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Holiday, relaxing and learning

Hello everyone out there,

how are you all doing? I hope you are all okay?

  • What are you doing right now?

I am still on holiday, so I am pretty fine. :D I am at home till next week Thursday, so that's really cool. I totally try to relax now, because I don't have any holiday till March next year. Yeah, working in a bookstore means: Christmas-shopping-madness. I am not really prepared to this, but I know that will be my last year doing this. I love the work with books, but I hate selling them, and I really don't get used to the shifts. So I try changing my life again. Therefore I will have a job interview in October, and I am really a little bit afraid, because I need to pass a test, and I really am not afraid of the language part of the test, but there will be a bigger part maths and logical thought. I didn't need that kind of maths since ages. That's why I have to learn again....yeahhh or so...
But I really want to change the job, so there is no other way.

Next to my work I am still teaching my refugees, and that is really something I enjoy doing. I know that especially in my country are many xenophobic people, but thank god not everyone. ^^ I know some of you aren't from Europe, and I don't know how many news you get what's going on in Europe? It's really a horrible situation, but I am glad that I can do at least a tiny bit good here. Like a friend of mine said: We can't change the world, but we can do the best to make it at least a bit better. :)
For me it was a total new experience to get to know my students (who are all over 30 ;)) They are all Syrians, and they came here some months ago. I don't want to write down what they told me about their escape, but it made me realize that I really have a good life. Even though I know I shouldn't compare that, but in the end I do. :D
And for me it was really interesting to get to know another religion, especially because they are really religious, and I ...yeah....am not....

  • What else is going on?

I am on a birthday party with my father tomorrow, and we both have absolute no motivation to go there ;P We already tried to make an escape plan, but in the end we need to go there. I hope there'll be good food. ;)

And I watch "The walking dead" right now....oh gosh, don't eat while watching this!!! Really, it's extreme disgusting, but the series is really, really, cool. I totally love it (when I don't eat....) I wasn't a fan of the videogame, but I can really recommend that!

  • And what's with fandom?

I am writing my kink table right now. At least I try ;) I have some private projects too. And I have a question to you: I write a quite long story, and I am not sure what to do....shall I post it as one shot, or part it in chapters? What do you think? Do you want to read something really long at once, or in parts?

And because JunBa needs really more love I posted a one shot, HERE

I heard the Ohno rumors of course, who didn't? I realy laughed so hard. I read some comments on that. Honestly? Are some fans nuts? He is a 35 year old man, gosh, he shall go out, live his life, enjoy his life, have sex with whome he wants to. I think that's cool. <3 (Just that the photo was really not good....I thought: Ohno has 100kg on the first one...) Some around believe that he would stand in front of their door one day? Wake up people....and those who think he belongs to Nino....yeah, I pity you.

And I think I didn't say something about Taichi till now? Yeahhhhhhhh sooo cool, I am so happy for him, because he waited so long for that. <3 <3 <3 I hope he'll have a nice wedding and I wish them all the best. <3

So, I think that's enough from me,

have a nice weekend out there,

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