yukitsubute (yukitsubute) wrote,

Kat-tun's sad news

Hello everyone,

have you heard about the news? Taguchi is leaving Kat-tun with spring 2016....I really don't know what to say. I really liked the 4-nin group and started getting into their music again after a long time.

I understand Taguchi's decision. It seems he wants to go a different way, and that's totally good for him, but it's sad for the rest of them.

I am curious how it'll go on. Even though they said that they'll go on I think they'll disband. Maybe they'll make a 10th anniversary and goodbye tour in once?

They went through so many troubles, and now again....*sighs* I am really sorry for the rest of the boys. They seemed so shocked....><

I hope the best for them, really <3 And that they are able to go on, no matter if it's as Kat-tun or as solo artist in future. ><

And no matter how decide on their future, I'll support all of them :D

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