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Hot, hot, hot

Hello everyone,

it's really hot in my town right now. I am not really into summer. We have 34°C right now. That's far too much for me. At least it's weekend now. ^^
I am looking forward to next week. It should get a little colder next week. :D

I am really looking forward to the Arashi assginments right now, because sign ups are over now. :) I am really looking forward to write Arashi.
Oh, I am in the middle of a JunBa story right now, but I guess it'll be a multi chapter, but actually I never wanted to write a multi again. *sigh* What a problem *lol*

And to get into K8 again I started writing a YokoRyo story. I think I need to get used to write them again. *lol* I saw the assignments for the K8 exchange are open till July. I really hope that there will be more people to join.
I talked a little to the mod, because I had some quesions and she (or he? I don't know) waits for more people to come, because 9 people are hardly enough to start the exchange. :(
Is there anyone from my f-list who'd join the exchange? I really hope the mod doesn't drop it, so I try to help her with some advertisment.

HERE are the sign ups.

So, enough for now, I need some lunch for now, even though it's too hot to eat ;)

Have a nice day
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