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Kink table

Hello everyone,

because I saw that at lilly0s page (and I always do what she does ;P) I make a kink table too. But I let you chose from one of the following kinks.

So how it works:

1.) You take one word from the table (only one request per word is possible ;) So first come, first get).
2.) Tell me which pairing you want, and please look at the "pairings I am willing to write" section ;)
3.) Tell me what plot you want, or leave it to me ;)

Pairings I am willing to write

Arashi: All pairings :)

A.B.C.-Z.: Hasshi/ Goseki

Hey! Say! Jump!: Takaki Yuya/ Yabu Kota, Yamada/ Yabu Kota,

Kanjani8: YokoRyo, RyoYasu, RyoKura,

Kat-tun: ONLY KamexArashi, KameRyo,

Sexy Zone: Fuma/ Kento

SMAP: Shintaku only

Crossovers: RyoKame, Ryo/ any Arashi member, Kame/ any Arashi member, Ryo/Yuu, Kame/Yuu, Fuma/Hasshi, Fuma/ any Arashi member, Hasshi/ any Arashi member,

Here are the kinks you can request

001. Dildos 002. Voyeurism 003. Exhibitionism 004. Orgy requested by arashikuro 005. Orgasm Denial
006. Striptease request by lilly0 007. Angry sex 008. Spanking 009. Threesome requested by kitkaos 010. Rough requested by lilly0
011. Nipple Play
requested by lilly0
012. Butt Plugs 013. Anonymous Sex 014. Gags 015. Biting
016. Facial 017. Bondage 018. ropes 019. Double Penetration 020. Roleplay
021. Car Sex 022. vibrator 023. Cuddling 024. Shower Sex 025. Chocolate
026. Begging  requested by addierabudabu 027. Foot Fetish 028. Master/Slave requested by icyflare 029. Deep-throating 030. Hand-Job
031. Massage 032. Masturbation 033. Mirrors requested by masaki82 034. public sex 035. Swallowing
036. BDSM 037. Blindfolds 038. 69 039. Elevator sweetspicyhot 040. Backstage
041. Dirty talk 042. Wax 043. Phone sex 044. Whipping 045. Ice cubes
046. Food play 047. Quickie requested by jade_lil 048. Deepthroating 049. cock rings 050. Rough sex
051. Prison sex 052. School 053. Sex in the rainrequested by deelovesryo 054. punishment requested by lilly0 055. swimming pool requested by lauralinda
056. a friend's place 057. Cinema 058. Figging 059. Age play 060. Uniforms
061. Virgin 062. Feather 063. Sensation play 064. Historical roleplay 065. Medical kink re  requested by tegomisa
066. Food 067. Pet play 068.

So let's get wild here, I hope I can improve my smut writing again, because I have the feeling, I forgot how to write it ;)

Done so far

1.) Spanking (Sakumoto) requested by lilly0    or on AO3
2.) Anger me (Yama) requested by addierabudabuor on AO3
3.) Water drop (KameDa) requested by sweetspicyhot or on AO3

Done - posted next

3.) Pet Play (MatsuRyo) requested by lilly0
4.) Backstage sex (Ohmiya) requested by jade_lil
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