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I am alive <3

Hello all my friends out there :D

I am still alive, I just had a very busy time. Not that I was workin that much, but I did some other things since February. I decided to get myself a Netflix account....bad idea....Now I watch TV all the time when I am at home *lol*
Some TV series really got me. :) I am watching Person of interest right now. It's really interesting ;) I really recommend that.

Next to watching TV I read a lot right now. Of course because of my job as bookseller, but also because I am really in crime and thriller mode riht now :D

In fandom I watched a lot of Arashi during the last weeks. And I really got into Arashi mood again. So I decided to join the Arashi exchange. I never wanted to koin an exchange again, but something changed my mind. I love Arashi and writing them, so I joined.
Is there anyone else joining? I saw that there are only 3 sign ups till now, and I really fear the mods will drop the exchange when there aren't enough participants.
I really hope that won't happen.

For now it's time for me to go to bed, because I had a long working day.

Have a nice time for now

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