because only in remembering those he would be able to find Kame. It's a run against time, because Jin doesn't know where Kame is, or what has happened to him.

A/N: The story starts right after Jin's nightmare, it was one of the drabbles I wrote some days ago, and because of some requests I made a sequal out of it. ^_^ You can find the drabble HERE.


Jin remembered about the days before they had their first concert in their life. Weeks before the evening of their first performance, everyone went crazy. Kame and Jin fought some times, but all in all they were one person. There was no evening without Kame and Jin together and they were always the same opinion.

One day Jin was late for rehearsal, because his mother was sick and he got the permission to come an hour later, and chaos was big, when he walked in the dressing room. Everyone sat in a separate corner and no one talked to the other.

What a bad time for a fight Jin stood at the door and looked from member to member. The KinKi Kids stood outside and talked silently with each other. Jin listened and got the main points he needed to know.

He walked in and smashed the door. “Are you all nuts? Don't tell me you fought here? Don't tell me you hit each other in this room? Not when there are senpais outside. Do you want to ruin our career? Kame? Ueda? Talk to me, why did you fight? What was this big reason, which couldn't be solved by speaking with each other?”, Jin was enraged and screamed with all of them, till he left the room. He stepped outside and breathed deeply.

He was disappointed and afraid of losing the chance to get on stage. Stupid.....it's stupid......unbelievable.....stupid......after a little walk he calmed down and went back to the dressing room. The evening show went good, not too good, but they made their job and everyone went their own ways. Jin walked out and didn't want to see anyone, but Kame was still waiting for him. “What are we doing tonight, Jin?”, he smiled at his best friend. “Nothing, leave me alone, I am going home, I need to calm down”, Jin answered and put his hand into his pocket.

The next days were hard for them. Everyone knew about their fight, and everyone stared at them during lunch and on corridors. Kame and Jin spoke about the fight some days ago, and Jin decided to forget about it, but only when Kame would apologize to Ueda.

The band sat together and decided to make a big apologize to all Senpais and even the fans on stage during the first show. The day came, and Kame apologized, but Ueda didn't act as it was planned. He only spoke about Kame's mistakes without speaking about his own faults in this fight.

Jin knew Kame wouldn't say anything against Ueda, because he was too young, but Jin had no problem to tell him what he thought about this situation. He walked up to Ueda after the concert and looked into his face: “Ueda, can you tell me what you thought in the moment where you had to apologize? Did you switch off your brain or something like that? Did you forget about your text?” Ueda didn't say anything, Jin could see he turned red and tears coming up in his eyes. “Oh come on, please, not the crying diva again. We all know that you want to be the leader, but let me tell you one thing: You'll never be the leader in my eyes after this. The leader must have the strength to apologize and you didn't, so you don't have to think about giving me an order in future, I won't listen to it. I hate guys who can't apologize.” Jin turned around, packed everything in his bag and walked out of the room. No one said a word, till Jin left the room. Jin felt the anger in his body, when he stepped out of the building.

He decided to make a walk across the park, and finally walked home. The night was sleepless, he turned from one side to the other and looked on the clock: 1am.......2am.......2:30am........4am......5:15am.....finally he slept for two hours. He walked into the kitchen where his mother sat and read the newspaper. “Jin, there was a message for you on the door.”, she pointed at a small piece of paper lying on the table next to the fridge. He took it and knew it was a message from Kame, because it was definitely Kame's writing.


I really want to thank you for your help today; maybe we can meet up at 8pm at our favourite place?




It was Jin's day off and he didn't have any other plans, so he walked up to the place at 7pm. He came to the beach when the sun went down. He put his feet into the water and waited for Kame. The last sunlight shown into his face and warmed it. He could hear some steps in the sand behind him. “Hey”, Kame said and sat next to Jin.

“Hey, Kame”, Jin raised his hand and smiled.


For some moments they sat next to each other and just looking at the sea, when finally Kame took the word: “Thanks Jin. I really appreciated your help yesterday. I'd never said anything, and would have been angry about it, but in a silent way.”, Kame smiled slightly and looked at Jin, before he continued: “He apologized for the "wrong apologize". That sounds weird....ne?!”, Kame grinned and put some sand in his hand.

“He apologized, that's great, as far as I'm concerned, I won't handle him a leader anymore.”, Jin answered.

Kame nodded and sighed: “I think it is my fault in some parts. I was childish in my last words and decisions.”

“Yes, maybe you were, but he is the older one, and he is the leader, so he has to take care about the younger ones. That's my opinion, but you're right, there are always two parts in a fight.”, Jin answered.

Jin looked on the sea while Kame grasped some sand and looked at it running down his hands. After a while Kame said: “Jin, what's our relationship?” Jin was irritated but answered: “I guess we are best friends, ne?!” He smiled a bit and looked at the other one next to him.

Kame out away the sand and looked up: “I always hoped that there could be more than that, but maybe it's better in this way.” He wanted to stand up, when he felt a hand around his arm.

Jin pushed him back to the ground and held him close. “You really want more? I always thought you were only interested in being friends? You said it twice a week that we are best friends, and you never said anything else.” Kame put his arms around Jin's waist and kissed his neck, while Jin tousled gently through Kame's hair. Jin dissolved from Kame's embracement and looked deep into the other one's eyes. He took Kame's head and came slowly closer, till he touched Kame's lips, which felt soft and warm on his own. He stroked across Kame's lips, and kissed him forcefully.


Jin remembered the day of their first kiss and their first try as a couple. He knew where he had to go, to find the next message or solution for this game. It took him some time to get to the beach, but he finally reached it and found a small piece of paper exactly on the place, where they sat years ago.


“A few months after we kissed here, we swore to stay together, and it ended up with the most precious hours for me.....remember about it....”


Jin sat down and breathed out: “That's a bad joke Kame......”, He held the paper in the air and remembered about the day some years ago.





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