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You kiss like an adult (One shot)

You kiss like and adult - One shot

You kiss like an adult
Pairing: Yaotome Hikaru/ “you”
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Can he convince you that he isn't too young for you?

Note: Requested by lilly0

Pairing (also OC): Hikaru/You
Rating: PG-13
Sentence/ Title/ Situation: Can he convince you that he isn't too young for you?




You met him during Orthros no inu film shooting, because you were the assistant director and there you  had to work with him. During the first meeting you recognized him immediately, because his smile and his friendly eyes were resting on you.  

After the first filming day the crew met up in a restaurant next to the set, and you were a little bit late, because you helped the director with the plans for the next day. You looked around the table and the only seat which was free, was next to him. “Can I sit down here?” you asked him and pointed at the chair. Hikaru smiled and nodded: “Of course, it’s free”. You sat down and somehow you felt nervous. You wanted to take your glass with water and accidentally your hands touched each other. “Sorry”, you smiled at him and looked back at your glass. “Oh, no problem”, he answered and smiled back.

You could feel the touch of his hand on your hand, his skin was soft and warm. You dismissed the thought and shook your head. It can’t be that you felt something for him, because he was a few years younger than you are. You really had to smile about your own stupid thoughts and started chatting with the others.

The next days went on without any thought of Hikaru and your feelings towards him, till the night, were he accompanied you to your home. It was raining and you both had to run, because you hadn’t an umbrella with you. You got to know that he lived a few minutes away from your house, and so you walked home together.

You both had to laugh, because you were soaking wet, but it was summer and it was a balmy night. You stopped in front of your apartment and you laughed loudly, because you both looked terrible. You didn’t know what happened next, because everything went quickly and you never imagined that: He bent over and took your hand to push you a little bit closer to him and you could feel his lips on yours. You pushed him away and ran upstairs, shut your door and sat on the floor.

After one hour “lost in thoughts” you stood up and took a shower.

That hasn’t happened …that can’t be… I am not… he is younger than I am…..After you walked into your bed you made your decision: you wouldn’t  go out with a younger man (even if you just felt his lips caressing yours)

You were awake before the sun raised up. You couldn’t sleep that much and things were running through your head, so you decided to drive to the set early in the morning. You knew that he wouldn’t be there, because it was his day off. You could hear Tackey and Ryo talking in the corner of the room, and you had to listen to it, because they spoke about Hikaru: “Yes, I know, he has high fever and he lies in bed. Maybe I will go to visit him later, he is alone at home, and maybe he needs something”.

Okay, I have one day off, and I can decide when I want to use it, so I use it now. You decided without thinking of it and drove directly to his apartment. Before you rang the doorbell, you recognized what was going on: you fell in love, even if you didn’t want to, and even if you ever said, you won’t fall for younger man, but you couldn’t deny your feelings.

You rang and he opened the door, but he wasn’t sick nor had he fever. “I wanted to talk to you, and I asked Tackey for help…”, he said meekly and looked on the floor. “I hoped you get worried and come by. I really want to apologize for yesterday, but I can’t deny my feelings towards you, and I know I am younger, but I try my best, because…” he continued but you didn’t let him finish the sentence. You kissed him slightly on his lips and stepped closer to him. He embraced you closely and kissed you forcefully, and you knew you wouldn’t care about the age anymore, because he kissed like he was much older than you are….

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