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One sentence hot summer kink request challenge

Hello everyone,

I came up with a new idea, just because it's weekend and I am not very busy (I am so happy about that ;))

I know I still have to fulfill some kink table requests, but I want to start this as well.

Here are the rules for the summer request post:

- About pairings: I am perfectly fine with every Arashi pairing (though I prefer Aiba related pairings). For non-Arashi pairings I only take these: Fuma/Kento, Kame/Arashi, RyoKame, Ryo/Arashi, YokoRyo. (You can ask for another pairing, but I am probably really picky this time)

- Sentence challenge: Give me one sentence I need to include in the story. Please give me a sentence I can work with, and not only something like "Yes," he said.

- About kink: I can write every not so special kink, but for harder things or special requests, please ask beforehand. NO mpreg, non con, dub con, gore, breathplay, bloodplay, and extreme kinks!!!! Please ask for everything which is in any kind of way special!!!

So how should you request:

1) Name a pairing
2) Give me one sentence I need to use in the story

3) Add a kink

If you are totally not into kink, but you want to request a sweet-flower-summer-story, please do that, and jut write in point 3 that you prefer a non-smut story ;)

Let's make this a hot summer fun <3
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