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Knock knock....

Hello my friends out there,

how are you doing? I hope everyone is alright?

I know I wasn't online pretty much during the last weeks. >< I had a rather busy time at work. I am goign to change my work place in May, so I was kind of busy organizing everything yesterday, and I really waited a long time to get the information that I passed the interview. This were the hardest weeks to wait for the positive answer from my new work place. I really searched long till I find something new, and now, finally, I found something new. :D

I am really happy that it's getting spring now. It's already a little warmer outside and I could start driving with my bycicle again :D I lost around 50 pounds during the last months, but now I am totally stuck and no matter what I do I don't loose any weight. And I feel like I can eat the whole day without any break :( That's not so nice.

I hardly did something concerning fandom during the last weeks. the only thing I started was writing the little birthday present for lilly0, but I can't talk about it by now, because it should be a present, and she doesn't know what she'll get. :P

I am recently back on Netflix again and started watching Sleepy Hollow and the sixth season of Walking dead. I really became a tv series junkie *lol* Did you see those series? Or which one do you watch on tv? Do you have any recommendations for me??

So, I will jump to bed now, tomorrow is a new working day and Easter will be on this weekend, so there is a loooooooot to do in my job. (Just one month till I am finally able to change, I'll make it :P)

Have a nice day my dear friends,

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