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Christmas challenge

Hello my dear friends,

I saw my dear friend lilly0 makes a fanfiction advent calender this year. I though a long time about stealing this idea from her, because I really like it. ;) I don't have many time, because I am working without weekend till Christmas, but I want to try this challenge, because I love writing and because I love advent calenders. (I hope it's okay to steal it, my dear lilly0?)

For those who don't know what an advent calendar is:
We have a kind of calender from the 1st of December till the 24th of December. This calender has 24 doors with either pictures in it, or chocolate or books, or even beer. ;)

So here it goes:

I will take 24 requests of pairings and I will try to make an advent calender with your requests. It will only be drabbles, because I won't have time for much more.

You can request any pairing you want.


13 from 24 are already taken:

Sakumoto by lilly0
Fuma/Mari by lilly0
Nagase/Okada by kitkaos
RyoDa by kamedafan
Kimura/Kame by kamedafan

OhBa by addierabudabu
RyoKame by sweetspicyhot
RyoJin by lilly0
AibaToma by yoru_no_hikaru
Juntoshi by lover_youshould
Matsumiya by lover_youshould
JunBa by yoru_no_hikaru
ShinTaku by habikinoshi
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