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Questions about Arashi :D

Hello out there,

I found this in internet and found it pretty funny, so I filled that out myself:


1. Who is your ichiban?

Aiba-chan :D

2. What do you like about your ichiban?

His little airheaded attitude, his smile, his chipper behaviour.

3. What do you least like about your ichiban?

Disco star.....

4. Have you ever shifted the ichiban status from one member to another?

*lol* NOOOO never, Aiba, I promise....okay, yes....several times :P

5. Do you have a niban?

Yes, Shingo from SMAP...does that count, even though it's an Arashi questionaire?

6. Which pairing do you like most?

JunBa and OhBa

7. Do you like Member-Ai and yaoi fan fiction stories or even just the thought of it?

No, never *lol* Me and fanfiction? No.....

8. Do you have a member you loathe? If there is, who?

No, I like all Arashi members <3

9. Who is the member you think would be best in bed?

Jun, because he is Porno-san, right? :P

10. Who is the member you think is the most lustful?

Sho....just because I need to name someone and I don't want to name Jun again :P

11. Who is the member you think has had the most number of girlfriends, flings included?

Ohno, definitely!

12. Who is the kindest member?

Aiba I think, and Jun, because Jun is the Arashi-mum, right?

13. Who is the meanest member?

Sho I think...

14. Who is the funniest member?

Aiba maybe?

15. What is the thing you least like about Arashi?

Is there anything I don't like? That's difficult....is disco star okay to name?

16. When did you get to know Arashi and how?

2008 together with lilly0 and yoru_no_hikaru

Our first thought? Why are they so popular ;D

17. Who baited you to Arashi?

From Arashi? Sho first, because I saw the QUiz show 2

18. Who is the member you think is the least attractive?

Sorry but Nino.

19. Who is the member you think as weird, unearthly?

They are all weird and unique in their very own way.

20. Which Arashi DVD you like most?

Arafes 2012

21. Which performance you like most?

Shake it - Arafes 2012

22. Which is your favorite Promotional Video?

Face down was really cool

23. Which is your favorite song?

Face down, Monster, Kaze no mukou eh, Friendship, Hello Goodbye....actually I love most of Arashi songs.

24. Which drama that has starred an Arashi member do you like the most?

Last hope

25. Which actress you like to pair with them most?

I love Watanabe Anne most from all actresses, but I think she never played with one of them....

26. Which variety show hosted by either just one of the members or all of them do you like most?

Their specials, like Juntoshi in Las Vegas or Sakuraiba on a date. I am not really into variety shows, I just watch the specials. ^^

27. What is the coolest coincidental commonality that you and Arashi or one of the members have?

Oh, I don't know if I have something in common with them....maybe my love for sleeping, like Ohno? And I draw a bit, but long as good as Ohno.

28. Have you daydreamed about a s e x u a l escapade with the Arashi members?

No comment :P

29. Have you thought about leaving the fanbase?

Yes, I was away two years, and I really didn't even listen to J-music.

30. What is the force that keeps you in the fanbase?

I love Arashi and their music, and their members, and also the fans are pretty cool, because most of them like all Arashi members and they aren't bashing against others. <3

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