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Drabble challenge (CLOSED FOR NOW!!!!!!!! PLEASE NO MORE REQUESTS!!!)

Okay, I stole this from lilly0 (like so often and of course with her permission) and she took it from ributa.

I always search for some input and maybe I'll get it from you out there. ;)

So how does it work?

You want to get a drabble? Then comment here and answer these questions:
Who? (Pairing)
What are they doing?
What do they use?
(Example: JunBa during dinner with a spoon)

Which fandoms are allowed?
JE-groups, doramas (as long as I have seen them, so please ask), western TV-series (please ask again ;)), videogames, non JE but japanese actors and actresses. Movies (western, but again ask)

Which rating is allowed?

I challenge myself and say: anything goes. I'll give also smut a try again.
But following things are not allowed: underage, extreme kink, gore, character death and extreme bloody things

How long will the story be?

Just a drabble - nothing more, sorry. And the entry has a time limit. I will stop it some time.

Are mulitple requests okay?

Yes, but don't spam me with hundreds of requests please.

I can't promise to be done in one day, but I promise to write every request.

So let the party start ^^

Done fics

Reality of a kiss challenged by kitkaos
Love advice challenged by lilly0
Summer, sun and sakumoto challenged by sweetspicyhot
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