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Shocked and sad

Hello veryone,

how are you out there? I hope you are okay?

My weekend was really sad and totally shocking till now. I live in Austria, where the amok run was yesterday. I don't know if anyone of you heard of it? I know it was in international media, but I don't know where.
It happened during my lunch break, I was outside, right in that street where he killed three people. Just a few minutes out there and I maybe would have been one of the pedestrians he killed by run over them with his car.
But I was back in the break room and just stared out of the window, shocked. I heard the people screaming and running around. Everyone stood on street and looked around - no one dared to say something. The people outside immediatly started helping. Over 34 people got hurt, most if them bad injured. Three people were killed - one child with only 4 years, a fresh-married man with 28 years and a woman with 26 years. I work in a bookstore, and one customer didn't want to get help from the crisis intervention team. She saw how the 4 year old boy got killed.
Help was immediately there. 68 ambulances and police cars, from regular police to special units. In the end the culprit stopped his car right in front of the police station and walked in to turn himself in.
I can't tell you how shocking that was. Luckily I didn't see any hurt people or dead one, because I wouldn't have stand that. But only the screams and the sirens of ambulance and police was stuck into my head till night.

So everyone is here is deeply crushed right now. Most of the people in Graz and Styria post this banner right now:

(Source: KleineZeitung.at)

My thoughts go to the families who have really a hard time right now, and to the people who are still in live danger.

And again I am really happy that I am okay, and no one I know got involved.

I try to relax with some writing for now, and I will read some stuff maybe. So I just try to have a calm day.

I started my arashi-exchange story, so I am really busy right now *lol* But I want to finish it till I need to write the Kanjani-exchange story. (If they run it....)

So I am sorry for my bad mood-entry, but I really needed to write this down to feel better.

I wish you all a nice weekend, and please take care of you! It can happen so fast, that's what I again had to realise.


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