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Summer, sun, work and fandom

Hello everyone,

how are you doing? Summer is hopefully almost over....it's really hot here, so I am looking forward to autumn. ^___^ I don't like the extreme hot weather, so I am really glad that next week should be 25° degree. ^____^

I am still working and had no holiday till now, so I am really starting getting tired. But only two weeks left and I'll have 3,5 weeks off :D I so swear to do nothing in this weeks ^___^

I am in the middle of doing my exchange fics, so for fandom I have a lot to do. By the way: I have seen digitalian. Please tell me that there are other people who do not like disco star???? I have the feeling to be the only one in fandom. That solo was the worst I have ever seen....>< For a short time Aiba dropped from my first place to place 15000 ...... brrr.... I'll never watch that solo again.

What is happening in my provate life? I already said I am working at the moment, and I am in an organisation to teach refugees German language. It's really hard to make this, but I also totally enjoy it. I have 10 Syrian men in my class, and they are all so incredible nice and it's so much fun to teach them. <3
Even though sometimes it's really hard to listen to their stories. I don't want to imagine what they have gone through.
But I hope I can give them some hours to switch off their problems and make them laugh.

I hope you all are doing good, have a nice evening
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